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to be kind of glad they found horse in cheap meat?

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ManyBellyKicks Sat 16-Feb-13 10:45:10

I mean I'm not glad they did it, but that its all out now?

And more importantly its gave me a massive kick up the arse because I don't want my kids eating unknown crap. Its not the horse meat thats offensive to me really, more the thought that I was buying 'cheap beef products' and it wasn't beef at all.

Of course I've always known these ready meals and cheap processed stuff isn't the best, I'm not daft, but it was cheap and edible and the kids liked it and it suited my (struggling) pocket. I knew it wouldn't be prime cuts of meat but the realisation that there's stuff not listed on the box is quite disgusting, who knows what the heck is in there.

So in light of this, the last few weeks we have had NO processed meat.

This is quite a turn around in our house.

I'm cooking frech meals with fresh lean beef, lasgane, chillis, bolognases. And instead of things like chicken nuggets or chicken burgers I'm 'splashing out' on chicken breasts and doing my own.

So AIBU to think that this could turn out to be a (slightlyyy) positive thing is it makes people who ate alot of processed, convenience food think about their meals and eat better?

limitedperiodonly Sat 16-Feb-13 11:15:30

There is nothing wrong in expecting the food you're eating to be affordable, of good quality and correctly labelled. This is a not just punishment for people being somehow lazy. It is fraud and whatever the government is currently saying, it is a public health issue and one of public trust.

How do you know the meat from a local butcher's is good? I think mine is, and I think I can trust Sainsbury's, but I don't go shopping with a DNA testing kit.

There's a lot talked about the percentage of income relative to expenditure on food and how it's lower than it used to be and that that's somehow bad.

I happen to disagree. Within my mother's memory people, generally women, regularly went without food to feed their families, and generally the husband got the lion's share. It wasn't necessarily because the men were horrible. It was because they needed food to be able to work and for their families to exist another day.

People were malnourished. They contracted disease because of malnourishment and malnourishment made it difficult or impossible to recover.

It's only because we live in a time of food abundance that we forget this.

countrykitten Sat 16-Feb-13 11:26:59

The thing is - meat SHOULD be expensive if it is comes from animals which have been well cared for and allowed to exhibit natural behaviours, fed well and killed in UK slaughterhouses (which are often a disgrace but so much better than many elsewhere in the world).

The consumer has been very happy to buy meat from factory farmed, abused animals very cheaply from all over the world. It is time that this stopped and I hope that many people wake up to the reality of the meat industry through this latest scandal.

My fear is that the uproar that 'meat is too expensive and we can't live without it' will again ensure that farming practices stay where they are or get worse because people don't really care as long as they are getting their burgers.

OP - I think what you are doing id great and hope that you can keep it up. I think that meat should be seen as a treat for a few times a week and that's what we do in our family.

countrykitten Sat 16-Feb-13 11:30:05

And we do buy meat from Sainsburys too but it is hard to find non factory farmed meat even from there - you can find it if you look closely! Farm shops are the best way as they tend to be local and stock local produce. I appreciate that we are lucky on this in that we live very rurally in farming county.

DowntonTrout Sat 16-Feb-13 11:43:11

I do wonder how the Lancashire mums feel after the revelations about horse DNA being found in school meals.

I also think its probably the tip of the iceberg and there are more disclosures to come.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Sat 16-Feb-13 11:43:48

And dads?

INeedThatForkOff Sat 16-Feb-13 11:45:06

restricted eater - is that the PC for fussy bigger? I've got one of those.

DowntonTrout Sat 16-Feb-13 11:45:41

Oops posted too soon.

Hospitals, care homes, I suspect most of us have eaten horse at some point without knowing it. And its ok for the government to say minimal risk but it's still a risk and we don't know what the effects might be.

DowntonTrout Sat 16-Feb-13 11:47:57

Ok Lancashire parents Ariel.

So used to it being mumsnet and talking mostly to mums. No discrimination intended grin

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Sat 16-Feb-13 11:49:28

Just sayin' ;)

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Sat 16-Feb-13 11:49:36

Bugger. wink

theodorakisses Sat 16-Feb-13 11:51:02

I really hope that this crisis has a positive impact on the British farming industry. Will it though?

ClayDavis Sat 16-Feb-13 11:55:02

Downton, out of 2500 samples tested so far only 29 have tested positive for horse meat. Those 29 positive results come from only 7 different beef containing products. The chances are that most people haven't eaten horse.

DowntonTrout Sat 16-Feb-13 12:03:17

Still it is 29 too many.

littlemisssarcastic Sat 16-Feb-13 12:05:48

It's not the horse meat I object to, it's the rest of the rubbish they put into ready meals I object to.
Even if certain ready meals are deemed free of horse meat, it's not something I want to feed my DC, or myself for that matter.
I have friends who truly believe that if it is Tesco's own brand ready meal, it is rubbish but so long as it is a Findus ready meal, it is good wholesome nutritious food. hmm
I disagree.

trixymalixy Sat 16-Feb-13 12:12:26

I agree OP. things have changed a bit in this house too.

It would be extremely difficult for us to eat vegetarian as the kids have allergies to nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy and eggs so meat is their main protein source.

LaLaGabby Sat 16-Feb-13 12:31:14


Not everyone who eats ready meals is 'too lazy' to cook from scratch. Some of them just don't have very much money or time.

It's pretty U to suggest that those people somehow deserve to be ripped off and sold crap.

FWIW if they sold horse burgers labelled as horse and correspondingly cheaper than beef I would have no problem with it.

countrykitten Sat 16-Feb-13 12:32:16

Your children have real allergies to all of these foods? That is pretty amazing. So they eat a completely vegan diet bar meat iyswim? And what do you do about food like bread?

I thought my diet was reasonably extreme in being vegan but your children must have the most restricted diet I have ever heard of!

badtemperedaldbitch Sat 16-Feb-13 12:34:41

But open the mince you use for your fresh cooked meals might not be all beef either

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Sat 16-Feb-13 12:36:10

Yabu. I feel very sorry for those whose children have 'free' school meals. They probably can't afford to send them with a packed lunch. I would be feeling properly gutted if I was too poor to have a choice about feeding my children a 'safe' and healthy diet.

PessaryPam Sat 16-Feb-13 12:36:38

I am more worried about Bute contaminated meat in the food chain.

countrykitten Sat 16-Feb-13 12:36:48

BTW trixy, almond milk is a fab source of protein for vegans.

PessaryPam Sat 16-Feb-13 12:38:20

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Bugger

Don't you mean burger?

IAmLouisWalsh Sat 16-Feb-13 12:39:55

I work with highly paid people who say they can't afford free range eggs or chicken. "And they don't taste any different anyway, so what's the point?"

Interested to see of this will change their mind about cheap meat..

MrsMushroom Sat 16-Feb-13 12:44:03

We have never at a lot of meat as a family as it's too expensive and we wouldn't buy cheap meat. We have one chicken a week and get two meals out of it. We sometimes have bacon but not often....mostly we're veggie...we make lovely vegetable soups, dhals, bean salads, our own bread and's much healthier and so much cheaper.

MrsMushroom Sat 16-Feb-13 12:45:25

Can anyone enlighten me on something....on the radio yesterday, an expert in something or other said that the meat chain is very complex...and long.

Why can't we eat the meat our own farmers have reared...and that has been slaughtered here? And only that.

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