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You don't have to treat restaurants staff like dirt.

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photographerlady Thu 07-Feb-13 13:51:47

I just think its unreasonable if generally staff is just working through a busy crowd, not being rude and noticeably overwhelmed and you treat them like something at the bottom of your shoe.

This is something I picked on up really quickly when taking kids out to eat is that almost every time I do another family are making rude remarks to the staff. Sometimes the subtle moan of another family and sometimes a scene. I really do not like treating people like crap, I worked in food when I was a teen; as a waitress, in fast food, in the kitchen.. but never had anyone just verbally spit on me like I see when I go out.
Grant it the restaurants I take the kids to are generally pizza hut, pub chains and anything really close to the cinema of choice but without fail I have another woman say to me thinks like:

w: (to me) Why is it taking this long, there are tables to be cleaned off...
me: (tries to just politely smile)
w: (to host) Excuse me we are standing here... how long is it going to be?
w: -swear word- useless.

Or loud people fighting at the wait staff for not having more drink, or something of that nature but loud enough that I and all surrounding tables here it.

Or male partners pointing and yelling at staff

jetsetlil Thu 07-Feb-13 16:12:16

I agree! I have worked in hospitality for nearly 20 years and hopefully this year will be my last. I am completely burned out. I think some poeple have forgotten how to behave themselves in restaurants - the rudness is unbelieveable and I work in a top end reataurant. It has become worse in the last 5 years I think and this is possibly due to all the cooking/food related shows on TV - lots of armchair experts these days!!

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Thu 07-Feb-13 17:30:36

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DeepRedBetty Thu 07-Feb-13 17:46:19

Like most of us who've ever been students I've done my turn behind the counter and am therefore well aware of the difficulties serving staff face. The other side of the coin is that I also know the tricks of the trade smile.

The last time I had a meal out, it was a birthday with friends. Midweek, January, the restaurant was half empty. However service was slow, mistake ridden and perfunctory. The staff were not rushed off their feet. There were three, and they were clearly visible, standing by the till/kitchen door area, talking animatedly amongst themselves and ignoring the tables. Not just once, but every time - at the beginning when we wanted to order right through to the end of all three courses. Of course I don't mind waiting when the staff are clearly doing their best to keep up, but I do mind when the only thing stopping them is gossip!

After some thought, we decided not to leave a tip. Not an easy decision and something I've only done once before.

I also think the 'consumer rights' industry has had something to do with the increase in rudeness to customer facing staff. Unfortunately there are a remarkably large number of dim people who've seen something on WatchDog or Mary Queen of Shops, only partially understood it and think if you complain loudly enough about anything it will magically sort itself out to your entire satisfaction, even when what you want is utterly unreasonable.

stripeyjimjams Thu 07-Feb-13 17:50:44

Grrr, it makes my blood boil how some people treat staff in the service industry. I worked in shops for around ten years and the abuse that me and my colleagues received in high end shops would turn your stomach. It's damn hard when some obnoxious alpha--fail--male calls you stupid in front of a long queue of people and you're standing there thinking "I have two degrees."

I always felt sorry, though, for the families and friends of these people. They'd mostly be standing off to the side, looking very embarrassed. And, I hate to admit it, it would be fun to tell these obnoxious types just how much we 'stupid' shop girls laid into them when they left. Ripped them apart and laughed our heads off over a biscuit and coffee at break time. Sorry, real mature. blush

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