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to not have had/made/gave the children ANY pancakes today?

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PacificDogwood Tue 12-Feb-13 19:23:13

<<awaits flaming>>

We have very eggy pancakes rather often (started doing this when it was the only way to get DS1 to try egg when he was being weaned some 9 years ago ), I had another dinner planned and DSs had asked for apple crumble for dessert.

So I, for one, have been on Pancake Strike today, hmph <<ducks behind barricades>>

MusicalEndorphins Wed 13-Feb-13 01:38:14

Non pancake eaters here.

AlienReflux Wed 13-Feb-13 02:18:28

My pan is soaking in the kitchen as I speak.tried some poxy Delia recipe, batter was like water, probably because it was half milk half water, thought she knew what she was doing?? They just weren't right, so I gave up and promised pancakes tomorrow!

sashh Wed 13-Feb-13 04:24:30

I never make them on Shrove Tuesday. For me it would be too much like doing something religious.

I do make them quite often though, nice easy breakfast.


Poor you.

If you want to try again here is my method. It's all about preparation.

make the batter in a jug bowl.
a ladle
have two frying pans, one smaller than the other.
cut lard into tiny cubes - you need one or two per pancake.
a plate.

OK put both pans on the hob - at the front and the plate on a back ring - do not put heat under the plate, just under the pans.

melt lard in both pans.

use the ladle to put batter in the smaller pan, move the pan around to coat it with batter. Cook until you see tiny holes appear.

Pick up the pan and turn it over on top of the bigger pan, leave the pancake to cook on the other side in the bigger pan.

melt fat in smaller pan.

pour batter into smaller pan, by this time the pancake in the bigger pan is cooked and you can tip it onto the plate.

keep going until all the pancakes are cooked.

Oh and the first pancake is always rubbish.

Alligatorpie Wed 13-Feb-13 04:46:59

I am eating low carb, no one asked for them, so i ddn't make them.

angelsonhigh Wed 13-Feb-13 05:17:55

Umm, I use a pancake maker. Pancakes always turn out lovely.

When I am feeling particularly lazy I use pancake mix (fill with water and shake). DC don't really know the differenceblush

flow4 Wed 13-Feb-13 05:45:22

I do not, DO not understand pancake mix! grin Especially the ones that say "Just add an egg" - which means they're containers full of flour and dried milk for 10 times the price of flour and real milk!

Making pancake batter is very easy (1/2 pint milk, 1 egg, 4 oz flour, pinch of salt --> whisk it all), and cooking them is also easy (non-stick pan, get it v hot, melt a sugar-lump sized knob of butter for each one and pour in the batter when it starts to brown), but it just takes so much TIME!

Half an hour of work for 2 minutes of scoffing! shock Pancakes have the worst effort-to-munch ratio of any food I can think of!

IsThatTrue Wed 13-Feb-13 05:46:17

I kept to my familes time honoured tradition of NOT having pancakes on pancake day.

When I lived with DM and DDad we used to have pancakes about once a month but never on pancake day, not on purpose it's just no one wanted them/wanted to cook them/we didn't have lemon or eggs.

So to preserve a family tradition I ransacked the cupboard and realised I had no lemon juice/lemons refused to make pancakes on pancake day!

Oh and DS doesn't like them! hmm strange boy that one, he doesn't like cake or biscuits either!

missorinoco Wed 13-Feb-13 21:11:17

They still didn't want pancakes with nutella and bananas. Nobly I ate the offering rather than waste it.

I can see what you mean about melted butter being too hot for them. I melt it in the microwave, then smear a little across the pan with kitchen roll. Greases the pan without burning the butter. Forgot to try oil today, next time.

PacificDogwood Wed 13-Feb-13 21:36:18

shock at 2-pan-technique - that sounds complicated.

I feel a family tradition of Not Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday coming on grin<any excuse>

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