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MIL printing out photos of my DM with the DC

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chocolateygoo Fri 08-Feb-13 22:05:26

Another MIL thread...... and quite a minor issue really compared to some of the others on here!

MIL loves having digital copies of my photos of my DC, as well as just seeing them on facebook. She likes to print them out in A4 and show them to all her friends and give them copies (and the checkout staff at local shop, oh yes, because she tells me what they say!!). Mostly I feel pleased that she loves her GC so much and a little bit sorry for the checkout staff who have to make polite comments about them!

In the past I have refused to give her certain ones which I don't like the 'wider public' to see, e.g. me in swimming costume at pool. She gets a bit funny about that, her argument was that if they were on facebook anyone could see them anyway and she could just log in to show her friends, that's not totally true as only my limited list of friends on facebook can see them and the photos on there are small not full A4 blown up of my saggy thighs!

Anyway she has asked for a recent pic which shows my mum snuggling up to DS and him giggling away, which she really wants to get printed out. Its a lovely pic but very intimate. I feel uncomfortable on mum's behalf giving it to DMIL to show around people so wholly unconnected to my mum. I know my mum would feel uncomfortable and I don't even want to ask her as she'd feel awkward to say no but would hate the idea of random strangers seeing it. Also DM isn't very close to DMIL. AIBU to refuse and have argument with DMIL, or to give it over with it cropped to remove mum from it, or am I just being a bit precious about it all?!

Anyone else feel ok sharing pics on facebook but odd having someone print them out to hand around?

MrsHoarder Sat 09-Feb-13 19:57:34

Mme L or Facebook has changed its privacy settings again. And its trivial to get photos off Facebook, plenty of the ones on our digital display were taken by friends at group events and lifted off Facebook.

MmeLindor Sat 09-Feb-13 20:15:37

I check FB privacy settings once a month, but yes in theory someone could take a pic from FB and print it.

I still think it is different - there viewing pics is passive, they pop up on my screen. To go to the bother of getting A4 (I can't get past that!) pics printed and to hand them out is actively distributing pics.

It is odd.

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