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to think maybe we are not middle class enough for Dorset Cereals

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5Foot5 Sat 02-Feb-13 17:24:48

Just that really.

I bought their granola but have more or less given up on it. It's not that I dislike it but I am worried all the time that it will dislodge one of my fillings. DH tried it once and says it tastes like something meant for a budgie's cage. DD won't touch it with a barge pole. It is destined for the bird table.

kim147 Sat 02-Feb-13 22:32:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ArbitraryUsername Sat 02-Feb-13 22:32:34

We're all mc and such like, but breakfast here is currently cheerios (which DS2 insists on calling honey hoops, which I assume is what it says on the boxes they buy at nursery) or those kellogs multigrain shapes things (which DS2 insisted on in the supermarket and I was too keen to go home to argue about). Previous to that it was bran flakes or own brand rice krispies (for years).

Dorset cereals looks dreadfully like they'll have dried fruit and such like in them, so I have never investigated further.

ArbitraryUsername Sat 02-Feb-13 22:34:13

I make porridge in a pan with (salty) water too (and add a splash of milk at the end to cool it down). DH acts all horrified about it, but doesn't notice the difference if I tell him cooked it in milk.

lottiegarbanzo Sat 02-Feb-13 22:52:56

Do Poundland sell the full size boxes for an actual pound? That would be a proper bargain!

lottiegarbanzo Sat 02-Feb-13 22:57:56

DP used to make his own muesli but it was a bit faffy. We tried various brands before deciding Dorset was the nicest, though I find some too fruity, the nut one nice but a bit too nutty, so we mix two or three types in a big tub (thus it looks like we could have made it ourselves). Draw your own conclusions.

Shallishanti Sat 02-Feb-13 23:03:23

isn't it really expensive though? I'm sure I read somewhere that Dorset Cereals were actually just a front for Unilever (or something) and the tasteful packaging was just a con to make us think it was mixed up in a farmhouse kitchen. As far as granola goes there's a recipe in the hairy dieters cookbook, not sure what class that is

kennyp Sat 02-Feb-13 23:10:35

Lol at the middleclass cereal. What is an upper class cereal then??

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 02-Feb-13 23:12:35

There the same size as the boxes my milkman delivers so I'm guessing there the full size

Sulawesi Sat 02-Feb-13 23:14:29

Upper class cereal would have to be a bran mash.

LynetteScavo Sat 02-Feb-13 23:17:08

"The Dorset Cereals factory was designed by a local architect but with considerable input by Leon Krier, an international champion of traditional urban design appointed by the Prince of Wales for his Poundbury project."

Very MC

One of their "spin to win" prizes is very middle class. I'm imagining people all over the cou try reading the Guardian, and trying to ignore the wall they haven't go round to painting becuase they can't afford any Farrow and Ball getting quite excited over this.

"Living and working in such a beautiful part of Dorset" is mentioned about 20 times on their webiste. Very MC

But this months prize is diamond necklace & earrings - tacky looking ones too. Not sure what's going on there. hmm

Shallishanti Sat 02-Feb-13 23:23:49

yeah, thought so
that's capitalism, folks!

Shallishanti Sat 02-Feb-13 23:24:43


kim147 Sat 02-Feb-13 23:26:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shallishanti Sat 02-Feb-13 23:33:09

too true

TravelinColour Sat 02-Feb-13 23:33:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ComposHat Sat 02-Feb-13 23:37:32

It is too middle class for me. My breakfasts usually consist of the dregs of a can of Skol, left over from the night before with fag butts still in it and a Findus Crispy Pancake - medium rare.

FellatioNels0n Sun 03-Feb-13 02:50:55

Coincidentally, my DH bought a box of Dorset Cereal earlier this week and keeps raving about how fantastic it is. Unitl now Dorset Cereal has never troubled my cupboards. I've picked it up and looked at it a few times but it always looks like it might be a bit too dry and worthy and a bit like Trill for my tastes.

We are pretty MC btw, in case that has a bearing on anything.

Montybojangles Sun 03-Feb-13 10:04:12

Do they still make findus crispy pancakes?? I was addicted to them as a teenager. Wonder if they taste as good as I remember...

thegreylady Sun 03-Feb-13 11:07:13

DC berries and cherries is gorgeous

henrysmama2012 Sun 03-Feb-13 13:15:11

I buy Bench Pressed oats because they have added protein, & eat them raw with water not milk, extra protein powder and nuts. Sounds rank but I like it grin

firesidechat Sun 03-Feb-13 13:24:44

Never had the granola but I love Dorset cereals especially the really nutty one. Have it with greek yogurt.

Does that make me very, very middle class?.

Perhaps you just don't like granola.

ComposHat Sun 03-Feb-13 13:57:40

Do they still make findus crispy pancakes?? I was addicted to them as a teenager. Wonder if they taste as good as I remember...

they do indeed. Iceland sell them. I only eat the cheese ones as I am a veggie but there is a range if flavours all wrapped in a day glo orange pocket.

Montybojangles Sun 03-Feb-13 14:10:04

ComposHat many thanks, will be popping in to Iceland on my next day off for a trip down memory lane grin

ArbitraryUsername Sun 03-Feb-13 15:35:55

Asking for a findus crispy pancake medium rare is the epitome of middle-classness. The working classes like theirs well done! Everyone knows this.

LovelyMarchHare Sun 03-Feb-13 15:52:58

I got a free sample of the Honey Granola one at the railway station the other day. I was quite sceptical but it was very lovely. Lots of seeds and stuff. I will be buying a full box with my 50p off voucher. And then probably never again.

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