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to wonder why MIL is buying a crib for HER room?

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WeeS Sat 02-Feb-13 10:31:36

Im 18+2 with my first baby. This baby will be the first grandchild for both my parents and my OHs Mum.

Last night OH mentioned that his Mum is buying baby stuff to keep at her house - a great idea & will really help us out for when we go to visit. His Mum lives about 45 minutes drive away so not having to lug everything with us every time will be good.

Just not sure why she's buying a crib/moses basket to put next to her bed?????

I'm already having feelings of worry that other family members are going to hog the baby and I'm not going to get bonding time - I realise this is probably irrational and due to hormones blush OH & I are living with my parents at the moment til we get our own place, but realistically this wont be for another year. Now my sister is moving back from London & staying with my parents too, to coincide with baby being born (grrr) So it'll be a full house & I can't see when I'm going to have alone time to bond with my baby.

Advice please!

WeeS Tue 05-Feb-13 19:24:07

Only just managed to check the forum and seen all the replies! Thanks to all of you for your input and advice! thanks

I decided to bring up a conversation when OH & I were having dinner with my parents a couple of nights ago, where I said I was concerned about others' expectations after baby was born, brought up my worry of others 'hogging' the baby, not being able to get time alone with baby etc, etc. I did it in a way that implicated nobody in particular, so nobody's feelings have been hurt but I've still managed to get it out there & give everyone food for thought for a bit smile Of course, my mum told me she thought I was being a bit hormonal, but I suppose I am haha

At the end of the day, if MIL would like to buy a moses basket to have in her home that's fine, but I highly doubt I'd be happy letting my baby sleep with anyone other than me & OH when he/she is still very young & I'm now equipped with lots of great advice on how to deal with that issue if it ever comes up. It may however, come in handy. And like PeppermintCreams said, I might be grateful for a break at MILs!

Shutthebloodydoor .... OMG!! I sympathise with your fear of setting boundaries, although I dont think MIL is anywhere near that bad. Just as well your OH didnt insist on her being at the birth lol! You might've said something you'd later regret heehee!

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