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to plan to get out of the rat race?

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inadreamworld Sat 16-Feb-13 09:20:50

Thinking of selling up and moving to Ireland with DH and two young children under 2. We could afford to buy a property with no mortgage over there as properties are so cheap. We both have Irish backgrounds and have family over there plus DH went to Uni over there and lived there for 6 years. So it is not as if we are going to an unknown place.

We hope to have another child/more children and London is becoming stressful and very expensive. DH would obviously need a job (he is a teacher and also a musician) but he could perhaps work for himself perhaps as a tutor/music teacher. I was also thinking I could do childminding.

I am looking for positive stories from people who have done something similar/know someone who has. Lots of people in real life telling me I am mad - so am I really living 'inadreamworld' or is this doable?

CailinDana Sun 17-Feb-13 09:01:17

Just a few things to consider.

Property in Ireland isn't particularly cheap. It's cheaper than it was, but that's only because it went absolutely crazy in the boom. My parents paid IR£19,000 for their house in 1979 and in 2007 the identical (three bedroom semi-d) house next door was on the market for 360,000 euros! Madness. It sold recently for 200,000, so a lot cheaper but still not cheap for a 3 bed in an obscure part of a small town.

You won't get a medical card unless you're on the dole. Which means every trip to the GP will cost 60euros and you'll pay full price for prescriptions. Some antibiotics cost 75euros or more.

Schooling is more expensive. No school dinners. You have to buy each child a stack of textbooks at the start of each school year, along with all the pencils, pens, art supplies and copy books that they need.

Schooling is just about guaranteed to be Catholic. Not a problem as long as you don't mind a very religiously informed education.

You can't switch passports anymore. Due to the EU your passport is valid and remains valid throughout your life.

My teacher friends can't get jobs.

Cost of living is considerably higher in Ireland - you will pay quite a bit more for food, clothes, cars etc.

Despite speaking the same language and having something of a shared history there are definite cultural differences between England and Ireland that might surprise you. Be prepared to feel a bit of a fish out of water for a while.

I don't say all this to put you off - I moved from Ireland to England and I am delighted I did it, it's been great. It's just better to go into it with your eyes fully open.

inadreamworld Tue 19-Feb-13 09:45:27

Thanks everyone! FurryDog your story is good to hear, may very well PM you with questions!

We are also considering renting out our London flat to start with so we have an exit strategy if it all goes pear shaped....we can live with DHs Mum for a bit if we need to.

inadreamworld Tue 19-Feb-13 10:15:14

I also need to find out about Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit in Ireland as I get both of those over here in UK.

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