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thebody Thu 31-Jan-13 17:11:35

Aibu to think David Beckham gets hotter and hotter?

He is donating his wages to charity.

I love my dh but god he's just yummy!!!

Viviennemary Fri 01-Feb-13 15:19:42

I used to like him. But I think they are both a pair of fakes. And Paris? Good opportunity for Posh to pose for the papers.

PickledInAPearTree Fri 01-Feb-13 21:57:25

Portofino where where where?

TiggyD Fri 01-Feb-13 23:27:05

Were you in Tescos and got to touch him in the fruit and veg section?

Was it a department store and you got to touch him in the trouser department?

Portofino Fri 01-Feb-13 23:37:56

At Old Trafford! Him and Sir Bobbie!

Portofino Fri 01-Feb-13 23:41:12

In fact we were in the box next door to the team (on another occasion) at Haydock Park for Paul Scholes testimonial and I chased Ryan Giggs down the stairs.....

Portofino Fri 01-Feb-13 23:43:22

He got away of course. Being well known for his fast running ability and all. Whereas I was drunk and wearing high heels.

PickledInAPearTree Sat 02-Feb-13 10:44:06

I was thinking more which body part did you manage to get a grip on grin

YouOldSlag Sat 02-Feb-13 11:08:05

Well I think its great he's giving his salary to charity. He can't bloody win- if he didn't he'd be criticised and now he's doing it people are saying he should keep it secret.

I tell you what though, I bet other criminally overpaid footballers will be shamed into following suit and donating more.

This is a lovely thing that he is doing and we shouldn't diss him for it. And why shouldn't he get a Knighthood? he was active in the Olympics campaign and the World Cup campaign, he's opened football academies,and does a lot of charity work. Loads of other people get them for doing a lot less.

diddl Sat 02-Feb-13 11:10:50

I also think it´s great that he´s giving to charity.

But I also think that it´s no big deal-in that he can easily afford it.

PickledInAPearTree Sat 02-Feb-13 11:20:17

A lot of people can easily afford it and don't. I'm not saying the sun shines out of his tight muscular buns or owt but its a nice thing to do.

YouOldSlag Sat 02-Feb-13 11:21:31

Indeed diddl, but maybe he can set an example this way. It is nice though to see an incredibly rich man cap his greed and say "I have enough".

Perhaps the grasping label obsessed Kardashians may be given pause for thought... nah, who am I trying to kid?

MikeLitoris Sat 02-Feb-13 11:26:53

Fgs, some people just love a good old moan dont they?

He decides to donate his wages to charity. That obviously makes him a wanker.

He must have wayyy to much cash if he can afford to give away 3mil. Well obviously they are loaded. That is what allows them to be so generous.

Hes only doing it for a knighthood. Then why didnt he do it for a charity here? Much more likely to impress her maj I would have thought.

Good on you Dave.

Yanbu. He is definitely improving with age.

specialsubject Sat 02-Feb-13 11:29:26

I also thought 'a lot of elocution lessons' - but he is paid to kick a football, not to make speeches.

he is hanging on to the dregs of his career, he has four kids and an unbelievably expensive lifestyle to support. He needs all the good publicity he can get because his next career is not going to be public speaking or life coaching.

good luck to him.

Don't fancy him, but think he's a Top Bloke for helping us get the Olympics and giving his wages to charity. Maybe he can afford it - but say it's 20% of his income for those 5 months, how many of us choose to give 20% of our income to charity for 5 months? It's interesting how cynical people are about it.

It's possible to do it on a middle-class income, it's just a much smaller amount of money. DH and I's accountant went hysterical about the % of our income that we give to charity. DH and I (both self-employed) earn less than £50k combined income - I'm not saying what % we give, but we tithe from our income every month to various charities. According to the accountant anything over 2% of income is grounds to be sent to Whispering Pines Home for the Bewildered. "But NO-ONE gives that much of their income!" he said. Poor thing, we had to give him a sit down and a cup of tea while he came back to himself. My DSis said her accountant had the same reaction. It is considered an extremely weird thing to do, and people assume you must have some sort of vested interest (our accountant explained patiently that it wasn't an efficient way to save tax and he could give us better ways. And we explained that we weren't trying to save tax, we were just declaring because you have to declare the Gift Aid. He couldn't believe we didn't have 'an angle')

I think people like DB doing it normalises it. And it should be normal - if you've got enough for heat, food and a safe place to sleep for your family then anyone can give a % of whatever is left every month. If we did that instead of buying iPads and cars and new clothes made in sweatshops and games consoles and holidays abroad etc... Then just think what the world would look like in 20 years time. A lot less landfill and pollution, and a lot more education and children growing up healthy.

(But in re: fanciability - I wouldn't. His voice is funny. He'd murmur my name and I'd guffaw...)

PickledInAPearTree Sat 02-Feb-13 11:38:11

Hanging onto the dregs of his career???

That just sounds a bit bitter to be honest. He will have enormous earning potential when he retires.

No one can play football for ever can they.

Bakingnovice Sat 02-Feb-13 20:24:08

No knighthoods for any Brit who refuses to pay tax here. That should be the rule but doubt it'll ever happen.

Snazzynewyear Sat 02-Feb-13 20:33:44

I imagine he would have been on course for a knighthood in a few years anyway, given his involvement with the Olympics and all. I have no problem with that - there are far less worthy recipients Savile for one

I agree with the posts about how this should raise expectations for sports stars. I don't think it has to normalise this level of giving for everyone, but it should lead to it becoming an expectation for the super-rich. The likes of John Terry, Wayne Rooney and co can easily afford to donate plenty. If they're already doing so, then now's the time to tell us. If not, why not?

Bakingnovice Sun 03-Feb-13 23:45:11

In the news today they said if becks had kept his salary it would've been subject to huge tax. Instead he's opted to donate his wage and take a share of the profits of sales of other things. He's a canny one isn't he.

YouOldSlag Mon 04-Feb-13 08:53:40

Bakingnovice- oh yes, I forgot about French tax laws- it's something like 75% tax on anything over a million. That's a real PR coup- tax avoidance that looks like charity!

I still like what he's doing though. Good for him.

melika Mon 04-Feb-13 09:06:26

Yes, that's exactly my conclusion. For all you delusional fans, he has got loads of money already, it pays him through product contracts to be 'seen to be a sportsman'. So he is losing nothing at all.

Yes he is pretty.

MikeLitoris Mon 04-Feb-13 09:12:06

So the charity still get a decent money and so does becks?

And the problem is?

MikeLitoris Mon 04-Feb-13 09:15:03

How is it tax avoidance if he isnt getting any of the money at the end? (Genuine question)

And of course he gets a cut of the sales revenue etc. Why exactly should he not get anything? Perhaps we he should stop earning money now he has enough.

How dare he.

prudencesmom Mon 04-Feb-13 09:18:12

Cant stand the man.
I see his PAs are doing their job here.....

YouOldSlag Mon 04-Feb-13 09:18:30

Mike- I think he'd rather it went to charity than the French Govt, which is fair enough.

It is a form of tax avoidance, but I don't care because I think what he is doing is great. A charity will benefit and he is setting an example to other obscenely rich people. They will have to say "If Beckham is doing it, we should probably do something a bit like that too".

PickledInAPearTree Mon 04-Feb-13 09:44:01

I just rather save my vitriol for greater causes, rather than a harmless footballer who has given a bit of money to charity.. That's all!

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