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to hate staying in

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likesnowflakesinanocean Sat 16-Feb-13 09:55:04

days where there are no plans and nowhere to go due to weather/lack of funds. everyone is doing their own thing, I am bored rigid grin

lljkk Sun 17-Feb-13 13:28:05

You need a smart phone or sat nav type device, you fire up the relevant application and it shows a place on the map where you search for a little treasure point. You travel to that place and ferret around to find the treasure (small item) secreted away. I think there are rules about leaving something nice behind (like a pencil or bag of sweets). My kids would lose interest in the novelty after an hour.

You can tell I haven't done it, either. Don't have a smart phone for a start.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Mon 18-Feb-13 10:46:29

It's a treasure hunt using aniPhone or similar or a GPS device.

There is a website or you can get an app for it. Use the search function to find caches hidden in your area (or the area you want to go to). Then you put the coordinates into your GPS device and then use it to get close to the area it is hidden. Once you are close you then go hunting for the cache. It could be hidden in a tree trunk or the crevice of a wall. Take a pen with you to sign the scroll and some cheap sweets or items eg a keyring.

The caches can be as large as a box or tiny. Some only consist of a scroll to sign. If its a box there will often be some things in it, you can take one out if you replace it with something else.

Some of them are easy to find and some are very hard. A friend told me of one which was a snail on a piece of wood - it was only after trying to find it a number of times that he realised the snail had never moved - he lifted it up and it was a fake snail, hiding a scroll in a tube which was kind of inserted into the piece of wood!

If you are struggling to find one, and the kids are getting cheesed off looking there are some hints and photos to help you

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