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To not want to be on call on my first day back?

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Fivemoreminutesmummy Fri 25-Jan-13 17:28:20

1st AIBU- please don't be too harsh but genuinely would like responses.
I have been on maternity leave for 13 months and am due to go back early next month.
I'm a doctor (trainee GP) currently doing the hospital part of my training.
There's an induction day 1st day back as it's changeover for all doctors but I was asked to swap into an oncall that day. I said no as I did not have computer passwords/ ID/ door codes etc. And also mainly because I feel totally unconfident doing so. I'm going back to psychiatry and have only 2 months experience a long time ago in this department.

It's all about seeing and assessing patients and making judgements about complex medications and whether they need admission. I feel unable and terrified about doing this.
Add to this the practical problems of being unable to log on to computers to even check their blood results etc.
There are other trainees starting that day (most actually trainee psychiatrists) who have worked in different hospitals so will at least be able to safely assess and manage the patients.
I guess I'm scared about going back to something so intense when I've spent the last 13 months singing twinkle twinkle and thinking about nothing more than babies.
I also feel it will be quite unfair on the poor patients that see dithering me.
AIBU to insist that it's a NO to the swap or shall I suck it up and get in with it?
Sorry for long post.

Fivemoreminutesmummy Sun 27-Jan-13 18:13:39

Thanks everyone for your input, I think I've got my head around it more now. I was just a bit surprised on Friday when, despite saying no to the swap, my name was on the rota.

I've rooted out my psych books and am going to do some catch up over the next week. It's only a 12 hour shift at the end of the day so it can't be that bad!

Thanks again

juniper904 Sun 27-Jan-13 18:50:43

My DP is a psychiatrist, and when he's on weekend days he tends to spend the time watching iPlayer. Hopefully your day will be quiet and nothing will happen!

Frustratedartist Sun 27-Jan-13 19:18:48

This happened to me at least twice coming back from Mattie leave. Other people don't realise how de-skilled you feel, and just think of you as an extra body coming back from 'holiday'
Unless you can swap easily without any fuss I think you might be better just getting on with it. Otherwise the first impression people may have of you is of trying to get out of work.
There used to be Oxford pocket handbooks you could buy- would give you guidelines on how to manage patients- make sure you don't miss
anything crucial. A lot of it is common sense, and at least it's not ICU. There will be support.
You'll probable manage better than you expect, and it's probably the thought if going back to work as much as anything. I used to find psych on call easier than being at home with my baby!
The days when you get to shadow people sound a good idea

Mam23 Sun 27-Jan-13 19:52:36

Another medic here. I do think it's a bit harsh to have swapped you into it, especially if you already said no. But it does happen sadly and you'll be ok and remember more than you thought you would.

FWIW, I was asked to cut my (6m) mat leave short in order to return a week early to cover a week of nights as an SpR! I must admit, I said no!!

Fivemoreminutesmummy Sun 27-Jan-13 20:45:57

mam23 that made me chuckle! I wonder who thought 'oh we'll ask her to come back early onto nights?' And actually thought you might say yes!

I think there are so many rota shortages everywhere that it's a bitch of a job to try and cover everything and so it does ultimately end up patchy with lots of us complaining and feeling put upon.

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