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To think that I'm not too thin at 5'7 and 9 stone 2?

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dontcallmehon Fri 08-Feb-13 21:50:42

I have lost a couple of stone on the 5:2 diet. I feel good and very healthy. My family keep commenting that I am too thin and look ill now. I really don't think I do, but could be deluded. I've checked my BMI and it seems perfectly healthy. Does that weight sound ok for my height? I like being slim, but don't want to go too far.

LessMissAbs Fri 08-Feb-13 21:54:59

Perfectly normal. Unfortunately some people are so used to being slightly overweight and to seeing everyone else that shape, that they normal looks too thin to them.

manicinsomniac Fri 08-Feb-13 21:56:22

slim end of normal, I would have thought. sounds fine.

HollyBerryBush Fri 08-Feb-13 21:57:45

Im 5' 10" and spent years naturally at 9 4, looking back I did look anorexic, but those 3 inches make a lot of difference between you and I

MsVestibule Fri 08-Feb-13 21:57:52

A lifetime ago, I was 5'6 (well, I still am actually!) and exactly 9 stone 2. I had big boobs and a big belly even then, so far from waif like. Your BMI is 20, well within the healthy range.

Do you think you've lost a lot from your face? That can often make people look a bit drawn, so people think you look ill. But if you're happy with your weight and feel healthy, then don't worry about what other people think.

Just out of interest, how long did it take you to lose it? I'm now 11 stone 7 and can't stick to any diet/healthy eating plan!

mollysmum82 Fri 08-Feb-13 21:59:22

I wish I had this problem! I'm 5ft6 and just under 8 stone and people still say I have weight to lose. I think it depends on your frame/bone structure and muscle mass.

emsyj Fri 08-Feb-13 21:59:50

I think different people can look very different at the same weight and height. I look quite thin at 10 stone and I'm 5'7" but I am quite muscular and have a bony chest that you could play the xylophone on at 10 stone, whereas I have a friend who is an inch taller who looks quite healthy and normal at 9 stone. Tis just different for different people.

9 stone 2lb isn't an unhealthy weight for your height IMO. I tend to agree with LessMiss that being overweight is so normal these days that people who would 50 years ago have been considered quite an average size are now viewed as unusually thin.

gruffalocake Fri 08-Feb-13 22:01:01

I'm an inch taller and the same weight. I find under 9st is really the line between slim and thin looking for me but think everyone carries weight differently. In terms of health you are fine though!

dontcallmehon Fri 08-Feb-13 22:02:10

I do have a naturally thin face and my upper body is very slim, whereas I carry my weight in my hips and legs. So maybe that's why.

dontcallmehon Fri 08-Feb-13 22:03:05

My mum actually said that as I'm in my early 30s, being too thin will accentuate wrinkles. I don't actually have wrinkles! Cheers, mum!

pooka Fri 08-Feb-13 22:03:15

I'm 5'6. Anything under 9 and a half stone makes me look gaunt. Was 9 stone when I married (ran a few half marathons and lost a fair bit of weight) and 8'10 a few weeks later (gastric bug) and I looked too thin - could see all bones between neck/chest and quite prominent collar bones.

So much depends on body shape. I have quite solid bones and broad shoulders.

WorraLiberty Fri 08-Feb-13 22:04:04

I think what happens is if people are used to seeing you a certain weight and then you lose lots, it's more the surprise element for them that makes them think you've lost too much.

Whereas if you asked a complete stranger, they would see you exactly as you are if that makes sense?

OxInABox Fri 08-Feb-13 22:04:07

MIL is 6st 6. SHE is too thin. Tell your family to STFU or GTFO.

dontcallmehon Fri 08-Feb-13 22:04:38

I started trying to lose weight in August I think. So it has been fairly quick weight loss.

spilttheteaagain Fri 08-Feb-13 22:05:13

You sound fine and healthy. I am 5ft8 or 9 and 9st 1 and def not too thin. Ignore them and well done.

Sharpkat Fri 08-Feb-13 22:10:02

I am 5' 7" and 11st 3lb and everyone says I look anorexic. I just take after my dad and have a huge frame and massive bones. Think ring size U. I think I look healthy and my BMI is normal for frame size.

You cannot win

selsigfach Fri 08-Feb-13 22:10:06

I'm 5'6" and 8st 7lbs. I'm slim but healthily so.
In my experience, it's always overweight people who tell me I'm too thin.

selsigfach Fri 08-Feb-13 22:11:07

I'm 5'6" and 8st 7lbs. I'm slim but healthily so.
In my experience, it's always overweight people who tell me I'm too thin.

MrsMiniversCharlady Fri 08-Feb-13 22:11:07

I lost a couple of stone last year (hyperthyroid rather than dieting grin) which took me down to a few pounds lighter than you, and for a few months I would have comments literally every day from friends/family about how skinny I was. Eventually they stopped and I think they just got used to my new size (back my old size is how it feels to me). I rarely get comments from people now unless they haven't seen me for a while.

selsigfach Fri 08-Feb-13 22:12:50

Whoops, double post.

BarredfromhavingStella Fri 08-Feb-13 22:18:56

My god I remember when those figures were my figure & am very envy

No it is not too thin, it is perfect & I very much wish my scales would show me that weight when I hop on sad

specialsubject Fri 08-Feb-13 22:27:21

wow. Same height as me and just under 3 stone lighter. I am a bit fat, but my target weight is more than what you started at.

just been watching Emilia Fox and thinking 'OMG, eat something'.

So I suppose you want to be thinner than me and not as skeletal as she is. Returning to normal eating will probably sort it.

dontcallmehon Fri 08-Feb-13 22:27:45

Thanks all - seems fairly unanimous. Feel nicely normal now smile I really feel very healthy - but even dh was saying I was too thin and had no boobs anymore (that bit is true, sadly) so I was starting to worry.

dontcallmehon Fri 08-Feb-13 22:28:27

I'm really not skeletal. I have 38 inch hips!

BIWI Fri 08-Feb-13 22:30:12

You are within the 'desirable' range according to the BMI calculations.

Sometimes, though, other people like to undermine us, because they are jealous or resentful. Could this be the case for you?

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