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To be just SO frustrated by this.

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Antipag Wed 06-Feb-13 16:42:46

One of my friends who is a lone parent recently lost her childcare arrangements, in the interim period, I offered to help for nothing. We hve very different approaches to parenting, in particular with regards to food, and when offered I said that I hope she understood that since her DS would be with us for 6 meals a week (3 x lunch and dinner) that I really couldn't apply different rules to him than I had for my own child. She knows what this means but I was clear that meant he would be expected to try at least one of everything on his plate and that if he chose not to do so, he would not be offered any other food in between mealtimes, and certainly no dessert. She was fine with this and told me she hoped it would get him
eating better.

Anyway the last couple of times he has refused to eat anything I have offered (and I have kept the menu as simple as I am prepared to without processed food). When she has arrived and I have explained why he is complaining of hunger she produces a packet of sweets and tell me not to worry about it. I knownitnisnt my child and how she chooses to feed him is her responsibility but AIBU to find this incredibly annoying?

(The fact that she is a lone parent is only relevant because I was making it clear that her childcare options were limited)

EggRules Thu 07-Feb-13 08:39:20

I think OP has made a kind I offer but made it clear what her feelings about mealtimes are.
Her friend has agreed but undermines her buy giving sweets before the DC has even left the house. Her friend should be more considerate.

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