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To withold this information from my employers?

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WelshMaenad Thu 14-Feb-13 04:49:16

Many staff at my place of work use their personal vehicles for work purposes. I completely understand, in this case, why certain information is required of them. Due to the nature of my role, and the timing of my shifts, I do not use my car in this way - I use it to commute to work, and that's all. There is no possibility of me ever having to use my car for business purposes, it just isn't in my job description.

I have been asked to supply evidence of my car insurance, a copy of my driving licence, and a copy of my vehicle MOT certificate, purely because a blanket request has been made of all staff to do so, and I am expected to comply, regardless of the fact that they do not require this information for any sane reason.

AIBU to refuse? It feels very big-brothery, thin end of the wedge-y. I have already supplied them with a lot of personal information, necessary for the CRB check that my role requires. I just think it's a bit much having to prove that my car is MOT'd when I don't use it for work and never will. Or am I being overly precious?

ZillionChocolate Thu 14-Feb-13 23:39:28

I claim driving expenses from the government. I've been told about the insurance which is required but never checked up on.

OP YANBU. I wouldn't lie about not having a car, but I might respond saying you don't have a car for business use, which of course is true given your non business insurance.

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