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to wonder why there isnt a low intervention "its what your body is designed to do" movement for breastfeeding in the same way that there is a low intervention trust your body group of people when it c

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honeytea Wed 30-Jan-13 10:49:37

I have friends who are very passionate about intervention free home births and often say "a woman's body is designed to give birth just follow your instincts" I respect this opinion but I choose a hospital birth i wasn't too keen on cleaning up that mess

whilst I was pregnant I was more worried about breastfeeding than the birth, everyone I spoke to said how hard it was and how I should seek support and advice, a friend gave me a book only about breastfeeding.

Ironically it tended to be the "a woman's body is designed to give birth" friends who were most likely to advised I see breastfeeding support people or join breastfeeding support groups.

I understand some women do struggle with breastfeeding, in the same way tgat some women (me included) need outside support in birth. Am I the only person who just wants to get on with breastfeeding and assume that most women can just do it without groups or books or lactation consultants, if there is a problem seek help but assume there won't be a problem and just get on with it as it can be scary for expectant mums.

aufaniae Wed 30-Jan-13 22:18:09

honeytea one of my best friends had a first baby who latched on immediately and just got on with it.

She assumed the second would be the same. She was just telling me yesterday that it took weeks to get BFing established with DC2, she had to express and feed with a tube at first.

So, it can be hard even if you're experienced. That's not meant to scare people! Just the reality of BFing for some.

cory Wed 30-Jan-13 22:38:47

There is a fair bit of evidence that other primates (gorillas for instance) learn caring for their newborn babies through observing others; a gorilla raised on its own in the zoo will struggle and not know what to do. In other words, their bodies aren't designed to "just get on with it", if they are designed to do anything at all it is to learn from others.

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