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formallyknownasloveydarling Sun 10-Feb-13 15:45:26

AIBU to fucking hate the stuff?
I have seen young people change from ambitious, clever intelligent people to gormless idiots who don't give a shit about anything.
And I hate that my do smokes it hmm
I particularly despise this homegrown shite which seriously fucks you up.
Why oh why do people use it?
And AIBU to tell dp not to have anything to do with it any more or is that me being too bossy/controlling?
And breathe....

Branleuse Sun 10-Feb-13 16:37:24

im not keen on stoned morons either, any more than i am keen on drunk idiots or coked up arseholes.

Doesnt mean that the odd participation in something = bad mmmkay

aldiwhore Sun 10-Feb-13 16:41:02

That's not an unreasonable comment riverboat but I worked in a bar for years, believe me drunk people are far more annoying than stoned people, and more dangerous, and ruder, and more violent.

If my DH smoked weed every night to the point he was incapable of conversation, or drank so much every night he was pissed. It would be an issue.

As it happens I won't divorce him over a couple glasses of wine, and he only doesn't smoke weed because a) he's quit smoking and b) it's illegal and c) it's not worth the risk of the children thinking they've found some chocolate and eating it! (Actually that wouldn't happen with grass, they'd leave that, it looks like vegetable)

mercury7 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:44:13

for me the only bad thing about cannabis was that it massively increased my desire to eat bsicuits and ice cream, along with anything else I could lay my hands ongrin
Obviously someone who's stoned isnt the best company when you're not stoned, and as a polite respectful person I wouldnt have subjected other people to my stoned moronic self!

eslteacher Sun 10-Feb-13 16:48:44

aldiwhore - yes, don't think it's much fun to be around a drunk person either if you're not drunk yourself! It does seem to me though that most people can have a pint or a couple of glasses of wine without it being really noticeable in their behaviour, whereas after just one joint the effects are more noticeable...that slightly glazed look in the eyes, the feeling that the person is not totally on the same plane as you any more. This is just my experience though based on a few different close friends who have smoked, maybe they weren't the norm!

aldiwhore Sun 10-Feb-13 16:48:58

Just to provide further opposition to the Op, I'd have never completed my philosophy degree if I'd not been stoned when writing my dissertation (I would have failed had I not be straight when I proof read it).

I'm of the opinion that the only way to tackle the awful depency some people have on illegal drugs is to decriminalise all drugs, and make it a public health issue rather than a criminal one.

If people could freely grow their own, they wouldn't need to participate in funding some of the atrocities related to the drug trade.

EllieArroway Sun 10-Feb-13 16:54:28

Riverboat That may be down to tolerance though. I very rarely drink, but if I have even one glass of wine, the effects are noticeable quite quickly. Whereas some of my friends have to have several glasses before tipsiness sets in. I think it's probably the same with weed.

I have a 16 year old son. Now, I would never actively encourage him to do anything - but secretly, if it was up to me, I would far, far, far rather he was getting gently stoned in his bedroom with a couple of mates than in the town centre knocking back cans of Special Brew.

jamdonut Sun 10-Feb-13 17:02:36


My next-door neighbours and their dozens of daily visitors smoke it.

I hate the smell it makes me feel sick and it seems to seep through the walls so you can smell it our house!! Visitors to us have remarked on it. What worries me is the two small children in the house. It can't be doing them any good.

I can be shopping,e.g. in the supermarket, and the smell carries on people. I was at a school parents consultation evening, and the parents of a girl,( who is known to be a pita ) reeked of it. I thought I was going to throw up!

yaimee Sun 10-Feb-13 17:07:33

I don't have a problem with anyone choosing to smoke it, we're all adults after all.
I think its a bit silly to say things like 'its no worse than alcohol' as I'm not sure that anyone said it was.
I have no problem with recriational drug use, I just don't like the effect that weed has on people, I'm sure those who live with people who over use alcohol feel exactly the same about that.

tinygreendragon Sun 10-Feb-13 17:07:44

I agree with aldiwhore.

Alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs are all regulated and dispensed by licensed professionals as should cannabis as far as I am concerned. If an adult is going to use any of these products then they should be entitled to do so.

Protecting children and adolescents from getting hold of it should be the main concern. However as it currently stands any street dealer will only ever ask to see a note with the Queen's head on it. If it were decriminalised and regulated with age restrictions 'licensed dealers' should be made to ask for a proof of age/ID before making a sale.

formallyknownasloveydarling Sun 10-Feb-13 17:25:42

Interesting replies.
I hate weed really because I have seen it destroy ambition in many, many people. I think that because it is seen as a soft drug and no worse - or even bit as bad as - alcohol that it gradually seeps into people's lives and fucks them up, before they realise it. I have seen it send people mad but that is rarer, no less awful obviously but much more blatant. It's the way that it subtly but stealthily creeps into people that I particularly dislike.
I hate the homegrown stuff because it is so damn strong so having a few tokes on a joint involves taking a huge load of THC into your body, whereas most people think a puff or 2 is nothing.
I hate that dp does it because it is illegal, it smells vile, I don't like coming downstairs in the morning to find a grumpy man with bloodshot eyes, surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers from where he can't control the munchies. I can not understand why he smokes a Mind altering, depressive substance whilst taking medication for depression!
I'm not a total idiot - I wouldn't be with him if he smoked it round our kids and he only smokes it when I am in bed or out or when he's out.
I hope this covers all points. Back later.

EllieArroway Sun 10-Feb-13 17:27:57

I think its a bit silly to say things like 'its no worse than alcohol' as I'm not sure that anyone said it was

You've missed the point. If people's objection to marijuana is that it affects behaviour and kills off brain cells, then why don't they have the same objection to alcohol - a drug that does both of these things in far greater measure?

What's "silly" is that the more dangerous, potentially deadly drug is legal while the other, far more benign one is not. By allowing this odd situation to continue as a society we are indeed saying that marijuana is somehow "worse" than alcohol. So, you're not correct.

Branleuse Sun 10-Feb-13 17:30:07

ive known plenty of dealers over the course of my life, and ive never known any that would sell to children. Im sure they do exist, but the majority are just normal people who sell a bit on the side to pay for their own smoke. Its not even particularly lucrative unless youre quite high up the chain.
What does street dealer mean?? Someone who sells in the street?? The only time ive ever had that happen was in amsterdam

Branleuse Sun 10-Feb-13 17:30:27

and i didnt buy from them.

formallyknownasloveydarling Sun 10-Feb-13 17:31:15

Oh I nearly forgot: I don't agree with excess alcohol either but I never said I did. It's just this thread is about dope, rather than alcohol.
I don't understand why people always are so quick to mention the dangers of alcohol as soon as anyone mentions weed.

pictish Sun 10-Feb-13 17:33:25

I smoke blow.
Why? I like it. It makes me feel relaxed and good humoured. It suits me.
I don't drink alcohol very much at all. I find it doesn't suit me.

Branleuse Sun 10-Feb-13 17:36:22

after years of insomnia, i find its the only thing that reliably gets me off to sleep with no next day hangover. I think its wonderful.

I dont sit there and get stoned and act moronic though. I think its a wonder drug

pictish Sun 10-Feb-13 17:38:09

I don't know anyone who turns into a moron after a smoke. Unless they were morons to begin with of course.

tinygreendragon Sun 10-Feb-13 17:39:41

formally: I hate the homegrown stuff because it is so damn strong...

Whether its homegrown or commercial grown makes no difference to it's THC strength. Its down to the strain and and whether its an indica plant or a sativa plant.

pictish Sun 10-Feb-13 17:41:35

I only smoke 'solid'. I'm old skool. I don't like grass. It tastes and smells horrid to me.

Bossybritches22 Sun 10-Feb-13 17:44:58

Alcohol in quantity does untold damage too, no one is disputing that . it is not an either /or and the campaigns to increase alcohol awareness are well docmented.

But the damage done by ONE joint is worse than ONE glass of wine. Frequent use of weed is more cumualtive as it has a greater irreversible effect on the brain, as I understand it, forfar smaller quantities.

You can enjoy the odd glass of wine, without damage.

This is not just my personal opinion but having listened to senior neuro scientists.

If you want to smoke dope & it (apparently) seems to have no effect then go ahead, but many many youngsters are harmed by it.

pictish Sun 10-Feb-13 17:51:45

From my pov, the worst thing about it is the smoking.

ShakyStart Sun 10-Feb-13 17:55:07

Just had to post. My partner of 12 years has up until the last few months always smoked weed recreationally. In my opinion, the weed definitely affected his enthusiasm to do anything active. He would rather hang around the house smoking than go out for walks and do things at the weekend. He would always hang around with fellow weed toting friends and I honestly believe he was only friends with them purely because he would go and buy the weed through them. It would get to the point where he was spending easily £100 a month buying weed, sometimes more. He would get extremely aggravated when he had run out of weed and as he knew I didn't approve of him smoking, he would often lie about where he was going and nip off to buy weed from one of his dodgy friends. Him smoking weed definitely had a detrimental affect on our relationship, I could sometimes tell when we were spending time together that he was desperate to cut time with me short to nip and smoke some more weed. When I got pregnant, he promised to quit smoking as I didn't want s oking around the children. He made various attempts to quit some of which lasted for several weeks or months but he would always find the addiction too difficult to overcome.

Things came to a head a few months ago, when I got sick of his dire mood swings and the amount of money he was spending on weed. He finally took note of what I was saying and admitted that weed was affecting him more negatively than he had originally realised. He has not smoked weed for several months now, which is fantastic and already it really is like living with a different person, less mood swings, less anger and agitation. He has however swapped smoking the weed with smoking cigarettes as we began to realise that perhaps it wasn't always the weed he was addicted to but the tobacco in the spliff. We know this isn't exactly ideal and are looking at getting him E-lights to hopefully reduce the harm that smoking fags cause.

I must point out, however that throughout all of this, he has always held down a full time job and it may or may not be coincidence, but since quitting smoking the weed, he got motivated to get a new job at double his salary!

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he has the strength and willpower to keep off the weed.

EllieArroway Sun 10-Feb-13 17:55:56

I don't understand why people always are so quick to mention the dangers of alcohol as soon as anyone mentions weed

Erm.....I was responding to the post that was trying to point out all the "dangers" of marijuana.

And I have known rather a lot of dope smokers and none of them have had their lives "ruined" by it, or lost their ambition. I've certainly never known anyone who's been sent "mad", whatever that's supposed to mean.

But you're sharing your life and home with someone who's behaving in a way that's impacting negatively on you. You're entitled to be pissed off about that. I would be too.

eslteacher Sun 10-Feb-13 18:00:21

Ellie - I'm sure you must be right about the tolerance issue. It makes sense.

Basically, for me it comes down to the fact that while I have no problem with people smoking weed, I don't want to be around them while they do it. If it was just one or two puffs and then stop then yeah I can't imagine it would really be very noticeable, but assuming it was going to be more than that, I wouldn't want to be there having a night in/out with them or a conversation or whatever. So by all means smoke, but be aware that it's probably offputting to many who don't partake. Same would go with someone who was getting hammered when no-one else was, or someone droning on about politics when others weren't interested, or someone smoking regular cigarettes in a group of non-smokers, or someone bringing their baby to a girls night out...

If you smoke weed alone, with other weed smokers or with people who genuinely don't find it offputting, then I can't see what the problem is providing it's not being smoked to regular excess.

I have seen a friend who smoked weed regularly go into a downwards spiral, but I don't think I could say it was because of the weed, more that she was unhappy with other things in her life and started to use weed too much as an escape and an 'instant relaxation' type of thing. Once she left the bad relationship and bad job she stopped the weed too. But then again, I know others who have the odd joint now and then and it certainly doesn't seem to have any negative effect on their life as a whole. Horses for courses.

KeepingCalmAndPostingNicely Sun 10-Feb-13 18:03:53

Never seen anyone smoke a joint then go start a fight in the town centre either! In fact, weed should replace alcohol by law grin - imagine how much more time the police would have to deal with real crime instead of scooping up drunken fuckwits from stone pavements.

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