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AIBU to be pissed at my boyfriend as he has done fuck all for my birthday.

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Serendipity30 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:03:25

Please tell me if BU as said boyfriend:
* Had to be reminded to say happy birthday, and then only said this via text
* told me he would come to see me tonight after my drinks with my girlfriends then text me later saying he had worked an all nighter so was too tired to come down. crappy apologies attached to said text.
*has not called me only text me all day
*not answering my calls at all when he usually does
Bearing in mind this has been an on off relationship. He recently said (last week) that he wanted to be serous and really loves me but hey ho cant seem to be bothered.

Am I being unreasonable or should i leave the bastard??

LittleFootDucky Thu 31-Jan-13 01:08:44

How long have you been together?

SquinkiesRule Thu 31-Jan-13 01:12:55

He doesn't sound like a very good boyfriend does he, not really commited like he said he wanted to be YANBU

Monty27 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:14:16

Yanbu, and yes to LTB.


kiwigirl42 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:14:20

Not very caring behaviour. I wouldn't put up with it.

kiwigirl42 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:14:50

Ps Happy Birthday. X

NatashaBee Thu 31-Jan-13 01:14:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KC225 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:18:43

Not good - if he forgot, he could have still made an effort to call, come over, promise to make it up to you. If he can't be bothered now - think 5 years down the line

KC225 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:19:42

Yes, happy birthday

Serendipity30 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:28:31

Thank you for the birthday wishes, we have been on and off eight
years. Your right he sounds crap. He convinced me that he was serious this time and now look!

KC225 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:30:14

what has he done for your other birthdays?

Serendipity30 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:37:18

He;s spent time with me. He is broje at the moment so not expecting a present, was just looking forward to spend time with him and he knew this :-(

tallwivglasses Thu 31-Jan-13 01:42:26

Eight years. Good god, woman. Give yourself a birthday present - meet someone who isn't a two-faced, skint, selfish bastard.

KC225 Thu 31-Jan-13 01:49:45

It's not about money - it's about making an effort on your special day. Agree with Tallwiv - give yourself a birthday present - new year, new man

LesBOFerables Thu 31-Jan-13 02:01:42

Blimey, I thought you must have been together a few weeks, not EIGHT YEARS . And he convinced you last week he was serious? Do yourself a favour. He's a time-waster.

Longdistance Thu 31-Jan-13 02:24:27

Happy Birthday Hakunamatata!

thanks. wine

I agree, ltb. He sounds like a right loser. 8 years of that, I wouldn't have put up for 8 weeks. He doesn't sound committed, he sounds like he's stringing you along.

YellowDinosaur Thu 31-Jan-13 06:28:10

My last boyfriend before I met dh did this. We split up a couple of Weeks later when I realised I didn't want to be with someone who wouldn't prioritise my feelings. The difference being I'd only been with him a few months.

I wouldn't put up with this especially as it sounds as though you've been having problems and he's trying to convince you he's serious. If this is him when he's trying to show you how serious he is that wouldn't be enough for me.

Hesterton Thu 31-Jan-13 06:42:19

Talk to him. Maybe if he's skint and knackered, he's feeling like he has little to offer you... do you want to be with him? If you're feeling a bit meh about im, then maybe it is time to let go.

diddl Thu 31-Jan-13 07:07:35

Well I think depending on what time you were out til, I´m not sure that the not seeing you after a night out was so bad.

Although it obviously would have been better to say no in the first place.

I have been with my husband for 20yrs, married 18 & I still can´t remember his birthday or our Wedding anniversary.

I have them written down.

I remember other bdays & even ILs W/A-but for some reason not those two dates!

malteserzz Thu 31-Jan-13 07:13:32

Ditch him. It's not about money but making you feel special and he obviously didnt bother. There is someone out there who will treat you much better than this

Serendipity30 Thu 31-Jan-13 07:45:46

You will never guess what I have just LTB, i have no idea why it has taken me so long. Thought, care and consideration is free for fucks sake. Thank you ladies, going out for lunch with friends today to cheer myself up. X

KC225 Thu 31-Jan-13 10:10:47

Well done, stay strong - you deserve more.

tallwivglasses Thu 31-Jan-13 10:48:03

Cool, haku! Just looking into my crystal ball here....yep, your next birthday is definitely going to be better grin

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