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To think it is kind of smug when people say

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AThousandNamesNoneOfThemMyOwn Wed 13-Feb-13 23:33:36

(Re their babies) "he just eats whatever we eat"

Don't know why. It sort of says "we're so chilled-out, we make our child fit in with our life, we cook from scratch every night,, our DC isn't fussy with food"

All my friends seem to say this and I'm not really sure why it grates. Maybe because DS (9 mths) only 'eats what we eat' part of the time, because we are busy and disorganised and sometimes only manage a pizza delivery or Indian takeaway or just toast. And because DS is going through a ridiculously fussy phase. It just isn't always practical.

phlebas Thu 14-Feb-13 10:35:34

ha! All my babies just ate what we ate until they were about 18 months old.

Now I have a 12yo who eats approximately three meals but would rather just eat cereal or plain pasta hmm a 6yo with massive food phobias who eats only shreddies, pasta & pesto and peanut butter sandwiches, a 3yo who is just normal fussy and a 20 month old who currently only eats baked beans & peas.

cortneyfigel95 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:00:27

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Jayne266 Thu 14-Feb-13 18:32:45

My DS doesn't eat what I eat I make sure he eats better (or at least has a healthier choice)

ChristmasJubilee Thu 14-Feb-13 18:37:20

Ds3 (6) has always "just eaten what we eat". The only thing he doesn't like is celery. However it is only in the last year that he has slept through the night and even now it's hit or miss so you can't have everything. Also ds1 (17) has always been a fussy eater and still is!

whatsforyou Thu 14-Feb-13 18:49:47

My ds eats what we do and he sleeps through the night, nothing to do with anything I've done but he does. However I'll be as bloody smug about it as I want because I don't feel very smug when he has the screaming heebee jeebees and tantrums from hell every ten minutes every time we leave the house!

Raising children is a lottery, it's just your luck what you get so make the most of the good stuff smile

DeWe Thu 14-Feb-13 19:10:26

DD1 ate what we ate at 9 months. At 12yo she's the faddiest child-only eats about 6-10 different things.

Dd2 was very faddy at 9 months. I think she was still steadfastly refusing solids. She didn't eat what we did for ages, probably about 18 months. She eats anything now age 9. grin

Fishandjam Thu 14-Feb-13 23:09:14

Actually, what really used to grind my nuts was mothers saying smugly " oh, we're doing baby led weaning". Generally as they looked pityingly at DS's pot of (<smug alert> lovingly homemade) puree. I'd loved to have given DS bits and bobs off my plate, it would have beaten having to mush everything. But he had the most ridiculously sensitive gag reflex; any lumps of anything and he'd chunder massively and projectilely (is that a word?). Which was not his fault, or mine. He couldn't cope with "solid" food until he was over 11 months. I just got very weary of well-meaning comments like "have you tried him with some cut up ripe banana?" Yeah, you try it; I'll just stand back while you reenact the Mr Creosote scene from Meaning Of Life.

dimdommilpot Thu 14-Feb-13 23:21:07

My friend gloats that her 2yr old doesnt tantrum! Shes a month younger than my dd who has been tantruming for months! I cannot bloody wait..

DD has always eaten what we, i was too lazy to make puree so just gave her what we were having from the start. She will literally eat anything i give her (touch wood) but boy can she through a wobbler!

Hamnpork Thu 14-Feb-13 23:29:23

My 2yo didn't tantrum either... Never did really. You might be in for a long wait.

specialknickers Thu 14-Feb-13 23:39:17

I say that. Not at all smug about it. I loathe cooking so will only prepare one meal - ds (3) is offered it and if he doesn't like it then I don't beat myself up. Kids are fussy eaters and theres no point pandering to them imho. He won't starve, breakfast is in 15 hours and I'm buggered if I'm going to start cooking something different for every member of the family.

Alligatorpie Thu 14-Feb-13 23:41:15

My seven year old didn't tantrum either...well she does now occasionally, having decided she is a teenager.

With dd1, i hand made organic purees, and she is now a fussy eater. She didn't sleep through the night till she was 4.

Dd2 eats what we eat.

Do i sound smug? I don't mean too, but it is so much easier to do BLW.

BreadForMyBREADGUN Thu 14-Feb-13 23:41:44

Tbh, I wish I'd known all of this when DS was tiny. I didn't have a clue about weaning and I should have just given him what I was eating. Baby #2 will hopefully be much less picky!

MummytoKatie Thu 14-Feb-13 23:50:37

We don't like spicy food and never cook with salt so dd has eaten what we eat from six months.

We do have to eat our carrots cut up into triangles though!

sleepingsatellite18 Thu 14-Feb-13 23:51:15

I say it, but definitely not being smug!

DD point blank refuses to be spoon fed. She has to use her hands so we just give her chunks of what we're eating.
It can actually be a pain sometimes depending on what we're eating! If it's a stew or casserole type dish I just have to take out chunks of meat and veg, soak some bread in the stew!

Yfronts Thu 14-Feb-13 23:55:47

Well mine does eat what we eat but it's because I'm too much of a cheap scape to buy jarred baby food and too lazy to cook a basic second meal. We tend to make curry's, lasagna, salad, fish dishes etc and I can't be bothered to offer alternatives.

Iaintdunnuffink Thu 14-Feb-13 23:56:46

If they make such a remark when they see a baby or toddler being fed purée , or having a different meal then yanbu. It would be smug to make a song and dance about it when not asked. If they're saying it as part of a general conversation then yabu, they have as much right as anyone to chip in about how they do things.

CoolaSchmoola Fri 15-Feb-13 00:52:54

DD eats what we do - again, it's just a fact. Nothing to do with being smug but because she will chuck an absolute shit fit if she is given something different to everyone else and will point blank refuse to eat it. I do cook from scratch, but only because I enjoy it and find it to be cheaper.

Plus side is leftovers get frozen so on the days where DH and I eat later (he works late so I usually have my dinner with DD as she doesn't eat as well if I'm not eating too) there is a family dinner for her to have.

She slept through from five weeks - but also had severe reflux with projectile vomiting until she was 10 months, and still occasionally hurls at 16 months.

She's been having epic tantrums since she turned one, and when her nappy is wet she strips off her bottom half, removes it and waves it around. No matter where we are not helpful.

Add to that the fact that she was on a monitor from birth to ten months for being at a higher risk of SIDS.

I honestly believe that we all get a pretty fair share of easy and hard bits with our children - it's just which are which differ from child to child.

Mine eats and sleeps, which is my easy - but then I have my hard in that she also was the sickiest, most colicky baby I have ever come across and made mountains of laundry (think one outfit, one bib and two muslins for every single feed) and resulted in me spot cleaning the carpets on a daily basis, plus the monitor, tantrums etc.

So whilst you might feel some people are smug for stating facts that their children eat and/or sleep - bear in mind that there will be things they find incredibly difficult, just as you will find other things no bother at all.

I am not smug - but I am pleased that she eats and sleeps - because if she didn't on top of all the other stuff I'd be destroyed!

M0naLisa Fri 15-Feb-13 01:01:07

Our two boys aged 4 and 6 eat what we eat. I aint standing cooking 3 different meals, sod that. If we're having Chicken Dinner, everyones having it. grin

Either that or go without. grin

nailak Fri 15-Feb-13 01:34:17

my kids eat what we eat and if they dont eat it then they know where the fruit, yoghurt, bread and cereal is,

i am not faffing around making different meals! sod that!

from 6 months ds ate what we eat, without salt. i would take his portion out before adding salt.

Sleepybunny Fri 15-Feb-13 02:10:09

Well my DC ALWAYS eats what we eat. I don't know what the problem is.

I only eat skittles and kitkats


Boutdesouffle Fri 15-Feb-13 04:56:24

I agree OP, yes, ok, most people do feed their children the same as they eat, because I think we are all inherently lazy. But it IS smug to comment on this, because we don't all ALWAYS eat foods suitable for small children. So all you smugfucks stick to your sushi, curry and organic oompa loompa milk. I just don't want to eat like that ALL the time, sometimes I just want a creme egg, gin and a fag for dinner.

HollyMadison Fri 15-Feb-13 05:27:04

I find it smug too OP. But that's cos I have the hell of a fussy eater. Although in saying that, DS eats what we eat. It's just that he needs YouTube videos which I pause until he deigns to eat a mouthful...

HollyBerryBush Fri 15-Feb-13 06:25:09

A baby isn't born with a full set of taste buds. Bitter and sour don't form until about the time a baby gets mobile; this is throw back to poison - as in sharp tasting berries are likely to be poisonous.

Where as the sugar buds are formed, hence breast milk being very sweet.

So generally babies do eat anything you care to put infront of them becasue they can't taste it.

>useless fact of the day< brocolli contains traces of something I cant remember that is poisonous to small children (in large quantities hence most of them hating the stuff. normal children that is, mine quaffed brocolli by the bucket load. The brassica family of veg isn't particularly good for you, it upsets the thyroid.

tunnocksteacake Fri 15-Feb-13 06:40:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

karatekimmi Fri 15-Feb-13 06:55:43

See I say this, but it's his decision. Little lord fontleroy gives death stares if you are eating and makes his way over to share! He really doesn't like it if he is eating something different so now we just share a plate of food (the same food on his plate doesn't have the same effect - he still feels like he is being done out of something!) It's not snug, it's just easier!!

We do have meals of fish fingers and other easy meals, but some stuff is cooked from scratch!

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