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AIBU to think this is not on (next online shopping)

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5dcsinneedofacleaner Sun 27-Jan-13 01:24:00

I have never ordered from next before but wanted a pair of jeans and decided to put the order through on there.

I pressed checkout and got to the part where it says something like " Open an account and get free delivery if you select to receive a directory £3.75" will be billed at a later date.
I dont want to open an account since Im trying to keep my good credit and so I selected to pay for delivery thinking this would make it a simple pay by card affair.

So I click submit the next page says "sorry we have been unable to open an account for you at this time".
WTF I dont WANT an account?

So they seem to have run a credit check anyway? I had a google and from what I have read they do seem to run a credit check if you register on the site. This is NOT clear on the website at ALL. I am going to be really upset if this shows up on my credit history we are in the middle of applying for a mortgage and I dont really want credit searches appearing/

All I wanted was a £28 pair of jeans!

AIBU or are next underhanded bastards?

Pandemoniaa Mon 28-Jan-13 22:55:28

pandemoniaa-it is not a credit account as such. Every month i get a statement showing my items purchased, and I pay off in full with my barclaycard on line

But that is a credit account. I realise that you pay your Next account off in full every month but for all that, you are still using a credit account even if you don't take advantage of the credit facilities. I want to be able to order online and pay for things then and there not be tied into some arrangement whereby I get a bill at the end of the month.

TheCraicDealer Mon 28-Jan-13 22:28:24

They really do have a bizarre attitude towards their customers- how many of us here have said the insistence on opening accounts puts us off ordering?

Even when you're a stoke like me and think you'll open one just to get a discount then pay it off, they still somehow scam you into ordering catalogues or whatever. It looks underhand, grabby and irresponsible. Their big petite range is the only thing going for them in my eyes.

DieWilde13 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:18:45

Exactly the same happened to me, too.
I ordered online from them just the once and also don't use their shops any more. What an abysmal approach to online shopping!

gwenniebee Mon 28-Jan-13 22:02:08

I've never shopped on there for that very reason.

emsyj Mon 28-Jan-13 22:00:24

YANBU. I ordered maternity stuff from Next online when I was expecting DD - about 3 years ago. At the time, I didn't realise it automatically opened a credit account and so I rang up after the order had gone through and said, 'Something's gone wrong, I haven't entered payment details'. They said it was a credit account and I said I do NOT want a credit account, get rid of it and take my credit card details. They did take payment on my credit card, but did not close the credit account and sent me a bill a few weeks later hmm.

It took about 6 months to get them to stop sending me demands and statements etc. In the end I totally lost the plot with them and sent a 5 typed pages letter of complaint and got a written apology and £30 gift vouchers. I would never ever ever shop online with Next again.

Bizarrely, I was told by the person who I spoke to the first time I called about making payment that they were 'working on' making it possible to pay immediately via debit or credit card on the website and this would be an option soon. Presumably this was just a lie: it's dead easy to set up this type of payment option, they'd have it done overnight if they wanted it. They want you to have a credit account. They can piss off.

lovelyladuree Mon 28-Jan-13 21:43:55

Why shop at Next when there is Boden in the world? confused

TheCraicDealer Mon 28-Jan-13 21:10:09

Hold the fuck on- last week I ordered a bikini with that tenner off voucher, was pleasantly surprised there was a "pay with debit card" option. Then half way through placing the order my boss walked in, the selfish man. Anyway, when I went to re-place the order it was all, "this order has already been placed- ON ACCOUNT".

I was happy enough to just go and pay it off instore, but are you lot now telling me they'll be torturing me with (and charging me for) catalogs and all that? Because I haven't been dodging the wily old woman at the main door in Donegal Place trying to flog those for the past four years for nothing!

ihateconflict Mon 28-Jan-13 20:59:14

pandemoniaa-it is not a credit account as such. Every month i get a statement showing my items purchased, and I pay off in full with my barclaycard on line. My barclaycard always gets paid off in full each month as well. Therefore no intrest is ever paid. I am using it as a convenient way to shop, rather than using it as a "credit" facility, they probably hate me as a customer as i have always paid it off in full each month, so they never make any intrest out of me.

Bagofmashings Mon 28-Jan-13 20:47:41

Yanbu! I've only ordered once from next and they made me sign up for the next directory, then i had to cancel only i didn't do it in time so got billed. Why on earth would ANYONE want to pay for a catalogue? Especially when you can see exactly the same things online. It's a real con imo.

Pandemoniaa Mon 28-Jan-13 20:44:29

The "account" is the way whereby you can access on line buying. I pay off my account every month, so never acrue any intrest, i pay it off online with my credit card

This is fine if it suits you. However, I don't do storecards or want credit accounts set up. I just want to order things online and pay for them upfront.

Next are a complete nightmare in the way they attempt to hide their way of doing business. This all started before online shopping too since I remember being invited, in one of their shops, to order a Next catalogue when they first brought them out. Only when I read the teeny, tiny print on the form did I realise they intended to credit check me in order to send a sodding catalogue out. A catalogue that I might never want to buy anything from!

IDreamedADreamOfSausageRolls Mon 28-Jan-13 20:39:44

YANBU but you have had a lucky escape with the jeans - the S&B forum always seems to be full of posts about them going baggy after a couple of hours' wear.

ihateconflict Mon 28-Jan-13 20:35:54

i actually think next online is great. Their petite jeans are about the only ones that fit me, and i get a lot of other things for everyday wear. Generally the order is received the day after ordering. Collections are free and easy. The "account" is the way whereby you can access on line buying. I pay off my account every month, so never acrue any intrest, i pay it off online with my credit card, i dont have to go to the bank, so it is all nice and easy. And i am not a next employee!!!!

hrrumph Sun 27-Jan-13 23:56:55

Ordered something today, put in payment details and they refused to take the money, saying they'd deliver goods and then I have to pay on my account. I hate having accounts opened like this. I just want to pay for the goods. Now I have to remember to pay or no doubt they'll be charging me interest.

Marisota works like this too. I have an account I don't want.

Kafri Sun 27-Jan-13 17:27:21

Their home store is as bad!

I went to buy a headboard and deliberately went to a bigger store tobhaveca look at it first to make sure I liked it. They didn't have it on show so I couldn't look at it.

Got told my only option was to order it, pay fir delivery and if I didn't like it pay more to return it. I tried arguing that it wasnt my fault that they didn't keep their fabric ones in stock and I couldn't make my kind up based on the tiny pic in the catalogue but it didn't do me any good. They didn't even have a swatch I could look at/feel etc.

I thought this was quite poor given the price of the headboard and already paying for delivery etc. I could understand it if I looks at it in store then decided i didnt like it anyway.

Never buy much from next - now I know why!

ukatlast Sun 27-Jan-13 17:26:44

I bought loads of new curtain poles from them and had to order on-line as the shops never have much in stock. I was just wanting to order and pay in full immediately but the system would only let me do so by opening an account, there was no option not to open an account.
They then made horrendous delivery/pick up returns errors and ended up double debiting this account (I didn't want) with unjustified extra charges.
I had to write a letter of complaint to the CEO, to get it all sorted out and the account closed. I will never order from them again which is a shame as they have some decent stuff.
It is ridiculous to assume all customers want an account and want delayed payment, many of us do not. We also got sent some ridiculously heavy hardbacked catalogues for free which must have cost them a fortune to produce and deliver.

DumSpiroSpero Sun 27-Jan-13 17:02:29

I've had an account with Next for a few years and not had any problems with them. The delivery charge includes the cost of returns and they have always delivered next day unless it's said on the site that there is a wait time.

I've paid my bill a couple of days late a few times as it falls just before payday and never been chased or charged extra fees.

I will make sure I keep a close eye on my account after reading this though.

TeaJunky Sun 27-Jan-13 13:54:40

I've ordered from next as a one-off cash payment, many times!

Love next school uniforms for dd, some clothes for her and baby, and some house stuff. Their pjs are ace.

Never had issues with paying by card only/cash only account, or returns or deliveries. And my stuff always arrives really fast, usually around two days to the store.

Wierd how some people arnt allowed to make cash-only purchases from the site.

FlipFlopFloss Sun 27-Jan-13 13:49:51

Hate next. Frumpy mumsy shite.

TomArchersSausage Sun 27-Jan-13 13:46:41

Oh the damn catalogue winds me uphmm I said I didn't want it, but out of the blue they sent it anyway. Aaages on the phone getting through to tell them again I don't want it and will they come and collect it.

Thought it was all sorted then yesterday the invoice came through for the catalogue I'd returned. Aaages on the phone again...aargh.

scissy Sun 27-Jan-13 13:44:52

This happened to me too, even more annoying as they've stopped doing maternity clothes instore so you have to buy them online (and they're the only place that seems to sell petite size maternity clothes) angry

solvendie Sun 27-Jan-13 13:44:22

This happened to me a couple of years ago. I complained, on the basis that they should make it more obvious that it is a credit account and that they will run a credit check. In the end they apologised and credited my new account with £20. They obviously haven't changed the way they operate though.

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Sun 27-Jan-13 13:40:44

I can't believe that they are still doing this (along with their 5am sale starts!).

KindleMum Sun 27-Jan-13 13:38:51

Same here - wanted to order some things off the website and then decided not to complete the order when I realised they were insisting that I open an account and agree to receive catalogues at a cost. I don't do store accounts or storecards and I don't pay for catalogues - clearly I'm not alone in that.

TheCrackFox Sun 27-Jan-13 13:38:26

This is why I have never ordered online with Next, I don't want to have a credit account. Their loss. (shrug)

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Sun 27-Jan-13 13:27:01

I could never understand why they did that. It's like charging a customer an entrance fee to your shop. confused

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