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In thinking Professor Brian Cox is gorgeous?

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JakeBullet Sat 02-Feb-13 18:39:13

...very kissable lips grin .

That is all...

LRDtheFeministDragon Sat 02-Feb-13 18:39:44




usualsuspect Sat 02-Feb-13 18:41:13



Pixel Sat 02-Feb-13 18:41:27

Ooh no, rubbery lips! and too much smug smirking.

daffsarecomingup Sat 02-Feb-13 18:41:31


no sirree.

countrykitten Sat 02-Feb-13 18:42:53

He is lovely and incredibly clever which is always very attractive. I am completely with you!

MolotovCocktail Sat 02-Feb-13 18:42:57

Not for me - too toothy and quite a cheesy demeanour.

BelaLugosisShed Sat 02-Feb-13 18:43:14

His intelligence is attractive but the man himself? erm, no.
His lips are all shiny (and weird) and his hair annoys me.

JakeBullet Sat 02-Feb-13 18:43:43

Am glad I won't be fighting off too many of you grin

BumpingFuglies Sat 02-Feb-13 18:44:30

Nice voice, but don't like to watch him.

He played keyboards in the band D-Ream ya know [cool emoticon]

JakeBullet Sat 02-Feb-13 18:45:23

Oh yeah. ...I very cool as well.wink

thebody Sat 02-Feb-13 18:45:49

No and a boring bastard to boot!

betterwhenthesunshines Sat 02-Feb-13 18:46:36

Ooo yuck - he looks like the kind of creepy bloke who corners you at a party and stands too close to you and just sort or stares in a quite disconcerting way. <shudder>

countrykitten Sat 02-Feb-13 18:46:51

Boring? Really? Maybe you should stick to Eastenders then....!

KentuckyFriedChildren Sat 02-Feb-13 18:46:53

Bleurgh. <vomits> No thanks. Yabu!

Peggotty Sat 02-Feb-13 18:49:33

Well, he's clearly a bit like Marmite.
I like him and his enthusiasm but wouldn't make the beast with 2 backs with him!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 02-Feb-13 18:49:49

Ewwwww no.

DD can't watch him as she gets creeped out by the way he even manages to smile that wet-lipped smug grin whilst talking.

JakeBullet Sat 02-Feb-13 18:52:24

Clearly it's been too long since I drank wine then. Only had one glass too grin blush .

Still like him though wink

BelaLugosisShed Sat 02-Feb-13 18:53:57

I think his wife might have something to say about this thread grin I wonder if she's a mumsnetter? Their youngest is 3 I think.
She looks refreshingly normal, despite having been an American TV presenter.

AppleOgies Sat 02-Feb-13 18:54:50


JakeBullet Sat 02-Feb-13 19:01:02

He is married then? [disappointed] wink grin

EmpressMaud Sat 02-Feb-13 19:03:04

Lord no! His voice grates on me too.

mrsbunnylove Sat 02-Feb-13 19:03:50

he's from royton. there's nothing there.

FryOneFatManic Sat 02-Feb-13 19:05:15



Just no.

Swallowedbyasnake Sat 02-Feb-13 19:07:24

YADNBU he is lovely. I love his hair and sexy smile but he does sometimes wear horrible t shirts which I find a bit off putting.

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