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To think change in childcare ratios will lower childcare standards

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moogy1a Tue 29-Jan-13 08:17:34

Proposed change in ratios for nurseries and childminders means that some nurseries will almost double the number of children with the same number of staff.
How can this possibly improve childcare standards? Common sense says more children, less attention per child no matter how qualified the staff.
The proposal also seems to think this will lower costs. it won't. Costs per child will be the same but nursery profits will increase.
For CM's the ratios are also to increase. The whole point of CM's is that you can get out and about to parks / playgroups etc. How will that happen with 4 one year ols to transport?

Tanith Thu 06-Jun-13 10:12:05

Just the ratios, moogy.

Welcome, yes - I'm delighted that they've finally seen sense on that.

Not so delighted that they are still going for childminder agencies that will increase costs for parents.

I think Liz Truss is now thoroughly discredited, though. She has visited a handful of settings, most of them abroad, and she hasn't bothered to visit a single childminder.
I think they need to scrap her proposals entirely and get someone to do her job properly.

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