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To think it's not hard to remember things?

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saturdaymorningyawn Thu 07-Feb-13 22:55:56

Today I had scheduled a meeting with work where my manager and I were going to discuss hours, contracts etc for when I return from mat leave. My partners mum also had something very important happening today. After he was home for an hour I told him not to worry my meeting had been cancelled anyway. He said "oh that I'd forgotten" no apology.
I then asked him if he'd spoken to his mum. He then said he'd forgotten that too and I should have reminded him. When I pointed
out that these were both pretty important things so he should remember he went on about how busy he is and how important his work is. This all comes on the back of him forgetting our DS second lot of immunisations and other pretty important stuff. He is a fantastic father but I felt again his work took priority.

Am I being unreasonable to expect him to care
enough to remember these things?

MerryCouthyMows Sat 09-Feb-13 13:56:44

I get a big academic year one each year.

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