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to resent my son :(

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ozzy77 Tue 05-Feb-13 20:37:42

I can't believe I am actually saying it, but I do. My Dh has asked me many times if I feel that way and I have always answered "NO" but the truth is I do.
Now don't get me wrong I love my son with all my heart and Would kill for him just like I would for my other children but having him has literally turned my life on it's arse sad
I have 4 children ( 15,14, 13 & 4) and he was the 1st child for my second husband as I had the others in previous marriage. I was sterilized before I met him and paid privately to have a reversal so we could have a child together.
Obviously I never intended to have any more children but we really wanted to gel the family together by having our youngest. He was a darling baby for the 1st year but it's almost like something clicked in him and I havn't had a minute to myself since. I would have to write a 100 page essay to describe how things have gone since then but it is easier to say he is just a complete nightmaresad He has never slept in a cot or his bed instead choosing to sleep inbetween myself and Dh for the last 4 years, we put him to sleep in his bed at the side of ours and he climbs out and gets in with us, we put him back and he climbs back in and so on til the early hours.
He throws tantrums all day long, demanding every second of my attention, leaving no time for me to sit with my other children ( one of whom is about to take her G.C.S.E;s) and one who is autistic. I literally cannot go to the toilet on my own.
I have tried almost everything, I play with him, bake, take him to the park, read him stories, pretend to be dead at least 1000 times a day when he wants me to be a cowboy and I have just totally run out of steam, energy, will...everythingsad
My other children have started to resent him as they see how he demands every minute of my time leaving nothing for's not how I imagined it to be. I had my other children very close together and they were hard work but I never had these thoughts about them, they were/are great kids so I don't know whats going wrong.
My marriage is slowly going down the pan because we don't talk anymore unless it's about what my son has done through the day, we havn't been out together for nearly 5 years because no-one will have our son overnight because he is too much work, we don't get to sleep together and he works long hours through the day so all intimacy has gone as well.
I have tried to talk to my Dh about the way I feel but he just goes on the defensive and says " well he is still only a baby, he'll grow out of it"!!
Well I had 3 before I met him, so I do think I know a little bit more about what is normal behaviour and whats not!
My son does suffer from OSA ( obstructive sleep apnea) due to enlarged tonsils and has been ill at least 6 times a year with tonsillitus and respritory infections and I have had a running battle with the doc's and hospital to get them removed to see if this may help with the sleep thing and his personality, 2 years on and they have finally agreed to do the op at the end of the month, I just hope that it will be some kind of miracle cure and that this may be behind the reason why he is like he is because I don't think my mind nor my marriage can take much moresad
I feel evil for saying these things because I do really love him and he is my "baby" but I resent the fact that my family life and my marriage have been changed beyond comprehension since we had him. I just don't know what to do or how to get my Dh to see that things are really badsad
Sorry for the long winded post but I really needed to get this off my chest before I exploded.

maddening Tue 05-Feb-13 22:36:42

Could you go in at lunchtimes and eat with him?

fromparistoberlin Tue 05-Feb-13 22:40:42

lots of sympathy, LOTS

I think maybe your DH is new to this parenting malarkey, and over defends your DS as he is his child, but he needs to take it on

its good you have said you feel this way, and I agree with above advice

talk to DH
make him help with discpline
get nursery to help
make him do his hours, he will eat when he is hungry
read some books as advised
carve time for your other DC
stay firm, have the courage of your convictions

get help, you cant go on like this


MrsTomHardy Tue 05-Feb-13 22:44:23

You really need to speak to your sons key worker at the nursery.
Find out how is behaviour is there, and tell her/him what he is like at home. He should have a learning journal with regular progress reports in, are you seeing these?

If this was happening in my preschool I would call in the First Team to visit and assess, which they do at preschool and home. They are there to offer advise and guide you to places who can help/support you and your family if you need it.

This would be my first port of call.

MrsTomHardy Tue 05-Feb-13 22:45:35

And I would up his hours to the free 15 hours a week.

ledkr Tue 05-Feb-13 22:54:00

ozzy my battery is about to due but ill come back tomorrow.
I am in an almost identical position as you even the older kids and one dd with new hubby thing. She is very hard work too and I also struggle with resentment of how my life has changed. It will be interesting to compare notes.

Arachnophobic Tue 05-Feb-13 23:05:59

OP I think you have has lots of good advice here and for the record YADNBU. I just wanted to say that I know someone who has a daughter who had the same op as your son is about to have. After the op he described her as like a different child in terms of behaviour, sleeping, everything. Hope things improve for you.

twolittlemonkeys Tue 05-Feb-13 23:16:50

Sympathies from me too.

My friend's son had OSA. Once he had his tonsils (and I think adenoids) removed he was like a different child. He finally slept well, his behaviour improved and he was much easier for her to cope with.

If the op does not help, then you need to sit your DH down and talk to him - and don't let him talk you down or interrupt. Tell him and make sure he understands just how you feel. Him minimising the scale of your feelings is not helping and is likely to be making you feel resentful towards him too. If he doesn't listen, write everything down, give it to him and insist he reads it properly because you can't continue the way things are going, with him in denial about how hard this is for you. Definitely increase your DS's nursery hours if possible too. Your DH should, when he's not at work, spend lots of time with DS on his own whilst you spend some quality time with your older children, without youngest DS interrupting and grabbing all your attention.

jellybeans Tue 05-Feb-13 23:18:20

I had 4 older ones then gap then DC5 who had severe reflux (he would stop breathing)and did not sleep at all in the night for months. Exhausting is not the word! He is 4 now and not a good sleeper but we don't mind him co sleeping. We did it with all the DC till age 5 or 6 although they often started in own beds and came in ours early hours! I can relate to the little time and exhaustion and worry but never resented DS and neither have older DC even though he is hard work and hyperactive, fussy eater etc (reflux) . However he was a much longed for and tried for baby after two stillbirths and we had huge complications throughout the pregnancy. I hope things get better soon, they often do with school age.

Maryz Tue 05-Feb-13 23:44:55

Asking for help is not a sign of failure.

Asking for (demanding) help is a sign that you recognise how to parent him well. Nillby and others have some very good suggestions.

I would second her advice about phasing in a gradual entry to the full 15 hours at nursery. He needs that if he is to start school in September.

I would also suggest that you and your dh each have a night a week where you sleep somewhere else, and each get one really good night's sleep.

WinkyTwinglet Wed 06-Feb-13 05:28:00

It sounds like you have had/ are having a dreadful time and are very worried, which is understandable.

I thought I would post here to let you know about a parenting programme which has helped many people I know. I'm no expert on these things - my son is still very young - so I don't speak from personal experience, but very challenging behaviours have been effectively dealt with by friends and by my son's child minder through using this approach and they swear by it. It is called Triple P. Here is the link to the UK website

I also know that you can buy the dvd's from the website because our child minder has many of them.

I hope you get the help you need and that you get a chance to look after yourself in all this, too xx

AmberSocks Wed 06-Feb-13 05:35:43

does he get plenty of attention?from you,your dh,and how does he get on with his siblings?

I think children can tell if their parents resent them,its probably not helping tbh.

Think of all the nice thing about him and focus on those.

I find 4 is a difficult age with boys,they have a huge testosterone surge and it makes them go a bit mad,my 5yrold is much better now than he was a few months ago and my nearly 4 yr old is just starting to go through it again.

Im no expert on the tonsils or sleep disorders soi wont comment on those but i think the other behaviour he will grow out of in time.could you move his bed next to yours if you dont like him in with you?

CheerfulYank Wed 06-Feb-13 05:44:05

It sounds like he gets more than enough attention!

Oh, OP. It sounds like you're really having a time. DS was awful at 4, I think there really is something to the testosterone surge thing.

I agree the the operation may help a lot. I'd wait til then and start being firm with bedtime. DS went through a rough stage with that. Now he's good about it; he knows he can always come in if he's sick or upset, and he will come cuddle in the morning, but other than that he stays in his own bed.


TepidCoffee Wed 06-Feb-13 05:58:33

Have you considered taking it in turns to sleep with your DS while the other crashes on a separate bed/camp bed/sofa in a different room? This has done wonders for us when our DS has been in one of his no sleep periods. Sounds like you're all exhausted.

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