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To think digital marketing / IT strategy is not the career for having children?

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BoyMeetsWorld Sun 03-Feb-13 10:13:44

Calling all digital-types/IT strategy/Digital the heck do you have a family within this sector?

I love my job. I'm very key to the digital strategy & complete set up from scratch for a company. It's always been the plan to have a child now (decided before I got current job. Lots of reasons for 'now' being right time)

But now it's crunch time I just can't imagine how it could possibly work. The moment I announce im pregnant, how can they view me as part of the long term strategy? I've been put forward for lots of promotion, heralded as 'heart' of company digital, I think they'd be embarrassed and annoyed. And when I went off on maternity, how could I possibly come back into the same job? Someone else would have to advance web changes, keep up with all the fast-paced digital advancements, present to the board....I can't just come back in and turf them out, there's not really room for two
In exactly the same role and even if they did go, I'd have to take forward someone else's vision and strategies.

Only 10 measly days' work allowed once on maternity confused

Does anyone else have any experience of this? Feeling very disheartened but AIBU and making a mountain out of a molehill?

FriendlyLadybird Mon 04-Feb-13 09:34:58

I agree with most of what everyone else has said.
- You may not get pregnant immediately. Even if you do, you won't be going on maternity leave immediately so you'll have a lot of time to get further on with your strategy
- If you take a certain amount of maternity leave, you get your old job back. That's the law. If you take more, you get a job that's at the same level. If you're desperate to keep the same job, you and your husband will just have to be flexible regarding maternity/paternity leave. And don't worry about 'turfing out' your maternity cover. Lots of us who do maternity cover like short-term contracts and wouldn't want to stay.
- I don't see why your DH's job should be more important than yours.
- You may find you feel slightly differently once you've had the baby. I know I did. My brain didn't go to mush (well it did in the early months, but it came back) but my priorities had changed and so did my way of working. I became MUCH more efficient for a start.

KeatsiePie Mon 04-Feb-13 09:37:18

I don't see why your DH's job should be more important than yours.

I don't either. Just b/c his field is more stable? You never know what might happen.

EmmelineGoulden Mon 04-Feb-13 09:56:57

I agree with others that your DH's job shouldn't be more important than yours. If his is more secure it's probably a better one to take time out from. He can't be that "devastated" at the idea of waiting 6 months if his career is taking priority, unless he's a meglomaniac who thinks everything should revolve around him and his perfect life.

BoyMeetsWorld Mon 04-Feb-13 17:37:59

Thanks all, will try to respond to all at once if that's ok.

We're nearly 30. I already have a child, DH has raised as his own, put up with an awful lot whilst doing so. He's always desperately wanted children & was upfront from the start about that - having waited so many years as all our money went on my existing child, it really is time for him to have 'one of his own'...I think it's becoming more important to him than ever. I've always got pregnant first or 2nd cycle before (hope I haven't just jinxed that!) but a few months ago had a mc. Both of us now feeling emotionally we want to try again ASAP. Plus I've always said I don't want to be pg after 30ish - please don't flame me for that, it's a totally personal decision I feel strongly about but in no way means I don't think other mums should have children older!! Re: stability, I think I'm concerned about the 'shelf life' of a digital's so competetive & I know all the jobs I've been for seem to go without fail to younger models. Except consultancy work, admittedly.

We did try yday but I've said that's a one off, so down to fate. Other than that I think I'd rather wait just a little longer: I put my career on hold when I had my lovely little one last time...but don't want to do that again more than necessary this time.

Great to get all your perspectives, thanks.

Elizabeth22 Wed 20-Feb-13 11:30:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigerlilygrr Wed 20-Feb-13 15:50:34

I really wouldn't wait, there will never be a good time to taken nine months out. Don't negotiate against yourself though... Start thinking of all the positives for your company in bringing you back to a fulfilling role, and present yourself in that light!

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