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for eating 5 bags of crisps and a big bag of haribos every day?

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NCJunkBinge Sun 27-Jan-13 20:16:19

I'm worried what this is doing to my health

I'm eating at least 150g (1 large bag/5 small packets) of crisps every day.
Then a big bag of haribos (200g) (not quite every day but) 4 or 5 times a week.
Then there's the chocolate biscuits, other sweets etc.

Apart from all this, my diet is very healthy - I eat loads of veg and wholesome food, small amount of alcohol. I'm on the lower end of a healthy bmi so my weight isn't an issue. But I'm worried about the long term implications of eating like this. I know it's not normal! But it's got to the point where I can't help myself anymore blush.

AIBU eating like this? Does it matter as long as you're not overweight?

postmanpatscat Wed 06-Mar-13 16:29:00

Yesterday afternoon I spent nearly two hours in the dentist's chair. I had a filling replaced in one tooth and the adjacent tooth prepared for a crown. When the dentist had drilled out the old fillings and decay, he handed me a mirror to show me the situation before he started the next stage. I don't think it was his intention, but what I saw was an absolutely huge wake up call. There was practically nothing left of those two teeth, just tiny stumps in the corners and my mouth was full of blood. I was horrified at the damage I have done to myself through a lifetime of crap eating. I don't drink fizzy drinks at all, don't touch alcohol, have never smoked, I exercise and I'm the right weight for my height. However, I no longer feel like I can be smug because the evidence was there for me to see - I am ruining my teeth with sugar and it has to stop now.

I looked at the biscuit tin at work today and all I could see were the brown stumps in a pool of blood that I saw in the mirror yesterday. The dental work is going to cost me over £500 and I am sure I have been spending more than that each year on sugary, processed crap most of which is entirely free of any nutrients and is not needed in any way by my body. It's time for change.

ChestyLeRoux Wed 06-Mar-13 14:34:55

dh does this but you wont put on weight from this kind of thing its not stodgy enough.My vice is energy drinks and savoury junk food.It is hard to stop I cant do it.

ppeatfruit Wed 06-Mar-13 13:47:24

LessMissAbs The problem with 'diet' drinks of any type is that the sweeteners like aspartame are not seen by our body as food so either cause allergies or create more hunger than if we'd had normal drinks.

NCJunkbinge please listen to dreamingbohemian She is recommending the VERY BEST way to deal with emotional eating which is Paul Mckenna His way of eating is so good it can help with underweight and over weight because it helps SOOOO MUCH with our self image and why we eat in secret or whatever.

forevergreek Wed 06-Mar-13 13:38:57

I drink either plain or sparkling water. Sometimes add elderflower cordial to sparkling water. It's a lot healthier to add a little flavouring to say sparkling water than to buy it ready flavoured as thy often contains added sugar or too much flavouring.

LessMissAbs Wed 06-Mar-13 13:11:56

Unfortunately I don't like milk either. I really loathe tea, it tastes like poison to me and in fact the vapours of certain types of tea cause an allergic reaction in me - headaches, insomnia, blocked nose!

I already drink the Tescos or Sainsbury flavoured water, as I try not to drink much diet coke. Is that bad for you? I'm worried because it contains sucrose.

I'm noticing a lot of people drink fizzy water and flavour it, I could also do that.

specialsubject Wed 06-Mar-13 13:05:15

if you are active and getting all your nutrients, and burning off the excess calories, it's not a problem. Just a waste of money.

However you CAN help yourself, just stop buying and guzzling expensive crap. Not rocket science!

JedwardScissorhands Wed 06-Mar-13 13:02:14

What about fruity tea? I would never have thought ,I'd like it, but I drink loads during the day going cold turkey on normal very sugary tea.

I also drink fizzy water at night.

I find that upping my calorie intake during the day is critical. I was eating a light sandwich/soup type lunch but have to have proper substantial food to avoid a crash and eating junk. I have a lighter supper instead.

maddening Wed 06-Mar-13 13:00:22

Yy to fruit juice and sparkling water - I use a touch of elderflower and 17p sparkling water - cheap and refreshing

maddening Wed 06-Mar-13 12:58:57

Can you try trail mix? Fruit and nuts would give you the same carb hit but with better oils and fruit sugars and probably better vitamin and minerals?

cuillereasoupe Wed 06-Mar-13 12:44:17

I find two things really help with sugar cravings. Either clean your teeth (or eat a minty chewing gum) - you're much less likely to eat crap if your mouth feels clean - or if you really want a sugar hit, buy the smallest packet of sweets available. A tiny packet of gummy bears hits the spot just as effectively as a massive bag.

Fakebook Wed 06-Mar-13 12:29:08

LessMissAbs, I buy sparkling spring water and mix it with fruit juice like orange or lemon/lime or I sometimes buy the flavoured sparkling water from tesco or Co-Op. I hate plain water and always need something flavoured.

RobotHamster Wed 06-Mar-13 12:27:57

If you're getting that many calories from sweets and crisps and not putting on weight, then you can't be eating that much 'normal' food. The crisps and sugar may not be a problem in themselves, but you might be deficient in other areas. Even if you eat enough healthy fruit and veg.

I would say start logging all your meals on my fitness pal, just for a week, and add in all your sweets and crisps into the 'snacks' section. Separate them out and get a realistic picture of how many calories you're eating, and how many you're not eating for your meals. Seeing the imbalance might help you to move away from it.


tunnocksteacake Wed 06-Mar-13 12:26:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chrome100 Wed 06-Mar-13 12:22:31

I ate crap for years. I never got fat but I have spent a bomb at the dentist as a result.

LessMissAbs Wed 06-Mar-13 12:15:31

Can I ask what people drink if fizzy drinks are out? I don't like tea or coffee, hot chocolate and water leaves me feeling thirsty still, probably because I'm so active. I don't like alcohol, so would never want to drink a beer. I don't like fruit juice, because sugar is added and even if not, its full of natural sugars. Flavoured diluting juices like Robinsons ditto and they also leave me with an aftertaste and still feeling thirsty. So what is there left to drink?

Miggsie Wed 06-Mar-13 12:07:19

You appear to have a compulsion/addition - because you say you can't get through the day without this food. Or you feel it the way to cope with the stress in your life.

You need to see a therapist who specialises in compulsive behaviours or have some form of CBT treatment to break your association with needing this food to cope with stress.

If you feel yourself reaching ofr the food to cope with stress you need ot recognise this and stop yourself - by doing something different, or distracting, or odd (hopping one foot for instance) to break your need to react to stress with reaching for the food.

You can also stop buying it in the first place - but this is likely to cause you anxiety if you do this.

You also require the help of your family. One quite simple technique is get your family to yell "Lard!!!" or even "sprouts!!" at you very loud when they see you reaching for the foods to help you break the thought/action pattern you have fallen into. And don't substitute one form of compulsive eating with another - so don' try substituting apples all the time - that just lets you revert to eating crisps as you have not tackled the issue of breaking the cycle of feeling stress-reaching for food.

You may want to try deep breathing or mindfulness exercises whenever you feel the need for this food - there are DVD and also classes - but you have to hunt them out

LessMissAbs Wed 06-Mar-13 12:05:40

I'm similar OP! Except I eat more chocolate than you. I'm a size 8/10 and very active. My teeth are excellent. I've just had my blood pressure taken and it was 120/79. I have loads of energy. I'm late thirties. I just get hungry between meals.

But I do wonder why people don't think about what they eat. People would criticise me for eating chocolate and crisps, and drinking fizzy water or diet coke, but then have a takeaway once a week, or eat supermarket burgers, or chicken nuggets, or chips, or drink loads of alcohol...

And I can safely say I never eat any of that stuff. I don't even drink tea or coffee.

ivanapoo Wed 06-Mar-13 12:04:07

I know this thread is not new but I have the same problem and really want to turn it around. Some of the advice on this thread is really helpful.

I've recently had a baby and want to be here on earth as long as possible for him so this is my motivation... But I am totally addicted to sugar/carbs.

I read somewhere that craving sweet foods often meant you were craving excitement lacking elsewhere in your life.

I wonder how the OP is getting on?

BrianButterfield Wed 06-Mar-13 11:56:06

I'm another skinny sugar addict - if I add up the calories I can't believe how much I can eat but I don't seem to put on weight. I work full-time with a toddler, walk three miles a day with the pushchair and rely on sugar to get me through the day. I cook proper meals in the evening, nice normal healthy food etc but at break time or after work I go straight for sweets or chocolate bars or biscuits or cake. I know it's habit and I don't really binge but I can still eat say a whole big bag of sweets in one go which is still too much. the worst thing is I know I'm doing it, I know my blood sugar crashes and I want more but I'm so tired and starving I can't help it and sweets are easy to get hold of quickly.

Mintberry Wed 06-Mar-13 11:56:00

Well, you're not being unreasonable, just unhealthy. If you cut them out there may be benefits you wouldn't think of, like sleeping better, healthier skin, better mood etc. There are also hidden dangers like Sneezy points out such as developing diabetes.

It sounds like you have a great metabolism, but I wouldn't count on it to stay the same for ever. I also have a good metabolism, but wouldn't start eating badly because I would be concerned about it shifting back (I had no metabolism as a teenager) and me blowing up like a balloon. grin

Ribeno Wed 06-Mar-13 11:33:30

hi everyone, im so glad i noticed this thread!!!

i am a sugar addict and last night ate 8 tunnocks caramel wafers in one sitting after having 2 bags of 45g kettle chip crisps with my lunch and some chewy milk bottle gums. so depressing.

i get a bit internally panicky if there are no sweets or chocolates in the cupboard and my dh is worried i'll end up diabetic.

i am also nowhere near fat and am on the low end of the normal body mass index, sometimes i am actually on the border of being underweight. i eat a cereal breakfast and usually cracker/cheese/soup lunch and a normal carb/ veg/ meat dinner. i am very active with my toddler and will walk a few miles most days so i think that's a factor.

i have just ordered some books from amazon on sugar addiction and so far its 11.30 am and i've resisted the marshmallows in my cupboard.

i'll watch this thread.

Butterycrumble Tue 29-Jan-13 21:12:50

I did decide, it was a few things at once. Have had my fourth dc recently and have been left out of shape literally after having physical problems in this pregnancy which haven't been an issue previously. These are still a bit of an issue and I ended up fatter and less fit than usual, still just in my bmi but looking like a bag of jelly!

The preg complications meant I didn't cook as much or do my veg patch/ greenhouse so our diet was generally less good with more oven type meals...felt bad about this as dc usually get a really healthy diet.

My eldest was starting to want to share my coke, no chance but not a justifiable position.

Dh is much fatter than he wants to be and he has been doing much of the shopping, he bought lots of 'treats' and helped me eat them. I felt sad to see how much his diet and habits have been corrupted by my example. Everyone I have ever lived with has put on around three stone! One lodger managed this in about 6 months.

Anyway it was like a perfect storm and I knew I could change the home diet, dh's weight and my long term health and short term post preg related problems if I stopped eating like a teenager. I knew it was irrational to worry about dh getting fatter but not my arteries, stroke risk etc. This pregnancy showed me that I am getting older, that the choices I make now dictate the future. Incidentally my mum is diabetic, sister obese and this worries me. I have been really fit and want to get back there, dh is actually pretty fit and I want to be able to be able to run and cycle with, not behind my growing children.

I only cold turkied the coke, food is still enjoyed and am eating more at meals and healthy snacks. Am seeing my nil consumption of giant bags of crisps and choc as redirection, my wholemeal apple cake made with a sugar light batter mixture is good honest food. Am only eating honest food (that honestly won't kill me) and eating as a family not scoffing shite when they aren't looking.

As someone who would walk miles to get spicy noodles, hot chips or favoured crisps I now won't do this. I have given myself a budget for 'extra food' it is tiny and basically buys me a hot chocolate or two. There is no junk in the house (no banna chips in the fruit and fibre either ahem) because I can't resist it. Suppose cold turkey is easier but the irony is that my diet is still only ordinary, healthy but not extreme. We had a packet of crisps each with post rugby butties last weekend. I bought the exact amount so couldn't steal more! Hmmm easier to control purchase than consumption.

God sorry have waffled awfully, have been thinking about it all today. You can change however you decide to approach it by increments orcbuilding up to your tipping point.

TeWiSavesTheDay Tue 29-Jan-13 18:42:42

I don't think you can put off making a change because of what might happen. You have to give it a go and see.

stubbornstains Tue 29-Jan-13 18:39:08

...or even better, persuade your DH to make you some're breastfeeding FFS!

stubbornstains Tue 29-Jan-13 18:37:01

I read trashy novels in the bath with a drink

Do you really, really enjoy the Haribos and crisps, or just shovel them down compulsively?

How about making yourself some nice flapjacks sweetened with dried fruit, or a lovely fruit crumble and custard, or some apple cake and cream, sitting down at the table, serving it on your nicest plate, and really, really enjoying just one portion?

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