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To be annoyed that DH assumed I'd be ok tomorrow

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We have a 3 year old and a bf 10 month old. Not difficult kids, but still need a lot of care, obviously. I'm a SAHM & rarely get ill, if I do, I just get on with it. My family are a plane journey away & his mum is preoccupied with her daughter's older kids as their mum takes a back seat. DH thinks she's toxic & doesn't want her around our kids much anyway (& I couldn't agree more).

I've been a bit under the weather, just sniffly, for a while. DD brings everything home from preschool. But a few days ago I started with a fever & chills, a bad cough/gunk, aches etc. finally saw gp today & I've got bacterial bronchitis, she gave me antibiotics & said if it didn't improve she'd put me on steroids tomorrow (apparently its bad enough for her to worry about me over the weekend). I feel dreadful, but managed to carry on today, house tidy, kids sorted, weekly shop done etc. I think I knew I'd collapse & I did.

DH works 45 min train journey away in a busy office job with tight deadlines etc. I let him know what GP said then called him when I collapsed. I was delighted that he was on his way home (3 hours early) as he thought I could do with a rest. Great. I'd already prepared dinner but he cooked it & I had to put baby down for naps/bed, but otherwise rested.

Been getting worse all evening, have barely stopped coughing, temp is 38.5. Been sitting in sane room as DH. I know I'll be coughing all night & for the second night DH has chosen to sleep on the sofa. Baby will wake at least once & want milk.

DH came in to bedroom to get hits shirt/tie ready for tomorrow (he leaves very early). I thought he was staying, had a conversation earlier when I asked if he had any deadlines/meetings scheduled tomorrow as I'd probably want help. I did only say probably. He was surprised & put out that I might want him to stay off.

I think I should've asked directly earlier, but been dozing & generally wiped.

He has said he'll still go in for a couple of hours whilst DD is at preschool as Baby MAY nap then anyway (baby also sick so no guarantee!).

AIBU to think he should've just known I'd need him here or at least enquiried? Or was it solely up to me?

zeno Sat 09-Feb-13 20:59:30

Sending sympathy to you. Bronchitis is horrid and very draining, but often doesn't look sufficiently awful to merit much consideration from other people.

Look after it - it can up its game into pleurisy and other impressively Victorian illnesses.

maddening Sat 09-Feb-13 22:36:35

Good for you floral, well done

Yanbu op - parenting as a couple means working as a team

DrCoconut Sun 10-Feb-13 00:06:45

DS2 was into everything at 10 months. He could walk and I could not have considered a nap with him awake. He's still a booby monster now so needs me a lot. It is really hard to be mummy and not feel well. Hope you are soon better and getting as much help as you can.

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