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to wonder WTF would it take for people stop eating "meat"

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ElenorRigby Wed 13-Feb-13 18:33:00

Just that really!

BlatantLies Fri 15-Feb-13 18:29:51

I think it must be hard work if you choose to be a really strict veggie. There are so many things with animal byproducts in them. I suppose you get used to it.

My DM used to have vagen lodgers, it looked a complicated way to live.

I don't eat messed about with meat so the BSE scandal and this latest horse scandal don't effect me.

exoticfruits Fri 15-Feb-13 18:59:34

I assume that if you feel like that Daddelion that you are a vegan.

ArmyOfPenguins Fri 15-Feb-13 19:17:11


I know you were alluding to me when you said you have been called a liar. I did not call you a liar, I said you are biased. Of course you are! You farm animals, that is your livelihood. If you started to think it was harmful in any way you'd have to stop doing it or continue in bad faith, so you cannot be objective.

I don't have anything to gain from my stance. Someone asked why I was vegan so I replied.

I believe you when you say animals are not treated cruelly on your farm, or indeed in most British farms. Good. But you believe we should breed animals to use and kill and I don't. I don't care how nicely you artificially inseminate cows and take their calves away, or how politely you castrate your lambs - I do not believe we should be doing these things at all. It is violation, and crucially, it is not necessary.

And as to your question of whether I have some thing about AI: kind of, yes. I don't think we should impregnate a cow against her will and take her calf away - and repeat this process until that cow is spent (then kill her) just so we can take her milk (which we don't need). Again, who do we think we are?

To the person who asked: Would I eat meat grown in a lab? Why not? If there was no other reason not to, like energy waste or something. As I said, I loved meat. I just don't like how it gets to me, and now I don't particularly fancy it. I would try it out of curiosity and if I liked it and there was no other issue - great.

To the person (sorry, I can't remember the names at the moment) who said if we were meant to be vegan we would have evolved to be vegan - I think we are starting to. Vegetarian and vegan diets are increasing in popularity all the time. How we were 'evolving' since the dawn of patriarchy has been detrimental to us and the planet. We need to stop dominating each other and other species: it doesn't work.

fascicle Fri 15-Feb-13 20:50:27

TheOriginalLadyFT: I object to the CIWF because they mix up truth with untruth/hyperbole...I've dealt with the stuff that comes out of CIWF on a professional level and some of it is simply untrue, while some of it is spun to make their point...Like any campaigning organisation...they need funds to roll in and that means using highly emotive issues and manipulating people's feelings.

Firstly, it would be helpful to give examples to substantiate this.

Secondly, your point of view about CIWF seems to directly oppose those held by the BBC Radio Four/Farming Awards quoted earlier, who said:

"...Compassion in World Farming had created an exceptional body of sound scientific evidence that’s had an impact round the world. They’re never shrill, they don’t rely on emotion and hype to make their case, but on rational, unarguable evidence available to anyone with an interest in how we treat the living creatures who are a major part of our food supply."

Others seem to echo the above view (including respected writers on food production). My impression is that CIWF has had a considerable impact over the last few decades, improving standards (some pretty grim) in farm animal welfare.

onthesideline Sat 23-Feb-13 01:11:31

BlatantLies Thu 14-Feb-13 23:29:10

I think you have the right to make an opinion if you have worked in an abattoir. I don’t have the courage but I do have compassion.

For some reason we ALL think we have rights about our food, in fact, we should be most grateful that we have plenty of choice. To be honest I think if you have the guts to eat meat you should have the guts to see its life being taken.

Plastic packs don’t really go any way to tell the story of fear and death. Think we’d all cull our intake of meat if we were party to daily slaughter, sometimes only to see it thrown out to skip bins, past its date, what a waste of life. Organic or intensively farmed

I do have to laugh at those mortified by horse meat contamination, don’t you realise that the jelly at the kids parties is from Gelatine, horses hoof, cattle hoof?!

Your kids are already ingesting horse, and all sorts. It is up to you to to be aware and vote with your money and compassion. I quite like Quorn a few days a week now for the family...

Tortington Sat 23-Feb-13 01:16:03

if veg were lower carb, i'd consider it, much prefer veg.

exoticfruits Sat 23-Feb-13 07:25:59

I don't eat my meat from plastic packs. I get it from the farm shop where you can see the animals in the field before they end up on the counter. They are killed locally - I wouldn't have a problem with it. As a child if we were at my aunts and we had chicken for dinner she went and killed one.

exoticfruits Sat 23-Feb-13 07:27:17

Do people not realise how gelatine is made? hmm

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