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to ask for positive rsv hospitalization stories.

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honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 01:13:30

I know this is not the right place but I thought it was the place with the best chance of some answers at 2 in the morning.

My ds (5 weeks old) has been taken into hospital and diagnosed with ds virus sad

I am so unbelievably worried they rushed us from one childrens hospital to the bog one in an ambulance, he is doing ok, but all I have heard about rsv are negative things.

I am so worried he is going to die.

Does anyone know any positive rsv outcomes after a baby has been taken into hospital?

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 01:14:06

Rs virus not ds virus!

StuntGirl Thu 24-Jan-13 01:20:54

I don't have any advice or help, I just didn't want to read and run. Thinking of you and your little one, I hope everything will be ok. x

PignutSalamander Thu 24-Jan-13 01:23:51

Oh honey tea!
I know nothing about it I'm afraid but I feel for you. They look so fragile at that age but actually they are often surprisingly hardly.
The hospital staff will be doing everything they can.
Is he your first?
Think positive thoughts, I know that is easier said than done but you need to be as together as you positive as you possibly can.
What colour hair does he have?

PignutSalamander Thu 24-Jan-13 01:29:28

Is he considered to be high risk preemie, or other lung issues ?

LesbianMum Thu 24-Jan-13 01:33:44

My little girl had RSV although she was 2yrs old at the time. She was taken into hospital for a couple of nights then released. She's absolutely fine.
I'm so sorry you and your little one are going through this. What are the doctors saying?

PignutSalamander Thu 24-Jan-13 01:35:50

Ok I've done a quick bit of research and in one study of
5000 cases, 99.42% ended happily.

He is going to be ok!
It is still really tough for you though, I'll be thinking of you.

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 01:42:01

Thank you for the very kind replies smile

Ds isn't a premie, quite the opposite he was 10 days late and 4.5 kg. The drs seem to think he will be ok, the nurse was very impressed that he has gained 100g since this morning. Ds thinks that eating is more important than breathing.

He has dark hair pignut but the roots are growing through blonde, I didn't realise how soft newborn hair was before I had him.

We are in a contagious illnesses room so my dp has been allowed to stay, he's asleep snoring away, I usually am so annoyed with his snoring keeping me awake but I'm so glad for it now.

They want me to put ds down in the fishbowl cot and go to sleep but I cant put him down it feels so wrong.

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 01:43:12

Lesbianmum I'm so pleased it went well for your little girl smile

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 01:46:14

The nurse said she had worked in this childrens hospital (the main children's hospital in stocky) and she had never known a baby to die from rsv. I think she was lieing, either that or being economical with the truth because the babies had died of pneumonia caused by rsv but not DirecTV rsv.

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 01:46:38

Stockholm not stocky

Bogeyface Thu 24-Jan-13 01:51:42

DS had RSV at 5 weeks, his breathing was so laboured that I called an ambulance and they blue lighted him. He was in an oxygen tent for 24 hours and was then fine. But seeing his lungs go down as his belly went up was the worst moment in my life, he was literally fighting to breathe, I can still see it now sad I totally understand how you feel, I didnt sleep for ....I dont know how long! Atleast 50+ hours as he couldnt be discharged until he had normal stats for 24 hours after the oxygen was removed. I didnt take my eyes off him unless I legged it to the loo and only then if my (then) H or my mum was there with him.

If he is on oxygen then he will be better in the cot but if not then hold him if you are both happy with that. I was terrified to put him down but knew enough (he was my 5th child) to keep an eye on him. When the consultant came round with the students he said to me "how is he doing?" and I said gave him Ds's stats, his oxygen uptake, everything and the consultant said "Oh, I'm, sorry I didnt realise you were a doctor" grin

Bogeyface Thu 24-Jan-13 01:55:01

Sweetheart, Pneumonia is not an automatic thing, its still rare. Anyone can get it, anytime after any illness, please please try to stay calm.

I know its hard, God knows I understand, but you wont help him or yourself by getting so upset and worked up. He is in the best place, you are with him, his daddy is snoring with him (how can they sleep through this btw? My ex did and I still dont get how he could!) and you have the nurses and doctors in yelling distance. He will be ok, he really will.

Take care xxx

Bogeyface Thu 24-Jan-13 01:58:51

If it helps, there is a picture of my little boy in my profile. My little ginga ninja a year ago smile

He was a chunky monkey when he was born too and now (aged 7) plays rugby on our towns childrens team!

LesbianMum Thu 24-Jan-13 02:03:32

Hang in there. Your baby will be okay. The doctors are positive and you're in the right place. It is horrible to have your child ill in hospital. When you see the doctor tomorrow tell him/her how worried and scared you are so they can reassure you.

madwomanintheattic Thu 24-Jan-13 02:07:43

Ds1 had rsv at 11 weeks. He's 11yo now.

He had to be nebulous end about five times a day which he fought like a tiger, and it was exhausting.

He was 16lbs at the time, and the paed was v happy that he was a 'fatso' as even if he lost a bit during the course of the virus, he had plenty of reserves...

(He had double pneumonia as a result of the rsv - we were warned that he may have some residual lung scarring and possibly asthma as a result, but nothing. He plays ice hockey, rock climbs, and is as strong as an ox.)

madwomanintheattic Thu 24-Jan-13 02:09:24

Nebulised, ffs. Fecking iPad.

madwomanintheattic Thu 24-Jan-13 02:10:08

He's going to be just fine. Honestly. This is very common.

MrRected Thu 24-Jan-13 02:10:59

My dd had RSV - she was 5 weeks early and was hospitalized on her due date. She was very poorly - she had a four day stint in ICU where she needed help breathing - as she went into full blown respiratory failyre. This was followed by another month in HDU.

When she was released - the paediatrician had on 2 x asthma pumps and singulair to protect her lungs - she has grown up without asthma (the risk is higherin children with severe/repeat RSV infections). We also kept her reasonably isolated until she was six months old on his recommendation.

If I can help - please feel free to PM me.

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 02:13:38

Bogey he's such a cutie! I'm going to mentally picture ds as a healthy smiling boy just like your ds smile

They are making me weigh ds before and after every breastfeed it isn't going so well because he just wakes up and screams when I weigh him and the only way he will settle is by feeding and then I have to weigh him again and he wakes up and we continue like that. They come on every 2 hours to check on him and give him oxygen if he needs it, I'd prefere if he was given oxygen all the time I'd know his lever were ok then now I'm looking for signs he is going into breathing distress again

Bogeyface Thu 24-Jan-13 02:28:31

Would he be weighed if you put you little finger in his mouth with some breast milk on? That settled DS when I had to weigh him, it was his "dummy" for several months.

He is a cutie isnt he? But I am biased! Thank you and I bet your little man is the king of gorgeousness smile

plummyjam Thu 24-Jan-13 03:24:59

I'm a doctor. A few years back I spent 6 months of my training doing paediatrics in hospital. Much of that time was over the winter so pretty much all we admitted to the ward were kids with RSV bronchiolitis. The rest had D+V. I remember the vast vast majority of RSV babies did great with a bit of oxygen. A few needed help with feeding via a tube - feeding is especially difficult for babies who are struggling to breathe. Most only stayed in hospital for a couple of days. Perhaps 1 or 2 needed extra breathing support via a breathing tube but they recovered and like your nurse I never saw any deaths from it. In fact, many babies I saw with the condition didn't even need to stay in hospital if their symptoms were mild. I know how worried you must be about your baby, it can be a serious illness but most kids will do really well once they get hospital treatment (which is really just oxygen, feeding and having an eye kept on them). He's in the right place getting the right treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 03:26:30

So many positive stories thank you so much for sharing, its hard to find the "my dc had rsv stayed a few days in hospital and then went home and all is fine" stories on the internet.

I really hope last night was the peak of the virus and ds continues to be stable.

He has a dummy so I will weigh him with that in, font know why I didn't think about that I'm loosing my mind, I dashed to the loo when we were in casualty and got to the loo and realised my vest was pulled right down under my breast displaying my grey nursing bra, luckily it was a children's casualty so hopefully all the parents who saw me probably understood.

honeytea Thu 24-Jan-13 12:42:03

Just a little update, ds is doing well feeding and shouting lots. They havr given him oxygen and his levels are good I just hope they stay that way.

The stories really helped in a very dark time x

PignutSalamander Thu 24-Jan-13 12:43:52

Hi honey tea,
How are you all this morn?
Hopefully that's the worst over, it really is hard watching them struggle for breath. I'm sure it fine to hold him close as long as he isn't supposed to be in an oxygen tent.
What a stressful time and with your first, so young as well. Pleased that they let you all stay.
Thinking of you

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