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To not let my DS learn to dive.

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Sandy11 Sun 27-Jan-13 22:06:35

My DS is 16 and wants to lean to dive. He says he has found a club for beginners of his age and really wants to learn. He is quite shy and has not had many hobbies. The only problem is that the lessons would last from 4 - 6 pm on a Sunday. The centre is miles away in the city and I am not prepared to drive so he would have to go on the train. I am worried that something bad would happen to him he is 16 but I don't think as a parent I should let him travel far about an hours journey on the train at them times. It would not affect his school work but you don't know who lurks about today. He is really shy and feel guilty for not letting him do this and it is not expensive either. Am I being unreasonable stopping him?

Letmeintroducemyself Sun 27-Jan-13 22:08:16

he is 16, yabu very unreasonable

honeytea Sun 27-Jan-13 22:08:55

YABU, in 2 years when he is 18 he could be in a hostal on the other side of the world or living in a student house.

BillComptonstrousers Sun 27-Jan-13 22:09:33

If you're so worried why can't you take him? And plenty of children younger than him travel into towns by train to go to school etc.

Doilooklikeatourist Sun 27-Jan-13 22:10:43

Very unreasonable .
He's 16 !
More than capable of getting himself there and back on public transport .

SandStorm Sun 27-Jan-13 22:10:53

YABU and hugely overprotective.

verytellytubby Sun 27-Jan-13 22:11:28

I went to Kavos for 2 weeks when I was 16. You are being incredibly unreasonable. If he's shy and not had many hobbies, why on earth are you holding him back?!

CheCazzo Sun 27-Jan-13 22:11:29

What do you mean you're 'not prepared to drive' - isn't that what parents do? You sound a bit crap tbh.

Andro Sun 27-Jan-13 22:11:30

Your concerns are not unreasonable, but I think refusing permission might be a bit unreasonable. The times are not late for a 16yo to be out and about.

porridgewithalmondmilk Sun 27-Jan-13 22:12:04

I think you are being very unreasonable sorry. Your two statements - that you are not prepared to drive him and that you are far too worried about him getting the train - do not marry at all.

thenightsky Sun 27-Jan-13 22:12:30

Is it diving in the style of Tom Daley or diving as in Scuba?

My DS went off to learn scuba at 14 and it was the best thing he ever did. He's been all over the world diving now and is still only 21. Nothing bad has happened yet! Life is for living.

thegreylady Sun 27-Jan-13 22:12:52

YABVU-this would be a way to help him with his shyness,make new friends and increase his fitness.You are not prepared to drive but he is prepared to go by train.Does he ever do this train journey at other times? Does he have a friend who would want to go along? how about you going with him on the train the first time and go off for a coffee till he has finished.
Please let him go.

Lexiesinclair Sun 27-Jan-13 22:13:35

YABU. What verytellytubby said. The poor lad.

JustAHolyFool Sun 27-Jan-13 22:13:58

I left home at 17. YABU.

Feminine Sun 27-Jan-13 22:14:15

I think you need to let him try. Its hard letting them go, but there comes a time when you must. This sounds a perfect situation for you both to grow. smile

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sun 27-Jan-13 22:14:48

He can get married, drive a moped, and leave home without your say so. Let him grow up hmm
It's not like he wants to smoke crack in an alley at the back of the brothel after mugging a pensioner for the money...

NulliusInBlurba Sun 27-Jan-13 22:14:56

Oh don't be so silly. No wonder he hasn't got many hobbies if this is your attitude.

pictish Sun 27-Jan-13 22:15:53

Very unreasonable indeed.

To be honest OP, you have made me feel quite cross.

Sandy11 Sun 27-Jan-13 22:16:13

Tom Daley type diving. And he has never really made journeys on his own and he is quite skinny I just worry over him.

Feminine Sun 27-Jan-13 22:16:25

Why don't you want to drive btw?

Feminine Sun 27-Jan-13 22:17:58

Is he very small for his age? maybe you see him younger than his years.

That, I can see...but you need to let him try.

honeytea Sun 27-Jan-13 22:18:15

Is this a joke? why would being skinny make it more dangerous?

Foggles Sun 27-Jan-13 22:18:39

Worrying about your DC as they become more independent is entirely natural but you should be encouraging him to go.

It will probably do his confidence the world of good.

BegoniaBampot Sun 27-Jan-13 22:18:59

I left school and was working at 16, you can get married at 16! Is he actually going to be able to put his diving into practice though? No point learning too early if he won't have much opportunity to be be diving.

BegoniaBampot Sun 27-Jan-13 22:20:09

Oh, just saw your update, thought you meant scuba!

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