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To have second child to please DH and so Dd won't be alone

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Babybirdz Sun 27-Jan-13 22:38:23

The title days it all really. I do not want a second child. My Dd was a very easy going/ happy/ easy child but I have no urge or desire for a second. I had severe post natal depression (my upbringing had a lot to do with this)
DH had the snip last year as we both agreed at the time no more. Deep down I always knew the descision was rushed so that he wouldn't have time to think through the consequences.

Dd is at school now and I feel as though I have my life back, lots of free time to enjoy things. My upbringing was really strict, I was essentially imprisoned ( minus school) and a slave for my mother to cook and clean So have only experienced freedom now. I can choose to do activities and persue interests now. I'm a sahm

DH main argument is that he doesn't want Dd to be alone in the world after we are gone. I know life has no guarantees but he is from a large family who are close. I on the other hand am not particularly close to my family. If we were to go ahead, it would mean Ivf or a vasectomy reversal. The thought of spending that amount of money for something I don't even want saddens me.

EarlyMorningBaconDemon Sun 27-Jan-13 23:34:07

OK you need to stop convincing yourself. That's just going to build his hopes and then trash them. There's only so much he can take!

Reality is a very terrifying thing, and I'd honestly say that there is absolutely no rush.

Write down everything that you feel, doesn't matter how long it is, and then seal it and put it somewhere. Time capsule, back of a drawer, whatever. Figure out a way to notify yourself after a year, and go back to it. If you still have the same reservations, then it isn't for you. If on the other hand you've moved on from where you are now and the situation has changed to where you'd feel more positive about a baby, then go for it.

brummiegirl1 Sun 27-Jan-13 23:39:11

Just to add to the point you made about your hubby not wanting your daughter to be alone in the world after you are gone.

I lost my dad 18 months ago and felt like this ( i still haave my mom though) but the reality is i have my children and husband so not alone at all and she will have memories of growing up with you both.

LibraryMum8 Sun 27-Jan-13 23:44:12

Sorry, just read the posts where you said he isn't pressuring you. That's good. IMO the fairest thing is stop talking about it then. Don't get his hopes up. If you are 110 percent sure you are done, tell him. Surely he knew what you went through PPD? Remind him how awful it was he brings it up.

There is nothing selfish about choosing to have only one. Confidentially, even though I can't have another (had 2 mc's and now in menopause) honestly I'm glad it worked out the way it did. I'm high strung and think I would have been a bitchy mother of 2.

Babybirdz Mon 28-Jan-13 00:00:13

I hear you all. Yes it's wrong if me to bring it up.Ive realised I am trying to convince myself to go ahead with this, which is why I'm bringing it up even when he's not.

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 28-Jan-13 00:14:15

There is no guarantee siblings will be close when they are adults. People grow up, meet people,settle down and have their own families. I only know one set if adult siblings who are close.

Babybirdz Mon 28-Jan-13 00:19:34

I should also mention I do suffer from low self- esteem and a little anxiety. It is something I'm working on. My last thread goes in depth with it. I love the idea of having two children, it's just the practicalities/ depression/ freedom worry.

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 28-Jan-13 00:27:53

I have a brother. I barely see him and he isn't any support to me. Not a bad person, we just aren't close. I am close with my cousin, though. You can't engineer your family to behave like you want it to. I know people who resent their sibling, hate their sibling, never see their sibling.

I really think you need to do a lot more work on yourself before you even think about this issue. I don't know if you know what you want. You want to make DH happy, he wants to make you happy, you are both unsure of what you want. Love your DH and DD and leave this decision until you feel more secure.

DD is going to be an only. I want another, DH doesn't. As others have said, the partner who doesn't want one trumps the one who does.

Illgetmegoat Mon 28-Jan-13 01:38:32

I agree with PPs - stop mentioning it and trying to convince yourself by seeing his happiness as that is actually quite cruel, although of course you aren't being cruel but trying to make him happy, it is better to take some time away from this I think.

There is more to consider - realities of life are often complicated - as well as PPs saying they have siblings they are estranged from my only sibling died when he was a child.
One of my children is severely disabled, this means that my other children have suffered in time and attention compared to what may have been had this not been the case. They love their brother and their understanding brings me to tears sometimes but, although we are all happy and they know they are important and loved, life is DS centric.

I think you have had some excellent advice regarding a path forward and I hope it helps you to find a way forward together. I hope you can keep progressing with your health after your PND and working on your self image and esteem - it is very hard work sometimes, but very much worth it when you come out the other side feeling good aboout yourself for the first time. Things are not yet set in stone and you can always revisit this later; I don't see why you can't take a while to let things settle, have a rest and enjoy you time without guilt. It is too much of a fundamental life change to make your DH happy with another person contingent on so many 'what if's' - who knows what will change though if you feel as you do in your last post.

cory Mon 28-Jan-13 08:12:10

It sounds like your dh made an impulsive decision (the vasectomy) to please you and is now regretting it.

Difficult to see that the right solution would be for you to make an impulsive decision to please him. hmm

greenfolder Mon 28-Jan-13 08:35:33

Your dd will not be alone- it is likely that she will have a partner and possibly kids of her own before you die. You have married into a big family- so she has aunts, uncles and cousins.

i had 2 close together really for the reasons you say- they never played togehter once during childhood and seem to hate each other as teenagers. I have a little one of 5 who would like a sibling- its a plain no to that!

you know you dont want another child- make peace with that and your husband needs to make peace with it too.

Tailtwister Mon 28-Jan-13 08:43:18

No OP, I don't think you should have another child for those reasons. If wouldn't be fair on anyone and as you have said, you are really finding yourself now after a difficult start in life.

I second the suggestion of a pet, but think that through carefully too. If you're a SAHM you'll be doing the majority of the day to day work and it might limit your activities. That said, it's a better idea than having a second child.

Tailtwister Mon 28-Jan-13 08:44:57

Also, I really wouldn't worry about your dd being an only child. There are many, many advantages to having no siblings and like others have said, there's no guarantee they would get on even if you had another.

Babybirdz Mon 28-Jan-13 18:13:16

Don't think I've explained fully how DH isn't putting pressure on me, but I'm feeling guilty and putting it on myself! I've often trolled through mumsnet and read about positives of having one child. I love the dynamics of my family the way it is. I think I need to get over it and not dwell on what could have been. I often think I would have liked 2 children close together but I was not in the right mental state to consider it. Have other who have experienced PND with their first child experienced it with their second. DH said I would definitely not get it again as I'd be more aware of my emotions. But there's no guarantee is there. We almost split up before I got diagnosed due to my behaviour caused by PND.

Monty27 Tue 29-Jan-13 00:05:33

<repeats self>

Do not have a child that you don't want. sad

LibraryMum8 Tue 29-Jan-13 04:37:19

Your dh said you would definitely not get it again?? I'm sorry but that just doesn't hold up for me. How can he possibly know? Honestly, I think you are grieving sad. I went though a very long grief period - 8 years.

When I went into menopause at 39, and realized that was it for us...and felt guilty because that's what I really only wanted for For ds, for society, etc. I wanted another although I was scared to death because ds was very very easy, I knew I wasn't going to get off that easy again. Then I felt guilty. Round and round I went on this. It was a form of grief.

I still have twinges of wanting a sib for ds, but at this point it would be like having 2 only children they would be 12 years apart!! If it were even possible, that is. It's still hard, but like I said confidentially this is what I really want.

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