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What to do? Human nail found in food.

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alabasterangel Wed 13-Feb-13 20:52:59

Sorry, this is grim.

Tonight I made chickpea soup (something I make regularly). I used 3 tins of chickpeas from lidl. All the other ingredients were 'small particles' - marigold stock made with hot water, dried ground spices, fresh garlic, and a blob of fresh Creme fraiche on the top. Soup is roughly blitzed with a hand blender but still leaves loads of full chickpeas and is in no way smooth.

As it happens, I served myself a decent sized portion. Found something hard in my mouth, thought it might be a woody un-ground bit of cumin or whatever, pulled it out, turns out its a large human nail (looks like a toe nail). It's cut, not torn off, and slightly discoloured with turmeric which is another ingredient I added at the start. I only use .5 teaspoon turmeric so know that's not the source (this is BIG, it would have been very obvious on the teaspoon!) but its obviously therefore been in the cooking since early on to take on the colour.

I can only conclude its from the chickpeas. I can't think where else it came from, as in all the other ingredients it would have been noticeable.

What do I do to report this? Go to lidl? I don't want to be fobbed off, or for them to say it could have come from anything else I added but i really can't see how it did. I feel sick. It's a cut nail, so that makes it feel different (disgusting!!).

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 14-Feb-13 06:13:08

Take the product (or the empty cans) and the contaminating article back to Lidl for a refund of the price of your purchases or, if you would like a bigger refund and an apology, contact their customer services team. As said up-thread, the can will be stamped with various codes that help them identify the batch and date of production.

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