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In just wanting them to eat their bloody dinner?...

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Spookey80 Wed 06-Feb-13 18:44:34

I'm sure this has been done before,,but I have 2dcs and each evening now dinner times have become a nightmare. Dd aged 4, just picks, distracts and talks constantly, then it's "mummy help me", I'm not Hungary,.,blah,blah,blah. Little brother aged 2 is slightly better but has started to copy her.
We generally all eat together and they have what me and dh are having, so quiTe varied. Tonight was a tomatoe and pepper stew with eggs baked (actually that sounds mingling, but its nice,I promise you) and bread to dip. Se just ate the bread. We said no more bread until you eat more, but she basically sat their and moaned, so I just took it away in the end. Usually they have fruit or/and yoghurt, occasionally a homemade pud or treaty thing. But tonight I just said 'dinners over'.
Me and dh have feel like we've tried most things, no snacks before dinner, ignoring it, saying no pads, but they just won't eat what I cook or any meal really. We are trying to be calm and not get stressed with them (dd worst), but they eat all other meals, just not a good hot dinner.
...what I would like to know is, their anything we can do? And will it be like is forever?!!
Ay help/ tips much appreciated.
Sorry this post is so long,,so thanks if you have got this far.

WhereYouLeftIt Fri 08-Feb-13 11:48:27

"No child ever starved itself to death."
Agreed. I would just leave them to it and clear their plates away when DH and I were finished.

If they hadn't eaten dinner then no dessert, because they can't possibly be hungry enough for dessert. And nothing to eat after dinner, because if they're hungry now it's because they didn't eat their dinner, and they should remember that next time they decide they don't want their dinner. And less chatting, more chewing.

Oh, the set phrases I used to chant are still all there, carved in stone on my memory grin. It will get better, the best thing you can do is be assured they will not starve themselves, just stick to what you are already doing.

YouOldSlag Fri 08-Feb-13 11:49:55

I have started giving my Dcs one piece of toast a drink when they get in at 3.30pm. Their moods are much better then until tea which is usually at 6pm.

littlewhitebag Fri 08-Feb-13 11:54:23

Are they refusing to eat meals they would previously have eaten? My stomach heaved at the description of the dinner you served and i can eat anything? I just wondered if you had started making different things recently and they just don't like them. My DD was hideous at that age and would not eat 'wet' food (like stews). She would only have eaten bread too so i would give her some ham or cheese or a boiled egg or something like that. Just don't make it into a battle. My DD is now 15 and will eat anything and stew is one of her favourites.

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