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yay I earn £2100 per month...

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CeceliaStrange Wed 06-Feb-13 11:55:47

into London, better paid job.

Nursery costs for 2= £2400 (£2600 at another)
Travel to work=£146

AIBU to be upset that the only option may be leaving a well paid job because whilst we can just scrape by on DH salary with certainly can't afford for me to pay £450 to work :-(

How do people do it? I'm proud of my job

Xmasbaby11 Thu 07-Feb-13 22:15:22

It is awful and my heart goes out to you. Our situation will be similar when we (hopefully) have DC2. If we were younger I would go for a bigger gap, but I'm 37.

I'm sorry, there is no easy answer.

Mumblepot26 Thu 07-Feb-13 22:33:39

OP I earn same as you ave 2 DDs and live in London. We have a nanny share with another family and I pay 1080 per month, gross.

Boomerwang Thu 07-Feb-13 22:43:56

I feel for you. My brother and sister in law paid something like £40 a day for their two kids.

It's £50 a MONTH here in Sweden.

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