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to ask if anyone knows about fair energy price scheme?

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Unacceptable Wed 23-Jan-13 14:22:56

I've been told by another Mum on the school run about a scheme where a mass of people join together and go to energy providers to get the best collective price from energy suppliers.

Has anyone heard of this? Apparently it was set up in Manchester but is not exclusive to Manchester residents.

Am off to spend further time on search engines and see what that money expert bloke says about it but I'd be interested to hear what MN know/think about it.

rainbowbreeze Wed 23-Jan-13 15:55:45

I've done it, basically you put in some details including how much gas/electric you use in a year - I just rang up and asked e-on for a figure.
They send you an email next month to let you know the best offer they have for you.. so you can switch without having to check yourself. Or not if you dont want to.

This is the link for the Greater Manchester one

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