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To cry every time I hear Slipping through my fingers in Mamma Mia

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crazy8 Tue 12-Feb-13 23:44:47

I have a gorgeous, beautiful sometimes bratty DD who is 7. I can't imagine her growing up and leaving home. I know it will happen one day.

maddening Wed 13-Feb-13 15:30:36

I am one 2 cry at anything sentimental but the passing of time and childhood etc really get me - so yes I cry my heart out at slipping through my fingers. And am now in tears just thinking about it all.

thebody Wed 13-Feb-13 16:12:09

I am at the dentists waiting for dd to finish. I have tears streaming down my face. Unbearably poignant for me this month.

That and the royal family episode when nanna says to Barbara that she was glad she was going to die with her family and not in a home.

Both unbearable.

ElephantsAndMiasmas Wed 13-Feb-13 16:31:42

Watched MM with my mum and I spotted the scene beginning and put the box of tissues between us. She gave me a proper hmm look but a few minutes later was reaching for them during the song and saying "you bastard!" grin

crazy8 Wed 13-Feb-13 16:42:08

Have just come home. Have started crying again reading all the comments. Little Jo- you have my deepest sympathies. I cannot begin to imagine what you have been through. Flogging Molly - you have made me catch my breath, cry and sob.

crazy8 Wed 13-Feb-13 16:50:52

It's funny isn't it how music is so emotive. I cry whenever I hear Luther Vandross sing Dance with my father as it reminds me so much about my dad Maybe by listening to songs that make us sob we will appreciate our loved ones a little bit more. My DD just spilt a drink and because I'm on this thread I wiped it up without moaning. I think she thinks I have gone mad grin

jamdonut Wed 13-Feb-13 16:50:57

Oh dear....tears!!

My daughter is 16 and "slipping through my fingers" gets me every time. She is everything I wished I was at her age. So proud of her...but missing her already,even though she's only just about to do her GCSE's!! She is destined for great things,and I can only watch in awe, as she inevitably moves on with her life...[proud and sad emoticons]

alemci Wed 13-Feb-13 16:51:24

made me cry when I went to see it at the cinema a few years' ago with my dd who was in Y9 so totally understand. Makes me fill up typing this message.

thebody Wed 13-Feb-13 17:01:16

Littlejo no words just hugs and hugs xxxxx

Bakingnovice Wed 13-Feb-13 19:56:12

Littlejo your post made me cry. Sending you hugs Abd kisses. Wet sloppy tear ridden kisses.

Elephant your post made me laugh out loud. My family think I've gone mad. I have bawled and howled with laughter in the space of ten minutes. Reading everyone's post has had me in tears. My kids have changed my life. I had a very very difficult childhood and want the best for them. I feel honoured to be in their lives. But everything is going so fast! My dd starts reception in sept and I will miss her dearly. I love spending days baking with her, trying to catch her to tie her hair up, singing songs with her, letting her give me pretend makeover, laughing with her, wiping her tears. My boys too are growing up fast, I miss carrying them to bed, kissing the soles of their feet when drying them after baths, striking their cheek while they sleep on my chest. I feel bad for all the times I say 'in a minute' to them all when I'm busy. It's been lovely to read all your stories.

Bakingnovice Wed 13-Feb-13 19:57:15

Stroking not striking! I never strike them (although have been tempted sometimes!).

Abitwobblynow Wed 13-Feb-13 19:59:12

Shagmund - arf!

frustratedworkingmum Wed 13-Feb-13 19:59:40

The first time i heard this song was when my DD1 took me to the cinema to watch it for a mothers day treat - it was a "singalong" version to, i couldn't sing for sobbing blush In fact im getting choked up just thinking about it. My DD1 is 22 and well and truly flown the nest sad, i miss her terribly but am so proud she is out there making a life for herself - then i look at DD2 who is now a bit abba fan (shes only 7) and I have to leave the room when that part of the film comes on, it kills me

Abitwobblynow Wed 13-Feb-13 20:01:04

Baking, don't set me off now. That was so moving. What a triumph of the human spirit, when you don't do what was done to you (wipes)

DomesticCEO Wed 13-Feb-13 20:05:43

littlejo, so sorry for your loss sad.

A friend's son has just left home for uni and it's really brought it home to me how precious the time is with them - and mine are only 4 & 3 blush.

Bakingnovice Wed 13-Feb-13 20:06:36

Abit - thank you! Having my kids has also mended my relationship with my own mother. I have forgiven her and tried to understand how difficult her own life was. I love my mum and know that she feels really lonely without us all around her. The kids have mended us and allowed us to heal ourselves. My mum is a wonderful gran now.

frustratedworkingmum Wed 13-Feb-13 20:07:31

Elephants! love your post grin Its funny, i often wonder about MY mum, i wonder if she feels like that - i bet she does - it makes me want to go and give her a hug. She's great, does loads for us still - shes 76 and starting to get "old" over the past six months - oh fuck, thats it, im sniffing and my DP is making a hmm face

LikeATeenager Wed 13-Feb-13 20:08:23

I can't listen to it. I'm 26 and was at the theatre with load of customers. I had totally forgotten about this song and literally burst into tears in the middle of the theatre when it came on. My mum had died 3 months before. They were all looking at me with a panic stricken expression! Not good!!

Morebiscuitsplease Wed 13-Feb-13 20:14:06

Oh thank goodness I am not alone makes me weep. Heard in in the radio whilst driving once and arrived with black mascara eyes. Just really it's a nerve.

Bakingnovice Wed 13-Feb-13 20:15:01

Likea - big hugs to you too.

Bakingnovice Wed 13-Feb-13 20:17:51

Yes it does hit a nerve. There's something about it which just strikes to the core of my heart. I think part of it for me is that through a difficult childhood my sisters brought me up and are still my support network and I feel a bit sad my dd doesn't have a sister. And I don't have another little un after dd. wish I'd had more but can't face the physical side of it all.

QuickLookBusy Wed 13-Feb-13 20:27:55

Lots of tears and laughter in this thread.

I first heard this song watching Mama Mia at the theatre, I was sat between my 2dds and I just couldn't stop myself crying. Both of them looked at me like thishmm but DH understood. He was crying too!

Now it pops into my head with each milestone. The last one being when we left dd at uni for the first time. She wanted to wave us off, so stood there on the pavement whist we drove off. "Slipping through my fingers" was all I could think off. I cried all the way home sad

Happymum22 Wed 13-Feb-13 20:31:09

I made the mistake of putting my ipod on shuffle in the car home after dropping my baby 18 year old DD2 off at uni a year and a half ago, my older DD1 had just moved into her first flat and DS gone back to med school after summer. Younger DD3 home but had just that week brought her first boyfriend home (--he lasted two weeks but never mind!--)

This song came on and I was crying so hard I had to pull over. It seemed like no time since my children were toddlers and kids and I was suddenly feeling very alone and responsiblity free.

Then DD2 phoned that eve asking me to send her all sorts she had forgotten and for comfort as she felt homesick, DD1 popped home for the weekend because she was buried under with work and wanted home comforts and me to give her some tlc while she ploughed through the paperwork for her new job. DS was shortly on the phone to ask how to make cheese sauce for his lasagne. And I soon felt wanted and needed again!!

That song gets me every time though.

nowwearefour Wed 13-Feb-13 20:36:45

Jeremy Vine played the original the radio recently and as it closed he said 'wiping away some tears are you?' Or something to indicate that everyone with a daughter ( and prob lots with a son too!) is set off by the words in the song! I loved the original even more than the version from the film

DomesticCEO Wed 13-Feb-13 20:39:20

Yes, heard that nowwearefour smile.

No daughters but still makes me cry - same sentiment with our boys smile.

Jossysgiants Wed 13-Feb-13 20:44:07

It is a beautiful, perfect, melancholy song. You are absolutely not being unreasonable.

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