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To think DW serves dinner in a non-optimal way

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TheRevengeOfMrGrumpy Mon 28-Jan-13 23:23:17

Sunday lunch for example:

Lift plate1, peas, carrots spuds, meat etc
Lift plate2, peas, carrots spuds, meat etc

Takes ages.

When I do it (majority of time):

Lift carrots - plate 1, plate 2, plate 3, plate 4, plate 5
Lift peas - plate 1, plate 2, plate 3, plate 4, plate 5

Seems much much faster and food is hotter when it arrives on table.

TotallyBS Tue 29-Jan-13 07:02:24


Doing in my/your way I can ensure everybody gets equal amounts of whatever.

TotallyBS Tue 29-Jan-13 07:04:26

Here is a glass of wine to all those snipey souls who are talking this thread way too seriously.

Branleuse Tue 29-Jan-13 07:18:25


Iaintdunnuffink Tue 29-Jan-13 07:37:02

I do both methods, depending on how I feel. That's how wild I am grin

Tee2072 Tue 29-Jan-13 07:57:55

I honestly had to stop and think about how I serve food! Such a dilemma on a Tuesday morning.

It should also be noted that I had to double check what day it is.

BupcakesAndCunting Tue 29-Jan-13 08:23:00

"My PIL divvy all up in the kitchen & it drives me slightly bonkers 'Does Eugene want beans? Will the children eat parsnip?'."

Oh Please tell me that you have a child called Eugene. It is an excellent name.

MIL also does this. It makes my stress vein swell up. And there are usually 7 of us for lunch. And she has a tiny kitchen so only one of you can go and dish your food onto your plate at a time. That is fun, as you can imagine.

I do it at home if it's just me, DH and DS because, well, it doesn't take long.

HazleNutt Tue 29-Jan-13 08:29:18

You're both wrong. Put the carrots, peas etc on the table and let everybody help themselves.

valiumredhead Tue 29-Jan-13 08:37:14

If the plates are heated it shouldn't make a difference how it served.

I couldn't tell you how I dish up - I just do it!

HecateWhoopass Tue 29-Jan-13 08:50:45

The optimal way is to put the food into serving dishes and let everyone serve themselves. That way, there is no waste as you are not trying to determine how hungry someone else is. grin

TiggyD Tue 29-Jan-13 09:13:44

Why not send her a memo? Women love memos. And I'm sure she'll be grateful for any tips on how to improve her performance. If you don't pop a memo into her pigeonhole you'll have to wait for her next performance review to bring the matter up.

sheeplikessleep Tue 29-Jan-13 09:17:52

MIL dishes up the veg about 20 minutes before meat.
Cue cold brocolli, carrots and peas.

KurriKurri Tue 29-Jan-13 09:21:34

I imagine your DW is enjoying irritating you by serving it up 'the wrong way',
My DH told me I was going round Lidl 'the wrong way' once - I make sure I always do it my way now and then I watch him going purple and the vein on his head start throbbing, - it's one of my few remaining pleasures in life.

Jules666 Tue 29-Jan-13 09:21:56

One flaw I can see with both of your methods is that you're not taking into account cooling times. Peas are going to cool at lot faster than potatoes so it's not a good idea to serve them first.

Maybe go on size of food. Biggest first as they retain their heat best, then working your way down to the smallest. grin

PureQuintessence Tue 29-Jan-13 09:24:29

Even faster:

Plates on table.
Veg, meat and HELP YOUR SELF!

TantrumsAndBalloons Tue 29-Jan-13 09:25:19

sheeps my MIL does it the other way round, meat 10 minutes before the rest.

TwinTum Tue 29-Jan-13 09:25:55

I usually go the serving dish method (unless just 2 of us eating). Not bothered by the extra washing up - just goes in the dishwasher. I also quite often cook a couple of types of veg together in the same pan so just serve it up together.

Greensleeves Tue 29-Jan-13 09:29:33

snot me this time Monty grin

OP I hate the whole dishing up thing anyway, just bung the food on the table and let people take what they want

my mother used to make such a big thing of "putting the dinner out", I don't do it

HecateWhoopass Tue 29-Jan-13 09:29:39

Kurri, that's really funny. grin

I sometimes have to do it your wifes way as ny kitchen is tiny and I don't have space to lay out 5 plates.

But it makes more sense to use serving dishes for veg or to do it your way.

WandaDoff Tue 29-Jan-13 09:36:16

grin Kurri

PessaryPam Tue 29-Jan-13 09:47:08

This would bring out the frustrated time and motions man in me too. I think that lazy people can be the most efficient when they do work, sound slike you are lazier than your DW grin I know I am.

Sharksandfishes Tue 29-Jan-13 09:52:53

Kurri grin I used to walk around Cheshire Oaks in an anti-clockwise direction, drove DH crazy!

MrGrumpy - you are amusing me but you are wrong grin

TheRevengeOfMrGrumpy Tue 29-Jan-13 10:26:59

"Put it in serving dishes"

Bonkers! grin Reasons why not: creates more washing up, more things that need heating up, kids will just serve themselves a plate of peas, or hog all the pigs trotters etc. That's the way of madness.

YorkshireDeb Tue 29-Jan-13 10:45:49

Ha ha! Congratulations on a very entertaining thread mr grumpy chances are though, regardless of whether you're right or she's right she's unlikely to change. And not necessarily because she's being pig headed. My do is always telling me 'better' ways of doing things, but I've been doing it my way for 34 years & it's just too hard to change. Maybe you could switch jobs for a bit? She could lay the table & get the kids ready while you serve up? X

Pandemoniaa Tue 29-Jan-13 10:55:34

Shouldn't that be suboptimal?


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