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To not give a damn if the Labour Party...

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slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:42:56

Give away free flat screen TV's and a £500 Next gift card to everyone claiming benefits.

I don't care if they say 'fuck it, free immigration to everyone, we'll let anyone in'

I don't care if they spend 4 jillion pounds on a statue of Ghandi.

Just as long as the Conservatives don't get in again. They are fucking evil, aren't they?

bastards. Fucking bastards

I don't want to live in a country like this anymore sad

Panzee Thu 31-Jan-13 18:44:21

Didn't the Tories suggest a contribution of 10%? Unless they couldn't afford it? Seems fair to me.

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:44:23

Btw, can I just say I'm not saying Benefits Claimants are bad; I personally think cuts have gone too far. I'm just taking inspiration from Daily Mail bile spewing.

Before someone accuses me of it smile

dreamingofsun Thu 31-Jan-13 18:44:47

oh grow up. labour have left this country's economic affairs in a right mess. you can't go living beyond your means indeffinately. they are not even democratic.

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:45:11

It's not just that panzee

It just feels like they are taking from the poorest all the time.

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:45:54

Labour? It wasn't just Labour. In case you hadn't noticed, not many countries escaped the economic crisis hmm

Panzee Thu 31-Jan-13 18:47:37

But Labour spent all the money in the boom time and didn't leave anything for the lean years which always happens. Very irresponsible. Seven fat cows etc...

MechanicalTheatre Thu 31-Jan-13 18:47:48

Yeah, the global economic crisis was Labour's fault, totally. Good economics. We've done better than shitloads of countries have.

I'd vote Labour if a cheese sandwich stood for election and I wouldn't vote Tory with a gun to my head.

dreamingofsun Thu 31-Jan-13 18:48:31

conservatives have increase the amount that income tax kicks in to 10k is it? And if you are a higher earner the 40% income tax now kicks in earlier. No child benefit if you earn more than 50k. how does this help the rich and not the poor?

if you are a SAHM you now will get a better pension.

MechanicalTheatre Thu 31-Jan-13 18:48:39

Panzee do you know much about economics?

I admit Gordon Brown made a massive fuck-up when he sold the gold though.

Iggly Thu 31-Jan-13 18:49:06

Yes dreaming because a) the Tories are doing a wonderful job and b) the Tories were so vocal about spending when in opposition hmm

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:50:33

Tbh I did used to be a bit 'meh' about politics. Never really had financial troubles or needed benefits... But you come on here and you see people struggling so much under these cuts, especially the disability benefits cuts...

It's so, so wrong. And I just know I can't be alone in thinking 'I will never vote Conservative. Ever'.

HeadFairy Thu 31-Jan-13 18:50:33

The reason I won't vote Tory is that regardless of that tired old argument of who caused the problems we're in at the moment, they are doing nothing to redress the inequality between the poorest and the richest. IMO the richest should be bearing pretty much the entire burden of paying off the debt we have.. asking people who have nothing to give up even more just doesn't even make much financial sense, regardless of the ethics of it.

dreamingofsun Thu 31-Jan-13 18:50:44

lets face it, even if more people voted tory at the next election labour would get in because they have rigged the electral boundaries.

Skittish Thu 31-Jan-13 18:51:34

So, you think it fairer that those already paying high council tax should pay more so that those who already get absolutely everything for free, should continue to do so?

I'd vote for a pile of steaming dogshit before that nasally challenged champagne socialist twat and his wealthy hypocritical chums.

HeadFairy Thu 31-Jan-13 18:51:58

slatternly I don't know how old you are, I'm old enough to remember the last time they were in power and I vowed then to never ever vote Conservative.

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:53:02

skittish I don't think benefits claimants get 'absolutely everything for free'. No. And I think a number of people on here will challenge you on that.

HeadFairy Thu 31-Jan-13 18:53:26

dreaming, how have they rigged the electoral boundaries? Surely if they're not in government they can't change anything?

Skittish Thu 31-Jan-13 18:54:23

Headfairy , did you miss the bit where the Govt. cut child benefit for the better off or does that simply not fit with your , " The rich get richer and the poor get poorer " tired old bullshitrhetoric?

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:54:51

headfairy I'm 25 and was only old enough to vote in the last election. I don't remember Margret Thatcher. I voted Lib Dem but only because they seemed the most moderate. I remember coming on here and eyerolling a bit at all the posters being really worried about them getting back in.

I get it now.

HeadFairy Thu 31-Jan-13 18:55:17

skittish In my admittedly limited experience of living on benefits, people in receipt of (non working) benefits do so because they have nothing, no other income. So if they didn't get as you put it absolutely everything for free, they'd have absolutely nothing.

Skittish Thu 31-Jan-13 18:55:29

Slatternly, what ,precisely, do benefit claimants NOT get for free then? confused

slatternlymother Thu 31-Jan-13 18:56:03

skittish yes but 2 parents on £99,000 between them still get CB. So it's not really working, is it? You're telling me they 'just didnt notice it'? That massive error?

Skittish Thu 31-Jan-13 18:56:36

Instead Headfairy, many of them live a lifestyle that many working full time can only dream of.

HeadFairy Thu 31-Jan-13 18:57:34

skittish erm, actually households where two earners are getting £45k a year each (ie £90k household income) still get it, but households with one income of £60k don't get it... that's hardly really tackling the issue is it? One poorly thought through pointless cut, but then that's the sort of tired old bullshit policy the Tories would bring out isn't it?

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