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to think MIL walked me right in to it and im gonna strangle DP!

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shutthebloodydoor Sat 02-Feb-13 23:44:05

Ive had a few power battles with my MIL, thinking that my house was hers as her son owed it, telling me her son dosnt like food the way i cook it, telling me she will be all ways number one in her boys life ect.. the usual crap. How ever i have felt sorry for her lately (prob due to my pregnant hormones!!) and tried to really make an effort with her. Anyway, dp was going to an late meeting around 7ish at a resturant in town, said would'nt be late. The shitty boiler had turned it os self off so i told him he better not as house was freezing!So i arranged to go for early tea with a friend. I asked MIL if she was going to a birthday party as i thought we both could go together for a while when i got back, she said she would let me know. (bonding) About 5 mins when i walked through door about 7.30 MIL came flying in and announsed that SIL had left her children on there own! (BIL works away) Kids 13,10. Sat down in chair saying that SIL was at party aroung corner and older sibling would be checking in on them. MIL was out raged and said she was not being used and watching them PLUS she was going to original birthday party with her best friend? (news to me as i actually asked her to go with me??) any way MIL proceeded to rant about SIL and saying things like ''u just wouldnt would u??' till in the end i said 'no, not with this one i wouldnt' and she replied ' right ill go get them shall i? i knew u wouldnt mind! '' SO MIL brings very greived kids to my house ( they are lovely by the way) as they feel they are old enough to look after them selfs! And tells them she has only done this because she loves them and would never leave them on there own?! I phone DP to tell him kids are here to which he replies i wont be long and he will bring them supper..........SO i have kids that are STARVING as no food in house, MIL sending me texts saying cheers she owes me one and now DP 's phone is off, house is freezing and really fucking tired! Kids are starting to fart about as bord/hungry! PFFTTTTTTTTTTTT!

2rebecca Mon 04-Feb-13 09:12:03

If I was concerned about a 10 and 13 year old being in the house unaccompanied at night I wouldn't take them to my house if no heating and nowhere for them to sleep but would have gone and babysat at their house until their mother returned (actually in this case i wouldn't as I wouldn't be getting into a fight with my partner's sister about how she cares for her kids and would have left the MIL to babysit if she was so concerned). These kids should have been in bed with a responsible adult supervising the house, not dragged round the country to watch late night videos. I could understand this post if it was 7pm, but at midnight it's mad.
Keeping kids up in the cold watching dvds isn't being kind. I'd have told MIL to return them to their beds and babysit them if she wasn't happy leaving them.

shutthebloodydoor Mon 04-Feb-13 10:09:25

nebulous im not your mother, i dont have any children..yet and when i do im sure my cubards will be bountyful!
I know i turned the boiler off myself...i wrote that i did...i just wasnt aware at the time....
If u read my other posts u will see i have repeatedly said that i would have ordered take away but i was expecting DP to walk through the door shortly with it instead.
The lying in bed bit was me just taking the piss as u are clearly perfect at EVERYTHING, well prepared like a brownie and very responsible!
To be honest its all sorted now any way, lots of foot rubs and chocolate.
Its wasnt a big deal, just me being 7 months pregnant hormonal and moody and having a rant as do EVERY ONE who posts on AIBU but as usual u get the odd one picking holes, not reading the posts properly and being judgy as clearly u are an old fart!
I STATE ONCE AGAIN I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN --you seem to be having a hard time processing that hun.
Maybe next time i post i could PM u on it to see if its suitable to post on??? x

shutthebloodydoor Mon 04-Feb-13 10:19:15

I didnt bring them- MIL did.
DP was supposed to be back shortly - it was snowing out side, there was no hardship
I did speak to SIL, she rang me embarrased at what MIL did. I agreed with her.
[across the country] WTF its 2 streets down- see what happens when u read the lines....
IF you read my posts they came at around half seven.
Yes i should have told her to watch them at their house her self- which ive said already.
jesus u two need to stop stop making things up or reading between posts OR actually start even reading op's or are u both just bashing away at the keybord with your hoofs??wink

shutthebloodydoor Mon 04-Feb-13 10:19:59

JESUS i meant it WASNT snowing outside!!!!!!!! please dont call SS!!

MrsKeithRichards Mon 04-Feb-13 13:10:20

Oh dear.

annh Mon 04-Feb-13 13:25:13

What a load of fuss. If the 13 and 10 year old had been left home alone, presumably they had food in their house? Why didn't MIL bring it with them. Or if they are only a few streets away why didn't you all walk back to get it? Given that you said you have no children at home yourself, why didn't you go out and get them some food? And when DPs phone was turned off I would have given up waiting and just ordered in take-away.

I also can't believe that you had NO food in the house, not even baked beans, bananas, oven chips, soup - seriously, nothing at all to eat?

degutastic Mon 04-Feb-13 13:34:31

I was totally understanding the OP's situation - we often have no food in as no kids and the only people to suffer by our laziness lack of organisation are us... Until you started knocking Dickens. I mean, really hmm I'd have been making them read Shakespeare anyway grin

shutthebloodydoor Mon 04-Feb-13 15:28:58

ha ha degut i wonder if the kind people on here who seem to have food in all the time would do me a emergency food basket incase it happens again??
There would have been no way on this gods green earth the kids would have walked any where knowing there uncle was 'supposedly' bringing a take away back - i think it was a donner kabab and fries. ( i stomped off to bed to sulk)

omg did i just confess to feeding them donner and chips??
eagerly awaiting the cries of ''burn the witch!!''

2rebecca Mon 04-Feb-13 15:38:42

If the kids arrived at 7.30 though why hadn't they already eaten? I presume their mum had left them with food. If they're only round the corner and the OP agreed to babysit them (which she did by agreeing for her partner's mum to bring them round to her house) then why not walk them back to their house where there is warmth and food, feed them and send them to bed and stay there until partner or his sister return from their evening out.
As the OP was planning to go to a party anyway I don't see why she didn't just tell her partner's mum she was going out when she tried to make her babysit the kids. If the mum wants to fight her daughter over childcare arrangements leave her to it. Not the OP's problem, not the OP's family even as the woman keeps telling her by implying the house isn't even hers as she isn't married.

TheNebulousBoojum Mon 04-Feb-13 19:01:34

Good luck with the parenting then, I think it's going to come as a shock. grin

shutthebloodydoor Mon 04-Feb-13 20:30:56

wooohoooooo hold on tight its gonna be a bumpy ride !plus i can breast feed for first 4years so wont even have to buy shopping then! grin
2reb ur mn name should really be wentoffonmyowntangentnowttodowithOP

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