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to think it is about time the world realised that it is not Kate MIDDLETON?

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DayToDayShit Wed 13-Feb-13 18:10:44

She has been married for almost 2 years.

I suppose its like everyone calling Princess Diana, Lady Di for about 20 years.

meditrina Wed 13-Feb-13 18:11:35

The name Middleton was used on the legal papers in France.

ajandjjmum Wed 13-Feb-13 18:11:51

Of course, Princess Diana was not Princess Diana, she was HRH The Princess of Wales! grin

YouBrokeMySmoulder Wed 13-Feb-13 18:16:25

Do you mean in fact she should just be theDuchess of Cambridge and not referred to as anything else? Technically isnt it the case that william and harry etc dont have surnames so actually she could still be Kate Middleton iyswim.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Wed 13-Feb-13 18:18:10

I don't think she's actually said if she wants to change her name or not. She could be Mrs. Windsor, or Mrs. Wales, or I think even Mountbatten if she wanted to, but there's no reason why she can't stay as Middleton if she doesn't want to change. It's not like she'll spend much time explaining who she is and worrying about her card being rejected in the Aldi or being turned away from places and so on grin

JuliaScurr Wed 13-Feb-13 18:18:48

there is no legal obligation to change names on marriage

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Wed 13-Feb-13 18:19:00

I agree. No one calls William "Will Wales", they refer to one of his titles.

NotADragonOfSoup Wed 13-Feb-13 18:19:14

Did she change her name then?

DayToDayShit Wed 13-Feb-13 18:19:59

will and hazza are Wales though.

YouBrokeMySmoulder Wed 13-Feb-13 18:20:48

Daytoday, only for their jobs out of expediency. Its not their real surname as they dont have or need one.

NotADragonOfSoup Wed 13-Feb-13 18:20:50

I agree. No one calls William "Will Wales", they refer to one of his titles.

They tend to call him Prince William. However, Kate doesn't have that kind of title, just the wordier and less personal Duchess of Cambridge.

LineRunner Wed 13-Feb-13 18:21:37

What happened to Cambridge?

expatinscotland Wed 13-Feb-13 18:22:02

I think it's time for the world to stop giving a shit about monarchy.

scarlettsmummy2 Wed 13-Feb-13 18:23:40

Why do you care?

DayToDayShit Wed 13-Feb-13 18:26:46

do you care then scarlett? grin

LineRunner Wed 13-Feb-13 18:33:48

I think if she didn't change her surname that's cool.

SauvignonBlanche Wed 13-Feb-13 18:37:27

I couldn't give a shiny shite!

BartletForTeamGB Wed 13-Feb-13 18:38:00

As a member of the Royal Family, she doesn't have a surname any more.

TidyDancer Wed 13-Feb-13 18:38:59

Of course YABU! How do we even know she changed her name?!

meditrina Wed 13-Feb-13 18:39:09

The Armed Forces use the surname Wales for both Princes William and Harry.

selsigfach Wed 13-Feb-13 18:43:04

William is Will Wales at Raf Valley. I've see his peg!

kinkyfuckery Wed 13-Feb-13 18:49:50

Hazza? Srsly?

carabos Wed 13-Feb-13 18:51:06

Isn't she Catherine Cambridge? She's not "Kate" anything.

Zara1984 Wed 13-Feb-13 18:52:22

Actually I do wonder what's on her credit card. It must still be Middleton, right? I'm imagining a Visa card with DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE emblazoned on it :D

Mutt Wed 13-Feb-13 18:53:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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