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That princess and angel literally make me cringe?

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Wishfulmakeupping Sun 27-Jan-13 15:27:08

Am expecting a little girl soon- however she is already being referred to as princess or angel. I have said to DH not to use the word angel I hate it and said I don't like princess either he still wants to use it.
I don't know where this hated comes from but whenever anyone uses the words to describe the baby it drives me mad- it would be Ott to tell people not to use it though- I'm gonna have to suck it up aren't I?
Really hope once she has a name I won't have to hear either again

Northey Sun 27-Jan-13 15:30:17

What do you hate about them?

SolidSnake Sun 27-Jan-13 15:31:20

Do what my mother used to, she totally bypassed the 'princess' and 'angel' labels, called be rat face and chicken legs instead! (in a totally loving way of course grin)

mrsjay Sun 27-Jan-13 15:32:01

because your child is a girl and just that not a precious princess or an adorable little angel please dont let your husband buy one of those car stickers with princess on board or worse daddies little princess grin YANBU

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 27-Jan-13 15:32:29

I really don't know but it's like a physical response it's crazy but everyone someone asks how the little princess is it makes me feel all weird

mrsjay Sun 27-Jan-13 15:34:02

ignore them say THE BABY is fine wink

SolidSnake Sun 27-Jan-13 15:34:37

It also could be worse, there was a girl in my college class years back whose name was actually Princess grin

Meemawandmoonpie Sun 27-Jan-13 15:34:41

YANBU, I hate them terms too. Ack and all the 'daddy's/mummy's little princess /angel etc t-shirts. I don't know why (actually I do. All the 'perfect' rug rats on my FB feed have all been announced by a royal courtier in the last two years)!

Me and my siblings are all chicken legs, frilly heads and the like... Do we share mothers?

SolidSnake Sun 27-Jan-13 15:36:17

meemaw Our mothers must be part of a club who decided to rebel against twee nicknames for their children grin

MamaGeekChic Sun 27-Jan-13 15:42:07

It makes me cringe a bit too, although I call DD sausage or bairny which probably annoys others.

SolidSnake Sun 27-Jan-13 15:45:06

sausage is cute mama smile

attheendoftheday Sun 27-Jan-13 15:51:38

They make me vomit too! Dd is known as Goblin Child quite a lot.

My main problem with such terms is that they promote the idea that passive qualities such as beauty and meekness are what girls will be commended for.

eggsy11 Sun 27-Jan-13 15:53:52

Seriously cringey.

Little prince is just as bad.

RooneyMara Sun 27-Jan-13 15:54:46

Yanbu. It's hideous.

If your DH won't agree to stop saying it then I'm afraid you'll have to LTB.sad

eggsy11 Sun 27-Jan-13 15:55:08

My mum is also in the 'mean names mum' catergory.

My grandad: you're the most beautiful girl in the world! (to me, age 8)
My mum: no she's not.

Cheers mum.

RooneyMara Sun 27-Jan-13 15:56:12

I think it's partly because such terms are used indiscriminately by so many people - and often to very unappealing children too. It makes them entirely meaningless.

SplitHeadGirl Sun 27-Jan-13 15:58:09

I dislike princess, but what is wrong with angel? An angel is being who brings wonderful joy, a messenger of great news and happiness.

Beamae Sun 27-Jan-13 15:59:06

Ick! I also hate it. But then I am also in the anti pink brigade.

AThingInYourLife Sun 27-Jan-13 15:59:35

It's quite chavvy, princess in particular.

RooneyMara Sun 27-Jan-13 15:59:53

Well it's not the same as a baby then really is it smile

Some babies are alright

mostly they seem to howl.

mind you babies aren't sausages either. <goes to check on own pet name list>

Katienana Sun 27-Jan-13 16:01:32

I call my ds gorgeous, beautiful boy, angel, sweetheart, clever, good and brave. I think I would use all the same adjectives if he were my dd.

RooneyMara Sun 27-Jan-13 16:01:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chunderella Sun 27-Jan-13 16:01:58

'Princess' is awful. DH and I recently made a list of all the titles we'd rather DD have than princess. It was lengthy.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 27-Jan-13 16:02:33

I call DD Miss Poopy Pants. Can I join the Mean Mothers Club?

RooneyMara Sun 27-Jan-13 16:02:40

sorry, x posts - I use it too sometimes but not, you know, like that. iyswim

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