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How much notice should visitors give of visit?

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Woolfey Fri 25-Jan-13 11:50:18

I'm annoyed as MIL called DH yesterday telling us she was coming to stay today for a long weekend. She lives the other end of the country and is retired and suddenly decided she was coming to visit. I've been ill all week and have two young DD's who I look after full time so housework has not been done this week. She is also a very faddy eater, which I don't normally have too much of a problem with, provided I can shop for her special stuff in time. Told DH to tell her no she can come next weekend instead. She's not happy.

Step DD (18yrs old) also lives in same area as MIL and does the same thing when coming to stay - ie: phoning us and telling us she's on the train with no warning she is even thinking about coming to visit. No thought to the fact we might not be able to accommodate her. We don't have a spare room so visitors have to sleep in Living Room and all family live a long way from us so she at least needs to phone and check there is somewhere for her to sleep! Just so annoyed with all this, it just seems so rude!

Makes me wonder how much notice other people get when family want to come and stay and if I'm expecting too much for them to arrange it in advance?

OrangeLily Fri 25-Jan-13 13:31:46

My parents and parents in law could call the same day for a day visit. For overnight not a chuffing chance!!

They would also accept when I say no too. It's the height of rudeness just to turn up.

I'm quite a private person but have invited guests round a lot. My mum always seems to overstep lines. Like doing weird things like only using our ensuite when we have other bathrooms. MIL doesn't even go in to that part of the house without being taken there so she's not as bad!

MrsHoarder Fri 25-Jan-13 13:41:00

For close friends and family, enough notice to hide the clutter under my bed tidy and clean would be nice, as long as they were asking. I know that this is what my DM usually gets too glosses over the night my friends let me down at 2am and I went there. DM was somewhat surprised when I came down for breakfast in the morning

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