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to think that tenants can do SOME repairs themselves

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SarahBumBarer Wed 30-Jan-13 12:08:31

Minor issues.

I rent out a house. Current tenants have been in there for 8/9 months. They moved in the day after my previous tenants moved out. The freezer stopped working properly a week or so ago. It is a recurring problem (the seal comes loose) and the freezer is no longer in warrranty and it made sense to replace the freezer rather than repair it. I immediately checked what day they could be in for delivery, confirmed that they wanted me to have the old freezer removed by the delivery people (rather than them put it outside for the free council collection) etc etc - all fine and a new freezer was delivered within 48 hours of them letting me know it was not working properly.

In addition they noted that the kettle was not working. I asked if they could possibly pick up a new kettle for c£30 and deduct it from their next rent. They advised that they were a bit busy at work and could I drop one round. I wanted to measure the freezer space anyway so I agreed (and resisted pointing out that I was a bit busy myself because hey - I'm a landlord and have obligations).

A knob has come off the cooker. Apparently they could not turn it so used pliers and it cracked and came off. I am organising the replacement knob but it has taken me a week or two mainly because they failed ro respond to my query as to the model number of the cooker and I've just had a chaser email.

They texted me before Christmas to say that two lightbulbs had blown. Standard bayonet lightbulds - nothing fancy or difficult. I told them to replace them themselves. Had they just moved in I would have replaced them - I think tenants can expect to move in with everything fully functioning.

Am I getting the balance right in terms of what I am doing compared to what they should be doing? I think that perhaps they should be replacing the cooker knob themselves (although I will do it now as I have said I will) and am not too sure about the kettle. They are adults and a lease is a legal interest in land after all but am I expecting a bit too much? I feel a bit like their mummy sometimes and am starting to think they are cheeky feckers!

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Wed 30-Jan-13 14:43:58

I didn't suggest your property did have mould

I know, I was joking smile

LRDtheFeministDragon Wed 30-Jan-13 14:50:30

Oh, good! I was worried you thought I was knocking what I'm sure is a very classy property. smile

andubelievedthat Wed 30-Jan-13 16:35:39

change your tenancy agreement i.e. certain"big?" items are your responsibility, others are theirs, and cash flow either way.i rent out a house , if a tennant had called me to change a lightbulb they would have been wearing the old one.

SarahBumBarer Wed 30-Jan-13 18:07:54

I know it seems as if a few things have gone wrong at once. Maybe it was just bad timing or perhaps they saved up a few things and told me at once. I definitely suspect they've used the freezer for a while with the seal not working properly until the over-freezing caused a problem for them. I don't mind - I decided when I had it repaired the last time that if it went wrong again I would replace the freezer.

Re the joiner - I've used him for years on my own house and the tenant's house. I am pretty sure they've met him. They also have emergency numbers for my preferred electrician and plumber/gas engineer and know if ever they can't contact me in an emergency to contact these guys direct and ultimately in a genuine emergency whoever they need to. All they need to do with the joiner is agree a time for him to call in. It just makes more sense to me than me trying to co-ordinate diaries of other people especially if it takes me a day to get hold of either one.

Thanks everyone some of the responses have made me smile. I'm not going to tell them to leave - it really is just niggles but I will do a more than usually thorough overhaul of the AST next time I get new tenants in.

SarahBumBarer Wed 30-Jan-13 18:09:26

I am astonished they OWN pliers though!

SilverClementine Wed 30-Jan-13 18:33:07

As a remnant I would expect you to sort the freezer as you did, have to pay something towards the hob, buy a kettle and you knock it off the rent, and replace the lightbulbs myself. Never in a million years would I expect my landlord to change/pay for lightbulbs, that's insane

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