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To think the Sun has reached an all time low with it's front page today

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AKissIsNotAContract Fri 15-Feb-13 03:14:38

Reeva Steenkamp is dead and the Sun still think it's acceptable to run pictures of her in sexy bikini poses.

Darkesteyes Sat 16-Feb-13 01:06:35

I had a nasty feeling it would be like that on fb 5mad. I have avoided it today and nearly deactivated my account a few weeks back because of some class prejudice shown by some former acquaintances. fb seems to be a place for spouting all kinds of hate.,prejudice,sexism and mysogyny.

StuntGirl Sat 16-Feb-13 01:08:38

Seriously, we're blaming murder victims now?? What, did she 'have it coming to her' or something? God this shit depresses me.

5madthings Sat 16-Feb-13 01:09:03

Tbf there are people saying its wrong eyc as well but he has a lot of support. Vile jokes as well.

5madthings Sat 16-Feb-13 01:10:49

Yes stunt she must have 'asked for it' or been shagging about so its ok he got mad and shot her... angry

StuntGirl Sat 16-Feb-13 01:12:34

Are you angry at me or the fb page? Because I didn't say I thought that..

5madthings Sat 16-Feb-13 01:14:20

At fb not you!

McNewPants2013 Sat 16-Feb-13 01:17:35

I don't see nothing wrong with the picture used, she made the choice while alive to do bikini modelling and I think that we should respect her choice to do so.

I do ask mysf would she have picked this picture or would she have preferred something else

McNewPants2013 Sat 16-Feb-13 01:18:09


StuntGirl Sat 16-Feb-13 01:19:31

Oh ok. Just checking grin

Sad that some people are actually saying that sad Like anything she ever did could deserve being murdered. What's wrong with people? She could have tap danced on his nuts and it wouldn't have deserved this sad

StuntGirl Sat 16-Feb-13 01:21:01

I respect her choice McNew, I just wish the media would respect her death.

5madthings Sat 16-Feb-13 01:23:46

Its depressing as fuck. Makes me wonder what type of society i am raising my children in... Sleeping toddler in bed with me.

Maybe reeva wouldnt have minded but surely its best to err on the side of caution and show some respect to a dead woman and her grieving family?!!

McNewPants2013 Sat 16-Feb-13 01:25:25

Respect is difficult.

Because it can be discussed that people respected her choice of career and in her death used a picture that respected her choice to do so.

BumBiscuits Sat 16-Feb-13 01:31:39

She was stunning. Her natural pictures show her beauty even more than the work shots. It shows that anyone can fall prey to DV. Her family must be devastated at losing their girl.

Growlithe Sat 16-Feb-13 01:35:45

It's typical of The Sun. When they accused the Liverpool fans of pissing on the bodies of their fellow supporters as they died, they may as well have pissed on their bodies themselves. And now they are wanking over this woman's body.

Don't buy The Sun. Don't click on links to it online. Don't collect it's tokens for a cheap holiday. Because it is a vile rag and you are worth more than it.

StoicButStressed Sat 16-Feb-13 11:41:07

YANBU. Think it was vile act by The Sun; and they very def did not pick that photograph of her as a mark of respect to choose to - amongst many other things in her life - work as a model. They used her being slaughtered as a reason to whack a full page bikini shot to fill their front page. Can only hope the fact so many people ARE pissed off may mean it helps as a tipping point in other Sun 'content'.

Cannot imagine her family's grief, thoughts are with them.

FoofFighter Sat 16-Feb-13 11:43:35

No, I wouldn't say that was an all time low from the Scum at all.

Printing that Liverpool fans pissed on and robbed dead/dying Liverpool supporters at Hillsborough?... now that was low angry

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