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To think cadburys chocolate has changed

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ScariestFairyByFar Wed 13-Feb-13 19:26:24

And those egg & spoon things taste nothing like cadburysconfused

badtemperedaldbitch Mon 18-Feb-13 13:12:01

but Cadbury sold knowing contaninated chocolate for 6 months before it was made to recall it.

I cant believe that everyone is up in arms over horsemeat in burgers that may or may not contain chemicals

but you are happy to buy and consume chocloate from a supplier that KNOWINGLY Supplied contaminated chocolate.... that COULD kill you ...

I quote

"The action follows one of the biggest trading standards investigations mounted. Officers have been investigating the likely cause of the original contamination, focusing on leaky factory pipes and questionable hygiene standards."


"The company only admitted to the contamination after an alert from the HPA six months later. The HPA was concerned about an unusual rise in human cases of Salmonella montevideo.

Even when the FSA was alerted, Cadbury was slow to respond and took two days to comply with the FSA's request to withdraw the seven infected products, including Dairy Milk bars.

this is from the Gardian, not the mail!

SPBInDisguise Mon 18-Feb-13 13:24:52

Can someone from Cadbury please read this and sort it out please. I'm quite upset by the changes. Also hormonal as I'm on a self imposed chocolate ban.
Asda or Tesco own baking chocolate btw - about 80p for a 150g bar. The Asda one is particularly chocolatey. That's what I'm eating at the moment but I'd go back to cadburys if they fixed just the dairy milks and Cadbury caramels. And that includes putting them back in the original foil wrappers.

Sallyingforth Mon 18-Feb-13 13:42:23

Can someone from Cadbury please read this and sort it out please

A nice idea, but I'm afraid you'll only get a PR person reading out the Kraft party line. They know best and we are all imagining it.

It's such a shame when a company like Cadbury's with its long and respected heritage gets brought down like this. It will never be the same again.

Fortunately there is always Lidl chocolate to enjoy!

montmartre Mon 18-Feb-13 13:45:11

cadburys has been vile since they started putting soya in it!
I've switched to lindt, mars products, and german brands now, though I've stopped buying so much tbh. For easter, mine will get Divine probably, or maybe something with no chocolate shock

The thorntons easter products they had last year were beyond vile too... ended up chucking (foamy and chemical tasting)

enjoyingscience Mon 18-Feb-13 14:32:30

DS was given a massive bar for xmas, which I have been 'sampling' regularly (though really, who thinks giving a 4 yo 1.5kg of chocloate is a good idea? Silly BiL).

I think it is waaay sweeter than it used to be. Tastes really processed, like white sugar.

It makes crappy hot chocolate too. sad

Sizzlesthedog Mon 18-Feb-13 15:56:22

I emailed Cadburys to complain, and asking them if the recipe had changed. I know they will lie, but hey ho.

Would it be worth emailing them to ask them to read this thread?

I'll certainly be taste testing lidl chocolate when I next go shopping.

wildfig Mon 18-Feb-13 16:01:39

Thornton's milk chocolate has gone very bland and sweet too. You can't tell most of the Continentals apart now. I know some of it might come down to nostalgia/adult tastes changing/chocolate overdose, but things definitely aren't what they used to be. [old gimmer emoticon]

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 18-Feb-13 16:21:15

Lidl chocolate is actually very nice. There was a particularly nice dark chocolate and raspberry one I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Cadburys doesn't taste quite right at the moment. Mind you, I was given some Smarties the other day and they didn't taste right at all.

catsmother Mon 18-Feb-13 16:24:08

A nice idea, but I'm afraid you'll only get a PR person reading out the Kraft party line. They know best and we are all imagining it.

But surely we can't all be imagining it - like some kind of mass hysteria ?! confused

Buzzardbird Mon 18-Feb-13 16:31:39

Lidl and aldi chocolate is the way to go

TheCrackFox Mon 18-Feb-13 16:32:48

It has changed - it is sweeter and claggier and now totally gross.

groovejet Mon 18-Feb-13 16:43:59

My dairy milk bar tasted more like galaxy chocolate, not horrible but certainly not the same taste and it took me longer to eat than usual, which isn't a bad thing but takes away from a sweet chocolate craving when usually only a dairy milk will do.

Whydobabiescry Mon 18-Feb-13 16:50:31

Yanbu casburys is definitely nit the same anymore sad I hate the new rounded chunks, it's impossible to share and the taste just isnt chocolately any more sadsad I've moved lock stock and barrel to galaxy which is lush grin

BeechAvenue Mon 18-Feb-13 16:51:16

It's disgusting. I like very good chocolate, but I also had a real place in my heart for Dairy Milk and would indulge every couple of weeks. It had a kind of hit on the roof of your mouth which was quite distinctive. The new stuff is vile, bland and greasy. I'm never buying it again (unless of course they see sense, but this seems highly unlikely). I feel totally outraged that they could take a much loved product with incredible market share and assume that we'd all be too stupid to notice such a fundamental change as long as the wrapper was the same hmm.

enjoyingscience Mon 18-Feb-13 16:55:58

Yes to everyone saying Lidl - schogetten/schgotten (whatever it's called) is amazing.

I kind of hoped that when Kraft bought it out they would listen to people asking not to change it, but obviously not. Will vote with my feet, and go directly to Lidl smile

DeafLeopard Mon 18-Feb-13 16:57:56

I've never liked expensive chocolate, preferring Cadburys, up until about 4 months ago when I noticed it tasted different - too sweet and a soya after taste that I put down to the soya milk.

<<plans visit to Lidl>>

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 18-Feb-13 17:00:05

Yes Cadburys, stop fart-arsing about with bits of Oreo and orange and shortcake and put it back the way it was.

diddl Mon 18-Feb-13 17:02:59

I had some dairy Milk a bit ago & it had a coconut aftertaste to me.

Prefer darker choc-so why I bought the DM is beyond me.

Must have been for the children & I happened to try a piece...

WireCatWhore Mon 18-Feb-13 17:10:33

We are not imagining it.
Cadbury chocolate is now vile.

diddl Mon 18-Feb-13 17:12:10

Yes, Schogetten isn´t bad, is it?

How much does it cost in UK?

It´s a cheap chocolate here (Germany).

Made by Trumpf(childish snigger)

I like that it´s portioned, though.

wildfig Mon 18-Feb-13 17:16:18

The Oreo business is just adding insult to injury. First you ruin our chocolate, then you stick bits of American biscuit in it. I can't imagine Americans going wild for Hersey's Garibaldi.

TheCrackFox Mon 18-Feb-13 17:22:52

Oreos have always been disgusting but smothering them with fake Cadbury's chocolate is taking the piss.

starsandunicorns Mon 18-Feb-13 17:35:25

Agree with the vile cadbury taste dont buy it anymore I pefer the German bitter choclate ( shaped like leaves) when I can afford it off amazon or the lidl choclate.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 18-Feb-13 17:35:31

grin @ Hersheys garibaldi.

I'd be chipping off the chocolate to get to the biscuit underneath!

PessaryPam Mon 18-Feb-13 17:39:40

It has defo changed.

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