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To think refusing to walk in the snow because you're pregnant is a little ridiculous?

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Catsnotrats Sun 20-Jan-13 16:36:12

OK you can all slate me if you want as I haven't been pregnant myself and am only basing this on instinct rather than any fact.

However a friend and colleague of mine is 13 weeks pregnant and has been 'banned' by her dh from walking anywhere while it is snowy, including to work which is a 15 min walk for her. They don't drive so she has been housebound all weekend. We live in london so it's not a case of 10 feet drifts. She is quite happy to go along with this, and is planning on getting a taxi tomorrow instead. I'd have personally thought that driving in the snow with an unknown driver is more dangerous than walking.

I know this is non of my business really, it's just that I'm getting a but fed up with her extreme preciousness since she's been pregnant (she was generally sane before!). I've had a number of friends and colleagues who have been pregnant and I've never been irritated by them being cautious about various things before. It's just her and her constant pfb behaviour before they are even here that is driving me mad!

Ok rant over, and as I said you can all give me a virtual slap if you like.

thebody Mon 21-Jan-13 18:16:25

With Pfb you can treat yourself like cut glass and why bloody not.

Sick of pregnant women being told its 'normal' and being expected to work till the head crowns, having 2 days off and then a fucking size 8 two weeks later.

Let her enjoy herself and mind your own business.

Of course when she gets to no 4 her dh won't be quite so protective!!!

MrsOakenshield Mon 21-Jan-13 19:01:31

I live in inner city London and the pavements were like glass today, worse this afternoon and I slipped over whilst carrying a 3-year-old and jarred myself horribly.

YABU. I had multiple miscarriages prior to my one successful pregnancy and there is no way I (or DH) would have taken any unneccessary risks, even if the reality is that they wouldn't have caused a problem. My body my baby my choice. Fuck all to do with anyone else when it isn't affecting them in any way.

Nancy66 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:04:28

I am not pregnant and a complete wuss about walking on ice after falling and breaking my wrist several years ago.

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