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AIBU to be a bit hmmm at my friend's attitude to local children?

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Twiceover Fri 01-Feb-13 13:30:20

Friend came over yesterday with her DD who is 3. She was telling me about an incident at playgroup where a "chavvy boy" had hit her DD. Obviously not very nice to be hit at playgroup but then she told me that she'd had a long chat with her DD and warned her only to talk to "nice" children. Apparently the group is mostly nice but there are some undesirables creeping in?! She also said at least she won't have to mix with children like this at school as she is sending her private.

Each to their own and all that but I was a bit taken aback by her attitude. Such a relief that her pfb won't have to associate with hoi polloi, the horror shock

maninawomansworld Thu 07-Feb-13 11:59:41

Hmm... don't be so quick to condem her.
Some kids ARE horrid little 'chavs' (for want of a better word. No fault of their own mind, it's the parents fault but they are still ill disciplined little horrors as we all know kids learn off their peers so is she so wrong to want to keep her child away from them?
Don't get me wrong some 'posh' kids can be equally as horrible and I'd keep mine away from them too. Forget the distinctions of class or wathever, there are just some kids that you really don't want yours mixing with.

merrymouse Thu 07-Feb-13 12:03:31

Doesn't she realise that its not 'nice' to call somebody a chav?

limitedperiodonly Thu 07-Feb-13 13:11:08

Stupid snob. Does she realise that her attitude makes her the undesirable one?

I once went on holiday with my best friend and the whole family spent the week taking the piss out of my common accent. What nice people, eh?

BTW I had my own money and my parents had given me some to spend on her as a thank you for taking me away. Plus they'd paid my share - in a holiday camp in Berwick on Tweed. Nothing against Berwick but it's hardly the most upmarket holiday spot on earth.

My friend also told me much later that her parents had asked a teacher to separate us because I was bad influence. Looking back, I realise the teacher didn't do anything so presumably he thought they were nasty too.

I stopped being friends with her after that. Well, I couldn't take the risk of mixing with someone who was so badly brought up, could I? wink

ps I told my mum years later. She was more hurt than me and wanted to hunt these appalling people down.

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