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To be upset DD has been allowed to get this book from the school library?

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FlickSticks Sat 02-Feb-13 17:00:04

DD who is 7 has just finished a book she got from the school library called 'Bad Girls' by Jaqueline Wilson. She asked me what shoplifting was and said she had read about it in her book. I read a bit of it and it was bullying, people slapping each other in the face, shoplifting and calling each other 'silly cow'.

I'm really upset by this, I think it's an inappropriate book for her age. I trusted that the school wouldn't let them get books out which were meant for older children,


DoJo Sun 03-Feb-13 09:11:14

Was your daughter upset about the content? It sounds as though it was thought provoking in as much as she came to you to ask questions about what she had read and I have to be honest, that sounds like the perfect reading scenario to me, but if you are concerned then maybe mention it to the school and ensure that you check what she's reading whenever she gets a new book.

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