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To think this was not an unreasonable request...

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storminabuttercup Mon 21-Jan-13 21:50:12

My mum and younger sister have found it funny over the last few weeks to teach DS to say 'shit'. I don't find it funny in the slightest. We weren't brought up to swear (i do, like a trooper but never in front of DS) anyway I've asked them repeatedly not to do it, said I don't want it etc etc.

Tonight DS was jumping around saying 'shit' he was obviously doing it to get attention, I was busy in the kitchen while DP was messing about in there too. DP stopped and said 'who has taught him that?' I said to ignore it as he was trying to get a reaction.

Now here I was being UR as I didn't say I knew where it came from but I've had so many issues with DPs family that I just thought it wasn't worth it. Wrong but easy.

Anyway mum is supposed to have DS tomorrow so I just texted to say that DP has now heard DS saying it and could they please stop it as DP was angry and I don't like it either.

The reply was 'he needs to get a grip'
To which I said no, not really it shouldn't be happening. I pointed out that if it had come from his family she'd be telling to keep him away.
To which she replied that heaven forbid his perfect family did that.
Which is crazy as I have nothing to do with them.

My second mistake was to text this conversation.

But really? Was I so wrong to ask?

This thread makes us sound so rough, really we aren't! I don't know why they do this!!

PessaryPam Tue 22-Jan-13 13:22:24

Or diabetes can manifest in strange moods.

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