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To expect my future sister in law not to announce her sudden engagement/wedding plans, less than 2 weeks after me and DP announce our last minute wedding (in May this year!)

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MadameFlutterby Fri 08-Feb-13 21:44:18

Basically me and my DP have been together for 10 years, we have 2 children together and we have finally decided to get married in summer of this year. DP's sister has been with her partner for just over the same amount of time, they also have children and have always said they would never get married/shown little interest. Two weeks ago we announced our wedding plans and all of a sudden it is plastered all over facebook (we rang everybody up to let them know personally) that they are also getting wed (in approx. 2 years time so a while off yet) and are soooo excited blah bah. Every status update since yesterday has been about their 'imminent wedding' am I being unreasonable to think it is a huuuge coincidence? Not sure if I'm reading too much into it and need some perspective.

Cortana Sat 09-Feb-13 09:47:47

Glad you've found some perspective. smile

Could this maybe be used as a way to build bridges between you and SIL? Common ground perhaps?

TheBigJessie Sat 09-Feb-13 09:52:00

Well, after reading through the drips...

I don't believe anyone starts a Physics doctorate solely to one-up his fiancée's brother. The fact that you've decided that this is the case leads me to believe that you see competition in everything they do!

Maybe your sister-in-law has simply happened to meet someone with a strong interest in Physics, as her brother has? I suppose that maybe your Groom-to-be inspired him to follow his own dreams, but what's so bad about that?

yellowsheep Sat 09-Feb-13 12:29:32

My mil decided to get married after we had annouced our wedding... It was 3 months after ours and she used the same bridesmaid dresses table decorations and even pinched my wedding shoes she kept ssting that they did everything on the cheap....... That's because we paid for everything she even had the half opened bottles of alcohol and leftover plates glasses etc. My parents didn't like to say no at the wedding day after me and dh had left the party she pretty much stripped the hall anf loaded it into her car

IceNoSlice Sat 09-Feb-13 12:48:16

Really yellowsheep? That's amazing! A real spin on the typical MIL/bride post, love it. Did she even ask you to wear one of your own bridesmaid dresses?

yellowsheep Sun 10-Feb-13 10:06:06

nope i didnt get that opertunity ;) i think she may have 'chosen ' her bridesmaids to fit the dresses we had (grown ups) but had my neices and nephews in the same role wearing excatley the same thing.. wearing my shoes!!!

Dh gave my shoes away after almost a decade it still bothers me

saffronwblue Sun 10-Feb-13 10:13:08

Half opened bottles of alcohol saved for a later wedding? Undertaking a physics PhD to copy someone else? This thread is insane!

OP try announcing that one of you is to have a nasty operation and see how long before they have the same affliction!

MadameFlutterby Sun 10-Feb-13 11:05:07

Not sure your opinion has really added anything constructive to the thread..obviously the PhD thing has not been copied to gain any kind of revenge. I'm not that precious! I think Dp definitely inspired him to follow his dreams and that's a good thing. It's the timing of their announcement of the wedding (and the ongoing face book campaign) which has made me and dp think it more than just coincidence.

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