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to be a petulant child and feel Hard Done By?

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Greensleeves Wed 13-Feb-13 15:23:46

am stuck at home with a knee injury, I can't weight bear at all and need crutches to get even a tiny distance

I have been referred to the Acute Knee Team (who knew?) and should be seen fairly quickly. My GP thinks I have torn my anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus

The real bugger is that I can't get to the loo safely without help, because I can't get the crutches up the stairs and I need them to get to the loo from the top of the stairs. When dh or kids are here they take the crutches up and give them to me when I get there

I needed the loo earlier and obviously dh couldn't just pop home and help me, he is 5 minutes away by bike and would come if he could but he is under serious pressure today. So we agreed (via messenger) that I would try by myself and take my phone so I could ring him if in trouble. So I did it by myself, couldn't get the crutches up the stairs so had to half-hop/weight bear on the bad knee, which is now agonising. Am aggrieved and sorry for myself. Especially as when I was trying to hop to the loo the phone fell on my foot <childish wail>

I can't phone a fried to come and help me go to the toilet, I really can't. And I can't get at food and drink either because I need both crutches to get to the kitchen. This has been going on since last Monday and I am fed up!

self-pitying rant over. Please don't flame me. Am not blaming anyone.

Katla Sun 17-Feb-13 11:22:36

I'd pee in a jug and put down sink - my grandad used to do this as he was 90 and peed all the time (prostate issues). I always used to bleach the sink when I visited.

I used to pee in sink in room when I stayed in uni halls to avoid trek along corridor in night blush

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