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To be upset that DH is off to NZ for his sisters wedding and I'm not.....

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skyblue11 Sat 09-Feb-13 11:45:51

Up till yesterday his Mum and Dad were going, then we find out his selfish Mum decides not to go because she is afraid of being ill whilst there, so DH steps in and says he will go, at the moment his Dad will pay for his ticket only, or will try to change the name at the least. I'm upset on a couple of counts, his job and mine are at risk, so we haven't booked a family holiday for this year but I have saved a little, this will now be used as even if his ticket is paid for then there will of course be plenty of other things he has to pay for. I accept he has to go, why would he not it's too good an opportunity to not take up the holiday of a lifetime but as a family we're missing out on this event too so I find that sad, plus the fact any chance we had of a holiday is gone. I am annoyed at my MIL for she doesn't think of the knock on effect on everything and everyone least not his employers and the job situation.....

Inertia Sun 10-Feb-13 12:48:25

I think Jeezy has the solution - tell DH it's fine, he can use the free ticket, and you will use the money you've saved to book a sunshine holiday with DD during the time he's away (will it stretch to NY? )

Can the name on the ticket really not be changed - or is it just that it would cost to change it ?

quoteunquote Sun 10-Feb-13 13:50:11

Sounds like a great opportunity trip to NZ don't come along very often, could you just be pleased for him?

Yfronts Sun 10-Feb-13 14:11:01

Originally I would have suggested that DH have MIL's ticket and enjoy the once in a life trip despite blowing family savings. You having a lovely hol when there was more money again. BUT seeing as the name on the ticket couldn't be changed, there is no way you could/should spend 3.5k/1k on flights. I think the IL's need to know that you can't afford the flights as you have only a very small amount saved for YOUR FAMILY holiday.

Yfronts Sun 10-Feb-13 14:13:07

Maybe he could have 1/3 of your money to go away with and you could take your DD away with 2/3rds?

holidaysarenice Sun 10-Feb-13 14:20:14

Could this be a MIL ploy to get him there?

6 weeks before she decided not to go, your dh steps in, last minute MIL decides she will go....oh look she has all her family there!!! Exactly what she wanted??

Not many mums wud miss their dd's wedding! And most would want their ds there too. I would be a bit suspicious.

skyblue11 Sun 10-Feb-13 17:10:10

Dontmind....I agree with you entirely...I feel so sorry for SIL, I would move hell and high water to get to my own DD wedding one day. FIL will tell all she's ill simple as that. I really think she should go to GP.

When I found out how much the tickets were I was mortified. You see her father left his house to her and they told us years ago they would be spending all our inheritance and were going to have a good time, fair do's not something I'd do as I love my DD dearly but that's the kinda people they are. SIL is devastated and yes my MIL is an oddbod, see the line above still sickens me at losing that money...

And...the dinner jacket is the least of my probs!

skyblue11 Sun 10-Feb-13 17:14:13

Y fronts, I like your idea about the 1/3rds...the Aunt is playing for a replacement ticket not us, we would just need his insurance, spends etc which could be expensive.

What I have saved wouldn't get us to NY it's only a few hundred and when I mentioned me and DD going on a trip he didn't like it but he has to choose doesn't he?

holidaysarenice....I never even thought of that one...but once the seat is booked with FIL and changed she can't change her mind then.

skyblue11 Sun 10-Feb-13 17:16:06

I also think to book business class at £3.5 K is obscene. That's a family holiday for us all for 2 weeks!

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